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  1. I think you are right that it was a turning point. Unfortunately back then Linux was even less known than it is today and Loki had no change to survive. It is great to see finally some Valve+OEMs pushing Linux forward in a form of Steam Machines. I'm sure journey is going to be very rocky and gaming websites are going to bash them without remorse. Interesting times ahead
  2. If by "brand new" you mean "since 1998"1 then yes, they are "brand new". That said the turning point is really going to be installed user base. That goes up you're going to see more parallel development for Linux and other OSes, and I think Steam's efforts are going to make an impact there. 1I understand the first game ported was actually in 1994, but I believe 1998 is when Loki Software started, and I think that's considered to be the turning point in Linux game development Heh, OK. Sure there has been games for a "long" time but I think one could start seriously think Linux as a
  3. Oh, I'm all for diversity and choices, please don't get me wrong there and I would love to see Linux succeed as a viable alternative in gaming - if only because it means that the current chokehold on game development is broken up a bit. Look at how Vulkan made Microsoft streamline DirectX for the first time in ages - DX12 is so much better than the past decades of improvements they made. I just don't share the opinion that Brandon Adler's comments are harmful towards Linux gaming or that there is any major migration going on - and even if SteamOS succeeds on the market, it might just be us
  4. I like the creative number interpretation that's going on. Sure Microsoft has lost some ground recently and Windows Phone has a hard time on the market (which I personally find rather sad because after having used iOS, Android and Windows Phone I can definitely say I like WP the most) there is absolutely no data to indicate that there is any large scale migration towards Linux going on. In spite of all the privacy issues, Windows 10 has, a mere month after it's release, three times the desktop market share that Linux has. Just let that sink in for a spell. If anything, casual users tend to
  5. Great news. It is always interesting to hear more about the development process, success stories and what kind of problems there were. Fortunately this had happy ending. Thanks for the Linux version.
  6. Pillars of Eternity, CoH 2, Planetary Annihilation: TITANS, X Rebirth, ARMA 3 and OOTP 16
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