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  1. With Bastila and male Revan, somehow romance seemed to be intense, and a bit excessive. Hardly understood its rationale at all. Unless say perhaps there was some other part of story where both are involved, apart from Bastila restoring Revan's wounded mind. One can say that that could also have been for a female Revan, though.



    I never really undersood why bastila saved Revan when he was betrayed why save the sith lord when he was about to die.

  2. True. But remember, Kotor 2 came out in 2004. At that point I think LucasArts had every intention of making a 3rd release. If only for the sake of finishing the trilogy. Thus they likely started work on it in early 2005. Let me see here... 2005 2006 2007.... So yeah, I'm thinking we'll hear something about it at the end of this year, and probobly will see it in either late 2007 or early 2008.



    Anything is possible but not probable.

  3. "It totally destroys whole idea of Anakin bringing balance to Force"


    Heh, the thought of Hayden Christensen bringing balance to anything gives me a rash.


    Or at least an anurism ;)


    And meh, whats so bad about Luke being a force ghost? I think Hamill did a lousy job of portraying him, he acts a little to wimpy for my standards. But the book character of Luke is actually pretty cool. And him being a force ghost just means he'll be around forever :)


    yeah I guess but I really disklike legacy comics if it had been 1000 year later or something different, I would be like cool luke force ghost, but since its in Legacy comics I was unhappy.

  4. Aye, one thing you said mate, I REALLY hope that they dont write our characters history for us like they did the last two times. Both times we had a character that was already hated by some and loved by others. For once I would like to make the choises that determine who likes and dislikes my character rather then to have it all pre-written for me and thus limit me in several areas with choises made by my character that I would have never made personally.


    So yeah, how about a little more control over our past, helps us influence our destiny that much more  :p



    i always liked the pre written storys becuase it always seemed more like a book or a movie to me but it would also be cool to write it ourselves.

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