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  1. I didn't have steam cloud enabled, but I tried deleting some saves (now down to ~15-20 across 4 characters). But it also didn't help me start the game from steam Are there any kind of logs that this would generate if it's not even getting a chance to start?
  2. Took me a while (game is so large I had to wait for my data limit to reset), but I tried your suggestion of completely reinstalling the game. It did not fix the issue for me
  3. Attempting to start the game via steam results in the "preparing to launch..." notification popping up for a tick and then disappearing / nothing else happening. However, using the .exe in the game folder will still start the game without any issue. What might be causing this? I've already verified game files and disabled the overlay. I'm not quite sure what else could be causing the issue. I'm on Windows 10 if that matters.
  4. Oh right, I never use food so I forgot about that. I'll check what I have. And one of the Soulbounds I have on him requires 30 might to unlock the next tier.
  5. Any suggestions on how to go about this? I'm not really sure which all might bonuses will stack, and I'm having trouble to get his might that high. Right now I'm looking at resting at Stronghold for +3, using the ability from Gathbin Family Signet for +5, and wearing a piece of equipment that adds +3, but that will only get me to 27. What can I do to get the last 3?
  6. Personally I wish all characters (ally and enemy alike) grew more resistant to CC every time they are affected by it in a fight, with the increased resistance resetting after combat is over.
  7. They're probably going to ask for a save file and output log, so you could speed up an answer by attaching that now
  8. Pets scale amazing now, have a lvl 13 sagani on PotD and Ituumak hits for 40-70 pretty accurately, and can even hit 100+ on a crit.
  9. I went through it at lvl 12-13 on PotD on the easier mode and it was still challenging (mostly because those Lagufaeth are ridiculous at stunning).
  10. I have a file going on PotD difficulty and I'm using all the scripted partymembers and I've made it to chapter 3 and finished the White March expansion. The optional bosses have given me some trouble and there were two I don't think I can defeat.
  11. You don't need to re-install the game lol you just need to back up 1 file and that's it. I've switched it on and off many times. It's just not the most convenient thing in the world. Ah, it was my impression that this mod was like Long War from XCOM in that it replaces a ton of content with modded versions, and the only way to get rid of the mod is basically a reinstall of the game.
  12. I haven't used the mod mostly because I don't care to have to reinstall the game if I don't want the mod. A launcher that can cycle between the mod and without would be a great way to try it out and see if it's for me
  13. What I'm asking is if your priest of Berath' deity talent will still apply even if they're using the Nightshroud
  14. I remember hearing that the Weapon Focus talents apply to your Soulbound weapon regardless of type, but I was wondering if we figured out if the priest deity talents (like Skaen's Prey on the Weak talent) applied to the soulbound weapon regardless of type as well. Does anybody know if this is the case?
  15. During the Hunter, Brother quest I had found the Stelgaer and gotten the evidence from that. I went to the Anamenfath and started talking to her about the quest, when I decided I would look for more evidence. I then left and found the body at the bottom of the waterfall and found that evidence as well. However when I went to go back to the Anamenfath to start the trial the option to talk about the quest had disappeared. The only dialogue options are: 1: "What are the six tribes?" 2: "I'd like to know more about you." 3: "Farewell." Am I missing anything or is the quest unable to be
  16. I had the Stormcaller jump ahead as well a few hours ago when I updated to 2.01, as soon as I continued from my autosave. I had assumed it was because the requirement was changed or was reduced to where I met it, so I didn't think anything of it and my save is long gone now
  17. For the -16% armor speed penalty for the armor upgrade, is that multiplicative or additive to your penalty? On a 25% penalty base armour that would be 21% /9% final penalty, so it makes a pretty big difference.
  18. The devs will probably ask you for an output log and save file, so attaching those or uploading them to dropbox and linking will speed up the process.
  19. One thing I noticed was that if you kill someone by bashing them with a shield they will not count towards to kill count. Check to make sure you shield isn't stealing the kills
  20. Do you know if there is any current workaround that will get Ituumak to walk normally while stealthed?
  21. Looks like the savegame finally finished uploading. You should be good to go when you get back in the morning
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