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  1. It looks like it can happen randomly. I encountered it once in Ghul-survivor challenge, but reloading the save helped. Sadly, now I encounter it repeatedly during skeleton-survivor challenge (4 times in a row). Also, at one try, AI got stucked during its initiative, which made finishing the fight impossible. Is there any ETA for update 4.1.2?
  2. But that's pretty much true. And that's fine, it's kinda typical "from zero to hero" dark fantasy story. You (Watcher) are "any other dude". Pillars of Eternity starts with you travelling with a caravan to Gilded Vale, because some lord is offering a land for free. You are a Watcher by coincidence - by being in bad place at bad time. In "reality" if Watcher would sleep in ruins for couple of hours, there would be no story at all. Watcher wouldn't even meet Thaos. But it's not the case, and once you learn that soon you'll be completely mad and probably dead (one way or another), there's little you can do except chase Thaos to uncover his plans and solve mystery of your past. And by mix of skill, determination and pure luck you are able to destroy Thaos and Leaden Key plans. And these were people keeping entire world in the dark for several centuries. Good job But in the beginning there's nothing special about you. As for the PoE 2 - you already proved yourself and you are a Hero. You worked for gods before. You stopped Thaos. You dealt with politicians and different factions in Defiance Bay. You opened the gates of Durgan's Battery. There's a big chance you killed couple of dragons and two arch-mages. Yup, you're probably the best candidate to help gods once again. But that's not your motivation to do anything - if anything, your motivation is that Eothas took part of your soul with him and you probably want to take it back. It should be personal for you. Or not - in that case Berath is happy to reincarnate you as a hamster. That's a good life, too.
  3. Go to the palace and take the quest - it'll give you access to two companions and will open access to faction quests. In case of factions - you are free to work with all of them until the last quest for each faction. That's the point when you need to make a decision with whom you want to make an alliance. But there's plenty of stuff to do before you reach that point.
  4. Press "H" on keyboard to open up ship management screen and drag and drop food and drinks to ship storage.
  5. I'd say it's a bug. It looked exactly the same for me, and I was able to complete the quest by talking to Copperhead after killing Mezzago and destroying the globe. I'd try to reload an earlier save and report the issue to devs.
  6. I don't recall any quests cancelled by progressing main story, at least not at this point you're describing. If anything, it opens access to more quests, as after visiting the palace you have a real opportunity to get involved with factions.
  7. There's plenty of things to fix, unfortunately. I'm OK with some of the bugs, mostly smaller things like not working item enchants, bugs in items description, typos and localization bugs, or even occasional crashes. But it's hard to accept bugged quest, issues with story integrity or problems in ending slides. Just from my first playthrough - 5 bugged quests, two of them making impossible to make alliance with two different factions (so you could say it's on a "game breaking" side of things), describing past events as something that hasn't happened yet to at least couple of NPCs (we're talking about main story here), and in ending slides I read about "cordial" farewell with one of companions which was anything but cordial. Things like these are breaking immersion heavily, to a point they can invalidate your entire playthrough and all decisions you made during the game. Not cool. Does it make PoE 2 worse game than the first one? Not for me, as I see improvements in many areas in comparison to PoE 1, but I plan to complete the game multiple times anyway, and I expect several patches to be released, fixing both bugs and game balance. So I can wait, and I'm sure at some point Deadfire will really shine. But plenty of people will give up on game after few hours and will never give it another chance. And that's something that could be avoided.
  8. I tried to find if other people had similar issue, but search returns nothing. I received letter from Laune that her team is ready to progress with experiment and I should talk with her. However, none of the available dialogue options allows to progress with the quest. Is it a bug, or maybe I'm missing something? Here's archive including save game and output log: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1k6Qpde3LaYXMPrBrNrZcFq7BJX09XvEQ. Thanks for any help
  9. Hi, I have encountered same bug as OP. Every time I enter basement in Galvino's house enemies get +100 to all their defences and they are injured (still, with so high defences there's now way to beat them). Currently I'm playing on PoTD difficulty. Any workarount or quick hotfix would be nice to see Here's the link to zip archive with savegame and output log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0gz30ekawlgz5mg/savegame.zip?dl=0.
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