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  1. Anyone else notice the quest in copperlane with the thieves hideout eluded to this?
  2. Got Eeemmm... Sorry I know you guys were excited to see a new mod. This isn't a troll post though. I know the ability to mod PoE is very limited at the moment however I'm certain with the right time and dedication it can be done. I used to build new terrains for the ArmA games and stopped with ArmA 2. Been a true RPG fan since I was little and used to watch my dad play BG. I'm proposing to form a team to try and work on a full conversion mod of sorts. As far as new areas go, I'm not sure that's possible yet, however I'd like to create a mod that incorporates 1. New NPC's or build up
  3. I'm just saying that the premise of a construct and bald monk are just so ... unoriginal these days. Name just one RPG release in the last 5 years that didn't have a gimmicky robot/construct/droid/mechanical sidekick and I can name you at least 5 that had for every single one you mention. And only very few of them so far had been interesting. One of many is about the only one that was well done ... if you actually consider him a construct. For "real" robots, I can only remember one that was interesting. The Geth companion in ME. Obsidian can never win can they? Do something that's not ve
  4. I honestly don't understand why some people are bashing this already. Bottom line is you wanted more content, they're giving it to you. Until you play it you don't know if it is going to be utter crap or not. Would you rather just have the base game and play through it multiple times until you get bored? At least they are "Trying" to dish out more content. It's a lot better than most devs who created a game from kickstarter.
  5. That is an interesting party setup indeed. Though I'm currently on my PoTD Trial of Iron run as well. Try this for size...a dual wielding Priest. Its crazy hard lol, though oddly enough works fairly decent as my PC. I'm not an expert on min/maxing so I can't really throw my advice out there though I don't think your setup is bad at all. I think two main tanks and an off tank to make up for extra mobs is a good idea. I can see how sustained fights towards endgame isn't an ideal situation, but its better to be able to sustain than to get wiped if you can't funnel mobs.
  6. Thought I'd give an RP Story Experience. Before you judge, yes I Role-play all of my characters and create their own stories. Even if it doesn't make "sense" to play the game a certain way like killing innocents or companions I still like to do what feels natural for my character. This was an instance in which I felt I had no use for my companions anymore. They served their purpose to get me to Defiance Bay. Only they knew I was The Watcher. The morning was fresh and smelled of dew on the summer grass as the party gathered up their equipment. Alessa, a human cipher was the leader of the band
  7. Not really impressed by the trailer or any information given. HOWEVER, that doesn't mean I'm not excited for new content. Definitely have my support and I for one will be excited to play this.
  8. Clearly the dragon gives all characters in the party +10 Game of Thrones.
  9. I think a cross of both systems would've been the best. Much like the MMO crafting models. I like the idea of having recipes in the world that you can come across and search out the ingredients to make it. However, Mortal Online had a cool system where it was trial and error to craft things. The recipes were non-existent and you had to combine different ingredients and see if they worked. Yeah it'd be frustrating but I think it'd make things interesting. Especially when you craft a really good item for the first time.
  10. Great answers I was also wondering if this was possible. Thought I was talking them down and then all of a sudden I had to butcher them.
  11. To answer your first question I believe you can only get up once. They both probably activate upon hitting 0 health and one overrides the other. Please correct me if I'm mistaken though.
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