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  1. Yeah, that doesn't make a lot of sense. It's pretty obvious that there is no context check. But then again, you could use it like this: Stop being such a c0ckpit. What it really means, I don't know? But it sure sounds funny.
  2. I thought she looked like she just got covered with flour. Something out of Scooby Doo. Really, I thought she could have looked a little more intimidating as a Sith. Instead, I just figured she'd get mad at those meddling kids.
  3. Stealing skills like pickpocketing and shoplifting should be considered as usable skills. It would add more realism to the game. It could be used to add darkside points/put you in bad favor with security forces. I'm not saying they have to be put in but it would give you an option. If you wanted to go so far, you could add the skill usage in conversation like stickup/mug. There is a crime world in Star Wars. Why not let players play the part?
  4. There were pathing problems in some of the most random of places. I had someone get stuck in the middle of a room with nothing there. Since you need all your party members to advance, I had to solo mode the person there. If I didn't the party would run to that spot as well and it would take more time to get out of the place. I think some of that should get fixed and cleaned up. Of course, not knowing much about the difficulty involved, I blindly make that statement.
  5. I think certain situations could call for it. Especially on the Leviathan. Possible on the Star Forge as well. I know that there wasn't a second group sent out but suppose you had to have the 2nd group take out the Star Forge's shields. That would have been a working situation. I know it wasn't part of the story but I give it as a possible placement as well.
  6. Perhaps as you age, the darkside physically kills you slowly. That could explain why Maul is so strong but Palpatine is feeble looking.
  7. Maybe a recon/sabotage sidequest. Maybe raid an illegal weapons factory and if you go in guns blazing/lightsabers killing, you find not as much there as they have destroyed evidence. However, if you sneak through the facility, you find perhaps an awesome blade or firearm. And though it has been suggested a no go by Akari after being brought up in the Improving level design post in the Suggestions board, I really wish there was a day/night cycle in KotOR2. It would add more realism to the game and open more things up to do. But the response certainly explained what it wasn't feasible.
  8. Not a chance. I love NCAA 2004 even though it has it's faults. A friend got Madden and he says it's ridiculous. The only beef with EA sports games is whenever you have amazing seasons, there's always one game where you are almost destined to lose unless you put up a very hard fight. The computer makes insane plays and suddenly, your amazing wide receivers refuse to hold the ball. The GC has only a couple redeeming titles that made me buy it: RE, Metroid, and Zelda. I think Nintendo has lost touch with their older games or those who want solid RPGs. I fear they may hit the same trail as Seg
  9. That was amazing with Gothic. There are a lot of good things about that game. I think a day and night life would seriously enhance the game. I could see people getting wasted on Tatooine all throughout the day since there's not a lot happening but not on Taris. Hopefully, there will be day and night usage to have time-specific events happen in those hours.
  10. I think more weapons models would be nice. So many weapons look the same so it got dull pretty quickly. Also, when you add things at the workbench, you should be able to see certain upgrades. I don't think you were able to in KotOR1 like the scope for pistols. Sorry if this has already come up, I'm still reading through the posts. Still have a couple boards after this I want to hit.
  11. I voted samurai but I was thinking more of a lone, betrayed jedi seeking revenge with RPGish elements. You could play it as a kill anything that gets in your way or seek only those that betrayed you. For some reason I think it sounds interesting.
  12. You couldn't run the story with multiple people. You would either have to make a multiplayer story or just allow people to explore the Star Wars universe. Wait, you can already do that thanks to Galaxies.
  13. I voted for sidequests solely because I was interested in seeing more class/alignment specific quests. Doing them could unlock something like a feat/power that only that class can have. Or giving you a class specific item that can't be found anywhere else. Also, I'm sure this has come up at some point, started reading through the boards today, that there should be more things for the dark side. Hack and slash my opinion to pieces.
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