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  1. It would be nice if you could start out in Jal Shey or the Baren Do or The order of Sasha and not just be forced to be a regular jedi. Planets i want in Kotor III are Ossus, Taris (new jedi temple there), Corresont, Mannan, and maybe Naboo. I want to see Jolee as a force ghost rather than alive because, if Revan was DS you killed him and Kotor III is probably set within 1 to 5 year after the Excile so he would probably be dead anyway. No Master Vandar, he had 2 opportunities to die so he probably did.


    I think the disciple already said that vandar died on kataar

  2. Well, actually the topic is already specific in a way.


    Remembered that there was a recording of Carth's message to T3 if a PC had enough influence with the droid to actually use repair and computer skills on him. Was interesting to see how it related to Revan's departure.


    Talking to Kreia would also allow for conversations about how her giving up of her role as a historian led her to where she was now. (Some of this is actually in K2 Chronicles)



    If you say Revan is LSM there is a recording of Bastila

  3. Alright, I just bought KOTOR 2 for my PC, and it installed pretty well.  It all seems to be running good thus far, as I created my character and tried to begin the game...  Only to find that as soon as the opening cutscene ends, the screen goes black.  The music continues to play, and on one of my many attempts, the robotic female voice even said something relevant to the situation, but I still couldn't see anything.  I'm forced to go back to my desktop and end KOTOR 2 from the Task Panel.


    Though I doubt it, it could be a problem with my video card.  Since I'm not really a tech junkie, here are my computer's stats.


    If anyone can come up with an idea, please reply as soon as possible.  I have work in less than six hours, so I'd like to have the peace of mind that KOTOR 2 is waiting for me when I get back.  =D  Thanks.



    Yeah it could be your video card of ram that happened to me when i tried to play oblivian my ram was too slow

  4. When Jedi's are having love, it is called "pulling the Bindo" :huh:


    Actually there seems to be some kind of contiunity mistake due the first kotor. It was made to be more like movies than Tales of the jedi comics. Only 40 years before K1 (exar kun and the sith war) jedis are allowed to marry. It changes in 40 years, without good storyreason.


    The "no jedi marriage" thing is both kotors because Bio wanted to make games more like movies than Totj comics, and in movies marriage is ot allowed. Or they were not familiar enough with era.



    I always wondered what that meant lol

  5. lol my 1st talking in the forums i played barely any of kkotor 1 but finished kotor II twice im goin for the third now and i had to go with kotor because its more detailed and more jedi and sith (acept in number II were unless ur good u go around slicing every body part u can find off) and they should use darth sion in a movie.


    P.S i started lkiking him about a day ago when he smashed kreias skull into the wall kneed her in the stomach choked her and trew her to the ground.




  6. I found this on GameBanshee.com posted by Bastila Shan


    Hello eveyone 



    I PM'ed Feargus Urquhart from obsidian and asked about whether they will ever do Kotor III and this is a reply I got in my PM box from Feargus Urquhart:




    It's tough for me to talk about KotOR3 specifically. I can say that we are not working on it. However, when it comes to what LucasArts is doing or not doing - I can't really comment. To work with a publisher we have to sign contracts that say we can't talk about things that they tell us when they haven't talked about them publically yet.







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