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  1. Fix the quests and the gameplay/graphic/sound bugs. Leave the tweaking and balancing for later. Forget new features and the expansion for now. Focus, people, focus.
  2. So, still nothing on the Missing Sentries quest?! We get only the violent option?!
  3. No, seriously can we get the quests fixed, before tweaking, balancing?!
  4. Still no Missing Sentries quest bugfix?!
  5. Because most of people are telling us how romance is when it's made by Obsidian....Shows how many Obsidian games you've played. Let me put it this way: Neverwinter Nights 2...Check those romances... Alpha Protocol.... KOTOR 1 wasn't made by Obsidian, just as KOTOR 2 wasn't made by Bioware... Check KOTOR 2 for those Obsidian romances So, check those games for your precious, meaningful romances, made by Obsidian. Let me know how good they were. What did you enjoy, what was your defining moment?! Did you felt that your love life impacted the story in any meaningful way?! A
  6. Loved Orzamar piece and especially playing with a roguish dwarven princess. And you had to make some tough decisions: tradition and status quo, leading to the Orzammar ruin in the long run, modernism and dictatorship, but that leads to a new age of prosperity and a much, much more open society, a society that will include the casteless and the surface dwarves. Harrowmont might be an honorable man, but the expression of your backstabbing bro when he understands that he could have avoided all the bloodshedding and killing if he would have talked with you... And i wouldn't mind a DA game
  7. How about none of those. The PoE world is dark enough to go towards a Witcher 1, Fallout type of world. A world morally ambiguous.
  8. I really don't need a romance in RPG games. Political intrigues, a real system of choices and consequences (like the one from Alpha Protocol, where things bite you in the rear when you expected less), interesting factions, less black and white and more grey and neutrality, those are some of the things that i'd love to see in an RPG game. The first Witcher, Alpha Protocol, Fallout 1+2+NV offered that. Morrowind had some nice politics, despite using the classic save the world. If you think that the lack of romance is reducing the RP, please try a real game of D&D and see how many wi
  9. I read that some people managed to talk with the sentries and convince them to switch sides, but they could not get a peaceful solution. But i can't get near the sentries, as the dialogue activates when i get near the tomb. So some part of the quest worked previously. Prima guides states that you should use the clever answer and resolve, but none of those can be accessed in 1.04 or 1.05 (tried while i was still on 1.04, tried again on 1.05). Would like to see an official answer on the matter.
  10. I always played the BG/IWD series with a priest and a wizard in the party. Those peeps are invaluable when used properly. Buff, heal, AOE, DPS they have tose covered. I can live without an archer, or any fighter that can't be built as a tank. I can't live without priests and wizards. I'm very much a traditionalist when it comes to a party, because why change something that works too well...
  11. For a new direction of the DS series, wasn't that bad as people told me that it was. I enjoyed it. And funny enough, the female characters were quite nicely done, while the male were so-so. Played Katarina first, Anjali second, Rheinhart third and Lucas last. And Lucas was a boring character, probably the worst from the bunch. Wasted potential, as there were signs that might become something better. And as a side note, this was probably the most polished game i've seen from Obsidian.
  12. I took the side entrance to the castle. I could have avoided killing everyone and everything. But after i gathered enough information, including the discovery of the wife's body, i decided to rampage, killing everyone, including Kolsc. Kolsc is the smaller evil, but i dislike being manipulated and the dude was only jealous because he wasn't the one staying on that throne. Politics as usual...
  13. I really hope that Sega gives the IP back to Obsidian. Not likely, but i can dream. The game really opened after that horrendous tutorial and no game was the same for me. High replayability because of its choices and consequences system, a system which is definitely the best i've seen so far. The fact that you won't know instantly the consequences of your actions made this game one of my favorites. Also, the game that i replayed most after Might and Magic VII RPG.
  14. I personally loved this one. The story was better than in the previous ones, replayability was there, the only thing that actually bothered me was the camera. I do hope that Obsidian will make the fourth one (if Square decides to do it).
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