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  1. He's suggesting that it is completely unreasonable for a sentient creature to mindlessly attack a target it cannot possibly hit. Basically the definition of insanity. Similar to how you can run back and forth from enemies, until only one or two of them engage you.
  2. 100 is a comfy number. 120 is enough for most of the game. 140 is going to rock everything but the Adra Dragon, basically.
  3. I wouldn't go down to 15s, because that is 10 deflection lost. That makes the time it takes to become nigh unhittable longer. Yes, even missing 10 deflection on PotD you will eventually become unhittable, but the sooner you reach that point the better. That said, 2-4 defense does not edge out powerful racials like Wood, Pale, Fire or Moon. Seriously. You can get 20, 18 on a Pale and only be down 2 deflection. Rock 29 frost resistance before you get out of Gilded Vale, Stand in wizard AOE like a boss, and laugh at PotD specters and phantoms all day long.
  4. 10% of talents and abilities are overpowered, and 90% are far more reasonable. It also depends on what difficulty you play on. Almost every game in existence with difficulty levels and stats suffers from increasingly narrow successful builds as you increase in difficulty. But I'm not trying to be an apologist. There are definitely a few stinkers out there when it comes to talents and abilities. Bounded Accuracy is an intentional thing in game design, so you will also find that in a lot of games. It's normal. The stats are definitely controlled enough and the scope of what stats you can gai
  5. Well, you can give your chanter a gun and high might instead of con. Like 18 10 4 18 10 18 He won't do tons of damage, but he can stands in front of your ranged Dps and buff them while shooting. Then swap to a shield when enemies break past your main tank.
  6. Would it help if books had warning pop-ups also? And fluff NPC dialog (like the drunks) as well?
  7. You might want to limit it to 4, because even 6 wacky characters is going to be REALLY powerful. Thunder. Lady. Boreal Dwarf. Monk. 20, 20, 14, 8, 8, 8. Can only use implements, except when using monk abilities. Gotta get the dangerous implements feat. No torment's reach.
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