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  1. And as for Jedi and Sith within the game, I think it would be much more interesting if instead of giving the protagonist the choice not to be a jedi, you make the primary antagonist a non-force user, someone who is powerful (and threatening) for some reason other than mastery of the force.



    In my opioion that would be fine for a spin off of the kotor series, but not for kotor 3. Like Dark Wastl said the series is called KNIGHTS, it should be between the jedi and sith or whomever the "True Sith" are. If the main antaganist is a non force user then a very powerful jedi could kill him maybe bastila. Plus most people like to play as uber force users.

  2. I did not die, I'm just too good for Malak.  :)


    For Kotor 1 Malak i died once or twice i dont exactly remember it was long ago for Kotor 2 Malak i owned him badly lol he didnt kill me once



    Overall Malak is a weakling and is ugly especially wit his little tongue droopin down from his mouth wen the droid removes the mouth thing he uses


    huh did he kill you or not? I do understand what your saying. :rolleyes:

  3. Hey guys, first post.


    I only read the first 10 or so pages so forgive me if I repeat anything.


    What I'd like to see in Kotor 3..




    Unlike most people I'd probably be more inclined to have Revan back as my PC than a new character, given the choice.


    Ideally, I'd like to play as a new character fighting against the sith/jedi (personal campaign, or as a soldier I don't really care) who meets up with the exile "coincidentally", and makes a decision to join in his quest (find revan/ destroy all jedi). What'd be great then, is if your original character gets integrated into the exiles party and you continue the quest as the exile. You could select the features, class etc of the exile at the start of the game the same way as you would your normal PC. Then playing as the exile you complete your quest of finding Revan, and after speaking with him decide either to join his campaign (LS) or kill him (DS). If you choose to play as Revan, both the exile and your original PC become integrated as party members. This way the three pivotal KOTOR characters would all be involved in the final battle and I think it could give the 'final' game a real epic feel to it.


    The exile and revan would start at high levels with a player chosen skill-set, but the enemies would be significantly stronger so that your previous PC doesn't overshadow the leader. Continuity wise, the sex and features of revan and the exile have been determined at the beginning of the game, and, as the original PC is not from the beginning trying to track down Revan or the exile, DS or LS quests and character histories can be determined by the way the gamer plays the game up until the introduction of the exile.


    Theoretically this means that you could play in 2 or 3 completely different 'sub' games without sacrificing continuity, and possibly even play 2 or 3 different LS/DS configurations throughout the game.


    Wishful thinking definately, also a LOT of work for developers. That's just my ideal storyline. Also a scenario that provides definite closure IMHO;)

    I also think the Hawk's idea would great as a means of tying up any continuity problems, no matter what the dev's decide to do storywise.


    Gameplay stuff:


    Lightsaber forms: Great concept, but pretty poor execution. I'd love for there to be obvious visual distinctions between styles when they're enacted, not just a difference in the rolls, saves etc. In K2 I sometimes  wasn't even sure I'd activated them;).


    Influence: Also an excellent idea, I think it could use further developing though. More opportunities to gain or lose influence would be welcome as it can become very difficult to get the full benefit from every character otherwise (no trouble getting anything from anyone but HK in K2, could'nt bring myself to do that extra bit of evil:)). Like others have said, a more profound impact from the loss or gain of influence, and an overall more realistic approach to the incfluence concept socially speaking. I'd love to screw with people's heads (hey Visas Kreia's been watchin you awfully closely lately don't you think?) or (hey Atton, anyone ever told you you walk kinda funny?). How great would it be if his movement style changed after that?


    Attributes: This really started to p*ss me off at times. When an item is equipped that increases one's attributes, it should allow another item to be equipped that is dependent on the attribite increased by the former. I.E. If I need so much constitution or whatever to wear a skills package and I have so and so item which increases my constitution, then logically, I should damn well be able to equip it. It's not difficult, just have the game unequip both items if you uneqiuip the independent.


    Powers: I'd definately like to see more powers, but there's only so far one can go without making it all seem kind of ridiculous. Also, though I disagree that LS jedi shouldn't be allowed to wield DS powers (after all its a morality thing not ability related), but maybe something like a 0.1% increase in DS points everytime an inherently DS power is used (ie. force push wouldn't be inherently evil, but force kill which is basically be an extension of the basic ability should have a morally detrimental effect on the player).




    I'd love to see Bakura, don't know what would be there but it's far out from galactic center so its a possibility.


    Centerpoint station, not a planet but I'm pretty sure that they made mention of the fact that it may even have preceeded the advent of the old republic.


    There was a planet in one of the Zahn books I think, can't really remember that I think would really be a great addition visually speaking, (something about the buildings of the city being made completely of crystal) but I think it would probably just have to be a trading stop or something as I don't recall that much that was useful there:).


    Alderaan. Who cares why, just do it.


    Coruscant: "The entire planet is one big city". Sounds good enough to be added to me. Don't know what was there 4000 years before the Empire though.


    Correlia would be a nice addition, in fact, and of the planets in that area would be relevant editions (Talus, Tralus, Drall, Selonia), as I think they're almost in the unkown regions, and it'd be cool to link them back to the Rakata from KOTOR1.


    Other than that, new world's, and heaps of them.


    Bad Guys:


    Evil, unuterrably inherently evil and not easy as to beat after all the hype (Nihilus, Sion, Kreia I'm looking at you guys).


    Better AI, bad guys that really want to keep on breathing, have them run away, hide, all that stuff, cling onto stuff, all that jazz.(I read somewhere they're already pretty far along with this sort of stuff). Realistic battle damage: diminshing ability to fight after multiple wounds etc.



    Not much ask huh guys?? Anyway, just my wish list at the moment. (and that's just the beginning).



    I like the sound of it but as you said it may be hard for the devoplers.

  4. MOst of the time I do LS options. I helped the inthorians because I never liked cercka proply because what they did to the wookies. I helped Khodo proly becuase there leader helped me. I helped Talia because she was the rightful leader

  5. I don't seem to be able to influence either Kreia or Atton.  In fact, I somehow managed to LOOSE influence with Kreia a couple of times and couldn't seem to find any way to avoid it, no matter what dialogue choice I made.


    Can anyone give me a hint as to how to influence these two characters?  Atton in particular doesn't seem to be influenced one way or another, not matter what course of action I take or what I say. The only dialogue choices I get are related to Pazaak.  And I've beaten him a few times, but that seems to have no influence on him.



    With kreia it is hard to gain influence with her because she wants you to be more grey side. She is your teacher in the game and with almost any teacher no matter what you do you can still disapoint them. Funny however I had more influence with her when I played darkside. With atton idk for sure but I think if you take him with you on your guests and he likes what you do you can gain influence that way.

  6. Yeah, and when he begun sucking the life out of those dead Republicans the fight became much more complicated. On my light side file I did not have a Force power that could destroy the tanks so I had to keep soildering on! Eventually Malak ran out of dead Republicans and I took him down in the end.



    did you have lightsabe throw


    I died about 4 times when I first fought him because I didn

  7. Bastila is the most self-centered, whiny,prejudiced SW character ever. In others words, SHe's Queen of teh Harpies! :angry:  :angry:  :angry:  :angry:


    Sorry wrong thread... This is the Fan place for Bastila... now BE GONE!





    Bastila Fans where ............................oh okay I thought Bastila Fans were a myth.


    they're all like their leader, stupid and arrogant.




    Hey people are entitled to have their own opinion if they love bastila they are allowed too if you don

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