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  1. I guess my problem with the whole thing is I really don't want the story to be ruined by the game coming out at 2 seperate times. I know I didn't get KOTOR I until this past March. I know that it's much later than most people here, but that was only because I didn't have an X-Box and it wasn't till then that I had a computer fast enough to handle the game. But I decided to check out a fan site before buying the game and right on the front page of the site was a huge spoiler for the ending of the game. I'm afraid I'm going to stumble upon something like this again while waiting for KOTOR II to come out. Another thing that is unique to my situation is that I'm actually appearing in KOTOR II. I won a sweepstakes and LucasArts flew me out to their studios to take my picture to be included as a character in the game (my avatar is my head). They haven't told me my "role" yet, but just thinking that all those X-Boxers out there will be able to observe my character 2 months before I even see it feels weird. Oh well. Such is life...
  2. I think gold might look cool. Yeah, it will be similar to yellow, but a much darker shade. Other than that, I really can't think of many other "new" colors they could use without being too much like the ones we already know exist.
  3. There's a contest? *Goes to read Lucas Art's site* Sorry, no idea what the plans are there. -Akari Yeah, last year there was a sweepstakes to win an appearance in an upcoming LucasArts game along with some other very cool stuff. I found out back in January that I had won and I took a trip out to San Rafael and did a whole bunch of cool stuff out there. I've been told my appearance will be in KOTOR II and I've seen a headshot of myself which is also my avatar, but I don't know any other details.
  4. Any word on how the LucasArts contest winner (me) will be used in the game?
  5. Very cool trailer. Environments are amazing and character animations look smooth. I'm still waiting, however, to see what I'm gonna look like in the game.
  6. What if the hood actually helped out in your charisma? Like you might be able to be more persuasive if you were wearing the hood. Maybe they could even tie it to the DS or LS. Wearing the hood while on the DS would make you more powerful whilst wearing it on the LS wouldn't. I don't know, just tossing out ideas...
  7. LucasArts tends to include things when you preorder a game on their website such as the lightsaber letter opener or keychains. I'm hoping for a shirt or maybe a soundtrack CD. That'd be cool. I know somewhere it was mentioned that you can now listen to the music from a menu in the game much like the movie menu option from KOTOR I.
  8. Male. I hope I can play as this guy right here <<<<<--------------------------------------
  9. Well, I enjoy all the little things in a game. Company logo intros have always been a favorite of mine. I don't know if anyone has played Conker's Bad Fur Day for N64, but that game had some of the best logo intros ever. The little squirrel actually cuts the Nintendo logo in half with a chainsaw. I think the logos allow a company to get out some of it's creative talent without being held to the confines of their particular subject, ala the disco dancing Darth Vader in Rebel Strike. Besides, do you really want to discuss what new colors of lightsabers there will be for the 5 millionth time?
  10. In some previous LucasArts games there has been a funny animation introducing the LucasArts logo. That was absent in the PC version of KOTOR and I'm not sure if it was there in the X-Box version. I know I'd kinda like to see something neat when I first turn on KOTOR II. Anybody have any ideas for a humorous logo intro?
  11. The video interview is Insider only. The info on the link above is free. Basically the info is the same as the stuff from Gamespot. I don't know about the video yet. I'll let you know tomorrow when it finishes downloading Darn 180MB file...
  12. IGN Insider KOTOR II Interview Here is a new interview on IGN Insider. Its rather large, so I haven't viewed it yet...
  13. I hope they have some talking heads, otherwise it would be the same as it ever was...
  14. Not to download the video. You can stream it for free, but since I'm on a 56K connection, that doesn't work very well. To download it you need Complete.
  15. Man, I hate all this Insider and Complete stuff. Why can't I download the interview for free? Things like this should be public domain. I know if I were LucasArts I'd want everybody in the world to see info on my game so they'd potentially purchase it. Don't get me wrong, I'm an IGN Insider, but I don't want to have to get both IGN and Gamespot to be able to see info on games I want.
  16. Yeah, I think a t-shirt or keychain would be cool. Something along the lines of the lightsaber letter opener that came with the first game if you bought it from the LucasArts store.
  17. Geez, for something that was "intended more as a joke", you seem to be getting pretty defensive about it. I think I was joking around too in my response. Then you called me a "facist". I don't know what you have against faces, but I think mine isn't all that bad. Maybe that's how they'll list me in the credits..."Thanks to the facist"
  18. Yeah, I think it would be cool to make an appearance in the credits. As far as a free copy of the game is concerned, though, I think there would be no fair way for them to do it. How do you determine where the cutoff is to get the free game? 100 posts? 1000 posts? Donate your head for charity? B) Who's to say how many of those posts actually would have helped? There are too many members of this board for them to make it pofitable.
  19. Hey, thanks for pointing that article out. It really helped.
  20. I was curious about the timeline of the creation of a game. Do designers typically have a story in mind and then create a game surrounding it, or do they have a game and then create the story to go along with it? I guess the same question applies to the individual aspects of the game too. Do you create a level layout and then decide what the area will then look like, or do you have an idea of what you want the level to look like and lay it out after that? Do you draw characters and then fit them into the story, or do you take characters from the story and model characters after them? I guess I'm just totally confused
  21. Actually, didn't they do that in the first game? I thought I recognized some of the heads on the NPCs as ones I had to choose from when I created my character. If I am wrong, though, I definitely agree that this should be done in KOTOR II.
  22. I guess I was kinda leaning more toward the items that affected gameplay but also appeared on the character. Like I said, the goggles looked just plain silly as they were the size of your entire head. If the item was purely cosmetic, such as the masks, then I wouldn't mind it as much.
  23. One thing that bothered me about KOTOR was the fact that once you started putting on different sorts of head protection it obstructed the view of your face. I know once you started to progress to the different levels of Light and Dark side characters the face would change to reflect that. If you are wearing something, however, the changes aren't visible. I think there should be some way of making the upgrades a little less obvious so we can still see what our character looks like. One implant that comes to mind was the night vision goggles. Those things took up the entire face. What does everyone else think about this?
  24. There is actually another thread about this somewhere and one of the developers said it was something that they looked into doing, but decided that it was too difficult because it required 2 different sets of textures for everything in the game. One for day, and one for night.
  25. I think it actually looks like it was just "turned on". Like it is in the process of extending or something like that.
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