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  1. The first review of Kotor II pointed out that, as the middle act of what we all hope will be a three-part series, it's got the most in common with Empire Strikes Back. Then they said "It not so much does an Empire, but outdoes it". This could well be true - TSL is very, very dark, far more so than the first Kotor, and hopefully, than the 3rd film will be. After all, this film's wise old mentor turns out to be the Dark Lord of the Sith who is controlling everything, trying to teach you to use your allies without them knowing, while she's secretly doing this to you. So considering that Kreia's such a bad egg, it's no surprise that she doubts the "wisdom" of the Jedi council. And this particular line - "There is no great revelation, no great secret. There is only you." is, I think, not referring to how the Jedi are wrong, but rather to how, unlike the first game (Revan), the fifth film (Father), the sixth film(Sister), the first film (Queen), and indeed the third film if you didn't know the Emperor's last name (Sidious), in this game, there is no sudden plot twist. No (and I'm paraphrasing here) "dark secret that will shatter you to your core". There is only you. New question - was there really a wound in the Force? Or was that what Kreia and the Jedi percieved? Is it possible to damage a non-corporeal entity, or is it more likely that, because the Force "created by all living things", to quote Kenobi, it merely absorbed the deaths of Malachor, as those beings became one with it, and this sudden absorbtion of souls caused a change in its appearance, in the way the Jedi percieved it? Many individuals were wounded at Malachor - the Exile, Sion, Nihilus, Bao Dur, etc etc, but was this merely damagage to individuals, rather than to the Force as a whole. Malachor sent ripples through the Force, to be sure, but a wound? I'm not convinced.
  2. TBH, I think that's the coolest thing about it. Running around, talking to people with the blade out, in a casual stance. :D I've grown quite fond of orange recently. I go through phases - I used to like red, then blue, then green, the yellow. I enjoy orange on and off because it's different and my favourite Exile I ever built used Orange and Blue. I think that red gets a lot of bad press for no reason - sure, it's generally a Sith colour, but that doesn't make you evil for using it. I think more LS jedi should use red to boost its popularity.
  3. I've been thinking recently, and I think we need a strong, definite female Sith. Never mind Kreia, she doesn't count. And the whole "Revan is a woman sometimes" doesn't work either. We need a really cool, evil woman. I've always liked the term Sith Empress myself, but it only really works if she's in charge of an Empire.
  4. Yoda, Yaddle and Vandar's species has still not been revealed. Very annoying. We can assume thar they're generally strong in the Force, as the only three of their species we know of have been Jedi. I wouldn't mind seeing, at some point, a visit to their home planet, possibly in Lucas' new TV show. And then, if they are all strong in the Force, we may even end up with a dark Jedi member of their species...
  5. I've got #0, #1 and #2. Waiting for #3 to reach my import shop is annoying, but if I'm lucky I may end up picking it up in about an hour. If I'm lucky. Otherwise I'll have to wait for two weeks
  6. Revan kind of takes the place of both Luke or Anakin and Sidious, because of previous roles - the Sidious of the piece is the former Darth Revan, and if Revan returns (no, I'm not talking about you ) that's an Anakin story, whereas the LS ending with the Star Forge destroyed is far more Lukey. Let's not forget that HK-47 is the "protocol" droid of the piece. So he's kind of Threepio. And I guess Calo Nord is the Boba Fett of the piece.
  7. I agree - Bao Dur and T3. T3 is, however, more loyal to Revan than to the Exile, so Bao Dur's the winner.
  8. Well said, Phantom. But I do agree about Jolee's allignment - he should've been LS. It worked well keeping Kreia on the borderline, because her true identity as Kreia was meant to be a plot twist, and I'd assume that Kreia has the ability to shield her true allignment from even those who are strong with the Force.
  9. Yeah, but the miners uniform doesn't look cool. And it's all about looking cool. I would, assume, though, that the reason it'd be best for someone with a laser arm not to wear flapping, loose clothing made of dry material would possibly be due to the fire hazard.
  10. Obi-Wan's sucess list: - Darth Maul - General Grievous - Darth Vader (kinda). These are Sith (and an evil roboticised monster) of the more recent order, where there are only 2 Sith, so they're the highest level. So Obi killed the second most powerful Sith, the leader of an army who had personally killed countless Jedi, and mortally wounded The Chosen One. If Malak had the Star Forge, with all his Jedi in jars, he might stand more of a chance, but otherwise, Kenobi ftw.
  11. except Mara Jade Skywalker (key name there) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Very good point. I'm not sure who'd win - Mara would have more experience at killing Jedi, but Bastila's got the whole Battle Meditation thing going for her. Hmm... As Battle Meditation wouldn't be particularly helpful in one-to-one combat, I'll go with Jade.
  12. I quite like that Mandalorian. It's got the right look to it - bulky equiptment containing lots of weapons. The only thing that'd make it better - legs. And possibly hands.
  13. Working on that logic, my new theory is: Kreia is actually Jolee Bindo. He had extensive surgery between K1 and K2. After all, there's no proof they aren't one in the same? While it's possible that Kreia could be Handmaiden's mother, I would expect that their relationship might be shown in a different way - Kreia regards Handmaiden as nothing more than a tool. If she's willing to die for the Exile, because of her love. surely she'd at least spend a little time with her actual biological daughter. Besides, doesn't Kreia kill all the Handmaidens if the Exile is female?
  14. Agreed! She always hates me, and the feeling is reciprocated.
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