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  1. I don't have anything against 'morality' of murdering all npcs but I am not sure if it isn't seriously harming roleplay values of a game...
  2. Are there any weapon types being particularly inefficient, or one on of weapon talents (noble, peasant etc) particularly weak? Are weapons specialization talents good at all? Personally I don't trust hunting bows. Sure, they are fast but still, their damage is rather sad... And I never trust stilettos and knives, in any game.
  3. Defender active talent gives - among other things - increased Engagement Limit to Fighter, allowing him to fight 'three enemies at once'. Hold the Line talent increases Engagement Limit by 1. If I take both of them, does it mean Fighter can engage 4 enemies?
  4. Dump INT and max CON, the AoE of TR is low to begin with, and doesn't get much smaller by low IN. I have a feeling that many people while building monk forget that he is SUPPOSED to be hit and get Wounds to use his abilities. This is why IMHO packing all points into defensive attributes and skills is retarded. This is going to be DPS, not tank (for monk the best way is to build Eder as full tank) and with as high Constituion as you recommend this monk will barely got any Wounds due to avoiding hits. I am playing on Hard difficulty with Monk: Strenght 19 Constitution 15 Dexter
  5. 2 gals, 4 boys. However one of these two gals, my main character, is monk with strenght 19 intellect 15 and an ability to kill a dragon with barefists + I roleplay her as awesomely crazy character so I guess it's more like 4 gals 4 boys :D
  6. My alternate solution would be very unorthodox - I am thinking about abandoning Sagani and having BOTH Hiravias and Aloth in team :D Sagani has imho by far the most boring personality of all companions (hunter from village seeking for a ghost, had children, fight for honour, yawn...) while both Aloth and Hiravias have cool personalities. Of course this would mean I lose ranger and get two mages but I am not sure if it is that big loss. I gave Grieving Mother firearms and she is doing as well as Sagani in ranged combat while dwarf woman doesn't offer anything beyond her bow (theoretical
  7. I have also very big dilemma between their characters... Hiravias is funny while Aloth seems to be more interesting. Damn.
  8. At first I wanted to create my character in PoE as dull as in all RPGs I have played - similar to real-life me: tall human non beard slim spellcaster with retarded dexterity Then I realized this is boring and I wanna try something different. So I created Hazelnut and I have to admit I feel bigger connection with her than with all my 'typical men' combined despite the fact she is almost my polar opposite in many aspects. Girl Monk, Ixamitl Plains, background Philosopher , full DPS, smashes everything with bare fists, honest, passionate, emotional and crazy, with alcoholic problems (I giv
  9. As I am trying to optimize my team composition I have a little dilemma between them. My team: *Hazelnut, girl dps monk, I love this class. Works fine. *Eder, full tank. Works fine. Itumaak, Sagani's pet, additional distraction for first line. Works fine. *Durance, priest who can fight melee if really needed. Works fine. *Sagani, ranger DPS + stealth. Works fine. *Grieving Mother, cipher, works fine. And I wanna play with full 6 members team so I wanna one additional character, some spellcaster. Sidenote: High difficulty. *Hiravias - I am not sure if he satisfies me. Maybe
  10. Yeah but on the other hand Durance has very high Concentration which means he can cast his spells more uninterrupted and he is more resistant (Will) on frontline mental attacks like Frightened. Also I felt Priests have spells with lower range... I have totally no idea who should I choose :/
  11. I am planning the future of my dream team. And no, I am not going to use my customized companions, I want only original ones. So far my team build looks like that: *my main heroine, DPS monk girl *Eder, tank with shield focus *Sagani with ranged combat focus *Grieving Mother with secondary ranged combat focus *Hiravias *Durance The problem is, I want to make either Hiravias or Durance more into frontline warrior (to have 3 melee and 3 ranged people, or in the emergency 4 melee and 2 ranged). Both Hiravias and Durance have exact same Might and Constitution, they have very s
  12. Whatever you want but original portraits focus on face of a character (it takes always more than 40% of a picture) so it's a bit inconsistent. On the other hand my character's portrait doesn't fit PoE graphic style at all :D
  13. Well, everything is included in the title. Will savegames done on steam edition of a game work on GOG edition?
  14. Thanks for such detailed help. I guess I will spend some time on character creation. However my past experiences showed me that games where I have to spend much time to preapre characters for tend to be amazing ^^
  15. NWN2 is objectively better. And I am not talking about the campaigns, even when I believe that MOtB and SoZ>>>>> PoE. NWN2 simply has better mechanics, which when used judiciously can give us amazing modules like the Conan Saga. As I see it, PoE is totally hampered by its combat design where the attributes have little to insignificant effects and the entire engagement mechanics. Add to that the inability to multiclass and you have a repetitive and shallow gameplay. I don't know what 'objectively better' means and I am sceptical about the impact elistist rating of '
  16. Hi. I have just bought with Pillars of Eternity and seeing how main menu is enough to make me cry of epicness I guess it will be cool adventure. Anyway, obviously I am new player here. I have played BG2 (finished once) as well as many more or less sophisticated RPGs, anyway I am new in PoE. This is a bit problematic because I really, really wanna to play as Monk class which as far as I know is the weirdest class possible. <if this is wrong thread I'm sorry, please put it in more appropriate subforum> Usually I tend to create boring vanilla characters for RPG similar to me fro
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