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  1. you saying groups with Ogre's and druids? That is the only one I've seen so far. I'm saved right after I killed the ogre in the trap I set up, have not pushed on any further yet, level 3 I think it is! Was the first enemy I came accross while scouting with my rogue. I tend to use the rogue to clear an area then move the rest of my party up and set them up for an ambush and move on with my rogue. When I find something, I un-pause and run back to the main group and then 2hold the line" and wait for them to almost attack before I attack to keep the formation, using ranged where needed to silence their ranged and casters, lock the mele in and then start from there. I really hate shades though, I think I will always kill them first from now on and use a good tank to hold off stuff with more HP.
  2. thanks for the heads up. I just killed my first Ogre on level 3, I kited him back to my party using a rogue though so we destroyed him pretty easily! EDIT: I prefer the term "benny hill'd" over "kited"
  3. Or I'll kick you in the f*cking ****!! rerrrrshamberrrrr
  4. I love the story. I may just do the next level and then go back to defiance and do some stuff there then do some quests for the knights. I can also do the 1st quest for the family without becoming obligated I think, only after the 2nd quest I think you become locked into that faction. I was going to play it safe and just go straight to the faction I want, but I'd already done the first dozens mission and that was ok.
  5. four tanks though? the only class that is really an effective tank is a fighter though from what I've seen as they constantly heal themselves and naturally can engage more. you saying get a few fighters? I could maybe pull in one more fighter and have two fully dedicated tanks. What's your idea of a ghost busting team, especially when they have them big tanky forest lurkers in the mix too. I seriously think I just needed two full on tanks and I would have been good.
  6. I was only planning on doing 1 or 2 more levels for now anyway. How can I see what level an enemy is? Also for level 5, what quests am I supposed to be doing at this level? I was in Defiance Bay, I locked up the guy who was impersonating some other guy and did the first quest for the dozens (I know if I do the 2nd one, it'll lock me in as supporting them, I think I want to go with the knights so not doing that quest) I decided to back track and see what needs done, a lot of the missions (like the raederic one) are meant for higher levels though sure. Thought I'd take a look bellow and see if there's any good gold or items that can be found. I'm sure I'll be fine with a few levels.
  7. So I just went to do the first level of odd nua, The door I thought was taking me to the first area, actually took me to the sunny grounds of my keep. It turns out that giant spider I killed, was level 1. So, how do I get to the next level please? (first level was pretty easy, I'm confident about level 2 now) I want to clear out some levels to get more gold and xp so I can level up and build a higher security rating on my keep (currently around level 22 security, needs to be much higher. I did loose the 2nd barbican though so that dropped it a few... I may actually go to a previous save and try and win that fight manually) To those of you that have completed Odd Nua, any tips on the descent? I know theres an Adra Dragon at the bottom that I probably can't kill yet, how far down should I be thinking of venturing at level 5 and 4, also newcomer to these games (I'm not hopeless though, I have played many team based strategy games, just always have been turn based in the past)
  8. word... I think a lot of the stuff that we think of(they probably thought of it too, well maybe, lol) could have a chance of being implemented in the next game. PoE is a solid starting platform, the next game could have all the little quirks we desire. I mean, it's gotta move forward. The next one should be something really special (not saying PoE isn't special though, it's a very special game in that it brought back IE alone)
  9. I know right, that larder door shield was soo cool as well, really added to the rag tag look of my crew (all tied together with a least 1 shade of green on each one though) I was using it on my tank, till I realised the bash damage replaced my normal damage, that sucks, should add bash damage to existing stuff you have.
  10. thanks, I will try this out. need to train more tanks then. What level are those ones that attack caed nua, by the way?
  11. I'm sure once I'm more familiar with the game, the fights in question will become a lot more trivial. I need to back track and make sure to do all quests in the areas before and do the first few levels of od nua for some extra gold and stuff.
  12. so it all just depends how much hassle it is to get back, whether you can be bothered to fight it off manually. Build up my defences and it'll happen less. Still nothing on the link between clearing the lower levels and stopping monsters coming up from beneath. I have definitely seen this mentioned in a post before, I even seen a diagram that shows you which levels correspond to different monster parties that come from bellow (so far I think I've had skeletons and shades and forest dudes) It's the human parties that come from outside. Most of my party are level 5 now I think, you guys think I should put my barbarian back and get the paladin out for some extra tanky goodness? My current party is blonde warrior guy as main tank, then I have a barbarian (or paladin) my character is a druid, then I have durrance, aloth and a ranged rogue of my own in the back (durrance stays in the middle of the party for buffs and stuff, the made and rogue are in the back usually, the fighter tanks what he can while the barb and spirit shifted cat lay into stuff. Druid can obviously help with spells too though. My problem with the fight I mentioned in the OP was that I was focused on bringing down those big forest dudes, I allowed the shades to get to my squishies and they dropped my priest pretty quick, they'd managed to multiply loads. I probably could have done with 2 tanks for this, one to hold the tree guys and 1 to try and hold the shades. Can anyone point me in the direction of some solid tactics guides for dealing with specific enemies? This is my first IE game and I am wanting to soak up all I can, I will get my brain mashed by equations and stuff though as I suffer from dyscalculia which means I have a hard time with maths when first looking it at, it's like dyslexia but only really effects my maths solving abilities (in short it takes me a lot longer to comprehend stuff of a numerical nature) So what I really need is like tactics in words, no numbers explaining it. Sorry for being a massive hassle bumping this and stuff. just some stuff I'd really like to learn more about.
  13. Hirelings can immediately be rehired while structures take time to rebuild. Yeah. I was thinking that not having to rebuild anything would be best. Also I'm pretty sure that the monster attacks come from downstairs, for every set number of levels you clear, it stops one of the combinations of monsters that come from beneath. I wanted to confirm this as I have heard this is the case, I haven't seen the list though, it's probably 5 or 10 floors, like the first 5/10 clear the skellies, then the shades and forest lurkers (I had no problem with the skellies, I just was not prepared to deal with a combination of forest lurkers and shades.. it would probably be better to try and keep the lurkers bogged down in effects while killing the shades first next time, keep a warrior on the lurkers maybe too so they can't attackl the rest of my party, have a couple of less squishies at the front and my rogue and casters at the back doing ranged. I was really poorly prepared for the fight really, I expected to drop the lurkers a lot faster than I did (1 went down but the other was surviving and allowing the shades to run riot on my priest, there must have been about 5 adds and 3 shades or something on 3 ranged guys, all my mele guys were trying to take out the last lurker, I decided to just quit the fight when my priest went down as it was late and was taking it out of me. In hindsight, I already know ways I could have changed the fight around. knowing more about what exact tactics work on them, what kind of armour and weapons etc too is going to give me peace of mind though, then I know, when they come back for more I can smash them.. I need to check out the validity of clearing the lower levels in respect to stopping monster invasions. I know the other factions will still come from outside, the monsters definitely come up from the depths though, it's the first thing you learn about the place from the woman in the odra statue (or whatever that stuff is called from the beginning, the green stuff coming out the ground)
  14. a guide to the stronghold stuff would do, I'm a newcomer to he game and I don't care about the stronghold. now all im doing is worrying about the stronghold instead of playing the game, it's a hindrance. I just want to know how to make it so stuff will stop bloody attacking every 5 minutes, I'm getting REALLY sick of it!!! Been trying to get an answer on this for 3 days now.
  15. BUMP... I have asked this on multiple forums now and still no help.?? someones gotta know the answers to what I'm asking here!?
  16. If you increased your pledge by $8 when backing the game then you can put a request in. If you didn't then I don't think you can. I didn't know what backing a game was till a few weeks ago. will I have to wait till PoE 2 then?
  17. is this an update for everyone or just if you are signed up to the beta of the new patch? I'm on my first playthrough, at level five. would you advise getting the new patch or waiting?
  18. I was going to say, aren't they going to working on the sequel instead, in that case it's all good. I'd rather see the next one come out than have more expansions for this one. I'm sure maybe they could let us design more content for it, would be cool to get community designed content if they released some kind of software like hairbrained schemes did with shadowrun.
  19. they suite druid a lot like, you could make a cool nature god-like anything really. god-like are my favourite, apart from the bruised vagina face, I don't like that very much. I think they need to redesign that one.
  20. So I have my barracks now, I had won every fight, but some shades and forest dudes came and were giving me a hard time so I opted to auto it and lost a barbican (rebuilding) I have my barracks now and have picked some people, firstly those with two shields then those with shields and prestige, picking those that sound like they'd be good in a fight. So my questions are.. when something attacks, do I choose to fight it manually and I'll have the hired help in the fight making it much easier, or do I just let them handle it? Also I heard that if I go beneath, I can actually clear out the monsters so they stop coming... well if this is the case, the last stuff that came were shades and those big tree dudes, what levels do I need to clear to get rid of them? I think most of my party is level 5 now, I have some level 4's too though. What is a good party for fighting those shades and tree dudes? they started to mess up my healer and stuff last time, I should have had one guy tanking the tree dudes and another trying to contain the shades, I was just trying to smash the tree dudes fast. I got one down and the other half way, by this point the shades had created loads of adds and were harassing my casters that had no defence from anything. I backed out of the fight when I realised how bad it could have gotten and just rolled auto instead, lost the barbican as I said but I'm rebuilding, I now have loads of hired help so when they come next time, I'll be ready, just need to have the optimal squad for it. Also I can work on clearing out the basement, knowing what level to go to would be handy too. Thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer, it would be greatly appreciated.
  21. ah cool. well as I'm only just starting out probs not for me right now. Love the game though. Haven't gotten to the expansion yet. You know how it has "leads" for the expansion, does this automatically start to fill up after a point along the main questline or something? also what is the best sort of level to do the dlc? I know there is probably a place to be asking this but as we're both already here, it's something I've been wondering about! haha.
  22. ah cool, what is the beta for? I just started playing the game a few days ago you see, s it for the next piece of DLC?
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