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  1. Same here. I tend to look at everything PoE-related through rose-coloured glasses, but that's a bit much even for me. In buildings the pink squares appear in place of the fire effects, as for the outdoors, refer to the image above. I'm going to take a look at my videocard's drivers next. EDIT: Nevermind, I was just being stupid. There are two patches, one for the basegame (~80 MB), the other one (~175 MB) for the expansion.
  2. There's a singing animation? I hadn't noticed because the bard was always off-screen, for me. Was really startled by the bard song the first time. And I'm adding to the chorus here, good work on the music, it's amazing how it adds to the atmosphere.
  3. The update made everything a little harder because the enemy AI now throws all their best spells at you first thing, I've played for months and I'm readjusting still. As others have mentioned, positioning should be done manually, and to add to the tip regarding foods, do make use of scrolls, too (after boosting accuracy), esp. the scroll of paralysation. Also play with the auto-pause options a bit, as that will automatically pace the fight and will keep you from getting overwhelmed. Good luck!
  4. So will Patch 2.0 be going live some time before that or be released alongside the expansion? Not that it matters much.
  5. Imho PoE needs MP like a fish needs a bicycle. Let other game studios jump on that bandwagon. It may be that other games benefit from such a feature, but PoE is not such a game.
  6. Your purchase will help them make PoE II. I'll hazard a guess and say that you'll have much fun with it if you liked the main game. Everybody wins
  7. Thanks for explaning, makes a lot of sense if put that way. Well his name IS Aloth ... nvm, shutting up Yeah teleporting to your wizard is their favourite pastime, I either put an off-tank next to him or just swap armors so that Eder gets targeted instead. I'm still fairly high level before braving the Temple in any case, because shades are generally terrible.
  8. The Stone Brambles (one of the six tribes in Twin Elms) is mostly dwarves from the White March. The name doesn't instill much fear, though. We'll see soon enough what'll come of it.
  9. That's all I've found. https://mobile.twitter.com/Obsidian/status/620064887176237056
  10. Although I wouldn't touch any game's multiplayer with a ten foot pole, I'm still curious as to how you think it could *ruin* the game rather than benefit from it? I agree with you, mind but I'd still like to know.
  11. Nothing about these results is surprising. Eder likes to pet animals and has a brother he can't help but idealize. Kana is very much the teacher's favourite back in school who talks too much. Durance is not supposed to be likeable. Hiravias relies on making innuendos to distract from his gigantic inferiority complex. As for Aloth, he is conflicted without all the angst. That alone is a reason to like him.
  12. Its replay value stems from narrative content much more than from skill sets, although it's a lot of fun to try out different builds and such. There are no random encounters, so no need for grinding. A 'cheat' I recommend for story reasons is enabling the pointers in brackets for changes in reputation through dialogue choices. I did my first playthrough without and ended up with a deeply shizophrenic character who was both a compulsive liar and known for his honesty.
  13. In all media, each race is built around a myth. These myths are reinforced each time race comes into play, seemingly arbitrary, e.g. when an elf chastises a dwarf for being willfully ignorant of the former's high culture, a dwarf scoffs at the elves' arrogance or a small hairy humanoid just wants to be left in peace puffing a pipe in front of their rural little home. Doesn't matter if it's LotR or DnD. PoE's attempt at breaking with tradition by putting culture first after centuries of assimilation is very refreshing. Hiravias gets expelled for his spiritshift, not for being an orlan. Alot
  14. Doesn't iron man mode originate from the Diablo games? I thought this involved seeing how far you'd get with whatever restrictions imposed upon your character (no regen/vendors) before dying. Being able to compensate such handicaps through grinding etc seems to contradict this concept of hardcore, to me. As an aside, the engagement system makes combat appear much more static than it actually is, seeing how many ways there are to break engagement. Also, regarding the link Nakia provided, Pillars' hardcore mode or whatever you may call it does exactly what it's supposed to do.
  15. Not that far into the game so I can't comment, will try entering DB after Hearthsong. Afaik you should be able to enter. Reloading or loading another save may do the trick.. Will be reporting back.
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