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Got Eeemmm...


Sorry I know you guys were excited to see a new mod. This isn't a troll post though. I know the ability to mod PoE is very limited at the moment however I'm certain with the right time and dedication it can be done. I used to build new terrains for the ArmA games and stopped with ArmA 2. Been a true RPG fan since I was little and used to watch my dad play BG.


I'm proposing to form a team to try and work on a full conversion mod of sorts. As far as new areas go, I'm not sure that's possible yet, however I'd like to create a mod that incorporates

1. New NPC's or build upon existing



2. New Gear, specifically unique items.


3. Difficulty modifications


Just a beginning. If we can find a way to make new areas I'd like to incorporate a new storyline about the War of the Black Trees. In ArmS we used a tool called Visitor 3 to build terrains. Should be easier in a cRPG I would imagine.


If you have modding experience and are interested in developing new content for PoE please let me know. Hope you all are enjoying the game as much as I am.

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