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  1. Ah never mind, I just learned that carnage is centered around the primary target rather than the barbarian, which means that the weapon's reach does not modify its AoE.
  2. It seems like fairly common knowledge that reach weapons DO affect the range of carnage, unless a lot of people are mistaken. That's why I asked. A reach weapon gives you +80% weapon range. I mean, minning int pulls you back just -42%, so technically you still have a better than average Carnage AoE with a pike or quarterstaff, even if you've minned int.
  3. For a Barbarian using a 2h weapon with reach (pike or qs), how crucial is intellect's AoE modifier for Carnage? Do I really need the extra reach, or will he already be hitting anyone around him with an int of 10 (or 3? - though that should actually malus the reach, I guess?)
  4. I was looking at the log for the upcoming 1.05 patch and disappointed to see that the priest spell Iconic Projection not damaging enemies hasn't been fixed - which is a real shame.
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