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  1. Did anyone note the showstopper bug that occurs where saves become corrupt and can't be loaded? Can't play currently because my last 5 saves all say 'Error Loading Next Map'. This is probably one of the most serious bugs out there since I can't even load the game and use cheats to fix the corrupted data like I did many times in PoE1.
  2. What broken quests in Neketaka? I literally haven't found one, I have found some strange ones that work a little odd, but they weren't broke. Also those heinous import bugs were fixed in a patch that was available by the time you made this post? Yes people have a right to be upset, yes you have a right to call out and report bugs, there is nothing wrong with that. Just please stop calling the game broken, it is not broken. You can boot it up, you can play it, you can complete it. Could it be better? Yes. Does it need a difficulty balancing? Sure does. Are there some bugs? Yes,
  3. The premise of several of your arguments is that tedium and loading screens aren't a deterrent, but they are, and were for me. If I don't have camp materials: Would I rather walk back up and rest once or go back and buy more camp materials because I know I'll need to rest more than once? If I do have campfire materials: Do I press on further or camp now? If not campfire materials, I think there are other ways to make resting not two clicks away at any point. Some kind of encounter system while resting might work too, although you'd have to think of way to not have it be totally abused by r
  4. I'm not 'objectively' wrong, lmao. I literally described the process to you, point by point, but even that isn't enough? There's nothing DIFFICULT about it, it doesn't require skill to overcome, it's not particularly a hardship. It's just an annoyance. A stupid, unnecessary annoyance. Sorry to say but your last sentence describes how I feel about your responses to my posts. But let's forget how objectively wrong you are for the sake of progress. Another probably better way to deter resting in potd difficulty would be that in dangerous areas there would be random encounters when attem
  5. What do you mean? I'm not following your logic. How could it not be more difficult if it is objectively more difficult to rest? I'm sorry, I don't mean this as an insult but you are logically and objectively wrong. Anyways, this isn't a list of commandments, just some thoughts I had on adding more difficulty for people that wanted it! Signing out for the night.
  6. Well, I think you would have to agree it is more of a deterrent than it is now. But I believe I also qualified it by saying that poe1 didn't have a perfect rest mechanic either. Hence also why I mentioned more rogue-like elements. --Harder to rest --Health doesn't regenerate after combat without abilities/food. --Easier perma-death of characters, etc. --Dialog options and other choice-based elements have deeper consequences
  7. Just a few more notes: --Campfire lumber in poe1 wasn't a perfect mechanic but made resting a difficult choice at times. Resting whenever I feel like it definitely isn't as fun. Endless Paths also helped further cement that attrition idea. It added a macro difficulty beyond just per-combat difficulty. Wherever the game can challenge me adds fun for me! --1 per rest abilities in poe1 tied into the attrition mechanics as well. Now that most everything is 1 per encounter if I accidentally pull a few enemies from a group and kill them it's twice as much of a benefit as before. --Honestly withou
  8. Aside from the difficulty issues, this game seemed solid but this morning my game will no longer load (failed to load next map). Showstopper bug killed the game for me and verifying steam files does nothing. Hopefully they fix it in upcoming patch else I may just move on to another game. I played potd in poe1 from day 1 and it was a decent difficulty level, so I was already a little tuned out from poe2's cakewalk settings. Still I got about 20 hours in and even if that's the last I will play it was still a good game!
  9. I think it's tempting to say that a ranger isn't that bad because you just equip frostseeker and can do alright. Once they adjust the difficulty settings I hope they give the ranger some buffs to keep up with the other classes. After 20 hours I used IRoll20s and used OpenCharacterCreation and Kill <Pet> to switch from ranger (sharpshooter) to swashbuckler (devoted) since I wanted to not have my main character be the worst in the party (even though I'm playing PotD and it's pretty easy already). I had to cheat because I wouldn't play this game over again. I would play it over again if the
  10. The only argument you seem to be presenting here is that the balance of Frostseeker should be looked at - especially with how early you can get it.
  11. Suddenly happened. My last 5 saves won't load anymore. Maybe because of the talking item manager? Seems like my playthrough is over now as I'm not going to redo the last few hours of play. Including lines leading up to the error and the offending callstack from the output log: ------- BEGIN LEVEL LOAD INITIATED -------- Pending level = RM_WorldMap_Forest_01. (Filename: C:/buildslave/unity/build/artifacts/generated/common/runtime/DebugBindings.gen.cpp Line: 51) Unloading 5 Unused Serialized files (Serialized files now loaded: 17) Unloading 2891 unused Assets to reduce
  12. Yes, speaking as one of the people who is not bothered by challenge, particularly, and is rather enjoying Ascendant Cipher, I'd rather see them balance it by making the PotD encounters much harder (better tactics, more combined arms) for you guys, rather than drastically nerfing things for everyone. Buff the encounters, not nerf the characters. (To an extent.) (I mean, if I'm DMing - which is sort of what they're doing - and the PCs find a new new death mechanic, I nick it and use it right back. So, I dunno, give the monsters a few Ascendant Ciphers right back. And when you PotD guys manag
  13. Devoted Fighter gets +2 penetration and crit damage increase at all times with their chosen proficiency with no disadvantages as long as you use only one weapon. There's probably some nuances here and there (like the animal companion damage), but to me it seems like a strictly better choice than Ranger with Sharpshooter for a two-handed character.
  14. I don't need a overpowered class, I just want rangers to not be terrible - especially with bows since there is literally no disadvantage to swapping your bow out for a gun at any point. I enabled cheats and changed my class to Fighter(Devoted - War Bow)/Rogue and having a lot more fun now! I wish I didn't have to enable cheats though. My cipher was just outshining my main character too much and I couldn't handle it anymore. If I had taken Maia I'm sure I'd be a lot more pissed too.
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