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  1. Do you think they are self-publishing now because Desperados 3 was considered a disappointment? Couldn't find anything anywhere, except on the German GameStar magazine (an interview behind a Paywall). DLC starts nice enough (just finished Part 1), I like that they did new voice-overs as well, even for the guards. The ending was a little tricky, I actually hid on a roof and engaged in a shootout from there rather than being sneaky.
  2. Man, I'm through now and this game kept on giving until the very end. It's DLC time but the season pass seems to be on discount everywhere except key shops I'm not sure about -- I really want to support this game/dev by buying the season pass at a regular price. I'm actually thinking about buying it twice then, once on Steam and once on Gog.
  3. The game's on sale right now. On Epic you apparently get a 10 bucks voucher if you take the free game.... season pass on sale too. For me this has been the gaming highlight of the year, I'm in the last mission now. Really curious what they're up to next, but then I've got Shadow Tactics yet to play as well.
  4. Thanks I'll watch some of that speedrunner, though it likely will make me feel like the total newb I kinda am. I'm now in New Orleans, which is pretty nice. The initial optionally detective work could have been even a bit beefy/longer. Speaking of which, that's an area where I think the genre could be expanded upon, adventure/RPG elements such as dialogue choices proper, investigation puzzles and stuff. Maybe it could then even appeal to a broader audience. Stealth tactics as such is a very specific thing (not that there's anything bad about that). Man this game is nice. The German retail (regular release) also comes packed as if it were a book, with a small art booklet inside. Well worth the buy.
  5. Nice game -- the (German?) retail also comes with a nice package, almost book-like, including a small artbook. I didn't play much of neither Commandos nor Desparados back in the day.. as such I'm stuck in mission 6 already. Speaking of which, those missions are great in size. As of Mimimi's next project, they've received 2 million Euros in funding from the German government already.
  6. The enemies are buffed quite a wee bit, but outright cheating would mean the dice are rigged, which they aren't.
  7. Well, that's basically a confirmation of that it's not dead -- yet. Still far from a confirmation of an actual game ever happening, mind. In the meantime, there'll be Black Geyser, which looks suspiciously Pillars-like. Will be interesting how well Wrath Of The Righteous does too. If the latter becomes a hit rather than being hit by the "sequels sell worse syndrome", that may trigger the business side of things at Obs too. Currently I personally view this as slightly higher a chance as the chance of Alien:Isolation 2 ever happening. The first was equally clearly a passion project with many fans of the IP involved, and they've been toying with the idea of a sequel on the occasion, but the game just about broke even sales-wise (and didn't meet Sega's expectations). At least the team hasn't been disbanded, unlike Isolation's. Chances might be higher if the option was assessed of scaling things back a bit where possible (smaller project on a smaller budget) -- again, none of the BIS-developed Infinity Engine games ever broke sales records as far as we know and still made their money.
  8. Weirdest thing, just two days ago I had a dream of ending up at Obsidian office somehow (dream logics), and them announcing another Pillars related project via a teaser trailer thing of sorts. Immediately when the trailer went live it seemed obvious what was going on, and I was like "So Faergus got his wish (Skyrim RPG set in Eora)". I don't usually dream about games, or anything like that. Like, at all. Though, the longer the trailer went on it hinted at a possibility of an actual party based RPG (closer to Dragon Age) rather than a first person one. I remember talking to Josh about the possibility of an optionally tactical 3d camera, and whether that would be a design challenge and he agreed it was. Tonight I had a dream where I ended up at either Tim Cain's or Leonard Boyarsky's house (can't remember which), where over dinner they talked about that new Fallout game they had in the oven. I tried to convince them why quest markers are evil, and even the missus (dunno which one it was) got involved in the debate, but then I woke up. So, if that comes to pass as well, you heard it here first.
  9. Teaser looks actually fairly "generic" overall, which then again were what they may have been aiming for. There's no actually big reveal, except for the First Person (which tons of game have) and bits of Eora lore. Faergus has been going like "Imagine Skyrim..... in Eora" for years. So far Sawyer's project still sounds the more intriguing one to me. I had completed KCD with an old Core i3 (from 2011ish), basically below the official specs, and it was mostly surprisingly fine. As an open world, and as sort of an AA/A/RPG, it's a lot more interesting a game than the action-adventury Witcher, for instance. Quests are also more open. However, yeah, it may not be for everyone (which is a good thing). I had also spent a good amount of time just hunting in the woods to upgrade my bow skills, which I personally enjoyed. Speaking of skills, the game too has a skill system proper.
  10. I've found something about this: - game was released April 2017 - had a (dev-)estimated bugdet of at least 5 times less than PoE1, if not more - still hadn't broke even by September 2017 though https://steamcommunity.com/app/445190/discussions/0/1473096694436181731/ Personally I hadn't been sure what to make of this series in general before trying Viking, but I wish I had tried. Viking is apparently more classic CRPG-like than its predecessor and more narrative- and choice-driven (and they intend to go back to the style of that predecessor). If you're unsure, like I was, it's currently part of a bundle over at Fanatical. The devs, Logic Artists, have been also co-developing Divinity: Fallen Heroes alongside Larian (which is now being put on hold, likely due to BG commitments). Personally I've now bookmarked these guys. Interesting insight also about getting funds post Tyranny's failure, and what impact higher profile games have:
  11. Disco Elysium + Expeditions: Viking In particular with the latter, I'm wondering whether that's a format that would be viable for Josh Sawyer's Dream turn-based historical RPG. Would be interesting to see what their dev budget was... but in either case, that's a pretty good soundtrack and composer for an indie. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N9FkldqiH5Y
  12. As to managing expectations, inXile sort of went all-in with The Bard's Tale 4 (playing right now) too. According to Fargo, the budget for that one was over ten million Dollars -- for a "blobber" type of game and a sequel to a series once reknown 30 years ago... There's one thing in common with Obsidian too, which is that their first game/s were a success in Wasteland 2 and PoE. WIth their first projects, things worked out. But what are they trying to prove now? Back in the day, Ultima was considered a hit at over 100,000 units or something and even later on, a couple hundred thousand units of Icewind Dale et all was considered profitable. Games development isn't cheap, in particular not in that area, but... to be honest, now with Microsoft I don't see both of them ever scaling back. The core audience is still there, as shown, and it's likely not purely old folk. It's just not grown any much bigger.
  13. Does anybody know where to get the fungal growth from to combine the cream with?! edit: Never mind, found it.
  14. I actually think the amount of players who hadn't played those games upon their initial release but came in later to the show would be surprisingly high. E.g. "It's only the old geezers in their 30s and up who play this type of game anymore." May have been worth a poll when the forum was a bit more busy, e.g. by the time of release. This doesn't merely imply players of the Enhanced Editions, mind. There's likely quite a few of players who've played Pillars as their "first" for instance because it was an Obsidian game, a new RPG to play, etc.
  15. Doing VO itself seemed to have helped preciously little though. Doing VO is the same game albeit with a somewhat different coat of presentation paint. This is a good topic though. It would be interesting to see how much players of Pillars, or Pathfinder used to Play the IE games back in the day. It would be also interesting to see how many newcomers these games managed to bring into the fold. My guess is, the overlap between IE players and pillars would be somewhat higher, as it was specifically sold first as a "nostalgia thing". That was a strong selling point in the entire Campaign back then. Pathfinder meanwhile, well the Pen&Paper is pretty popular in itself, and Pathfinder was at its Peak when D&D was entering its 4th Edition, so well past Black Isle had folded. And this goes out to Beamdog, how many newcomers their Enhanced Editions brought in. On the topic of Pillars, it is/was in big ways a nostalgia thing. Maybe a third game could wrap it all up, and then let's see where we're going next.
  16. It's comparable. On occasion I skip the voiced dialogue early though as you're usually faster reading than listening.
  17. IIRC VO Questions were part of the Survey Obsidian did back in 2015ish, around the time of PoE's release. This discussion shouldn't be side-tracked by the merits of voice overs specifically. It would be interesting for instance what the actual VO budget was en detail, but we'll never know exactly. It obviously was a time consuming thing, as also outlined by the Shacknews article linked to earlier. The cast was also pretty big. As for my own experience, I liked the VO in Deadfire (I'm reading/playing in German, actually). Good Job. It's not a make or break feature to me though. Some lines of VO are pretty nice, as it manages to convey a character better if decent casting is involved (IE style). However, at the end of the day, as with anything -- budgeting. And about how much text there's going to be, that's up to the writing department. I'd rather play a decent game on a budget than no game at all.
  18. Selling 600k copies of a game which main audience is bound to be PC based. As argued, outside of Baldur's Gate (plus ist Sequel), none of the Infinity engine games got anywhere near to selling 1M during their entire lifetime (nor any of the original Fallouts). They were still seen as being profitable, so was Black Isle as a division. Not sure what inXile's Goal for Wasteland 3 is likewise -- it seems higher than for 2 -- they're likely eyeing the X-Com/Original sin crowd too. However, back when Kickstarter was still a hype, IIRC Fargo would argue they'd be happy to ship ~200k additional copies of their games (that plus the backer copies, naturally). I could be wrong of course, but Wasteland 3 seems another project that sets itself up to "fail". Full VO expectations may be "real", but it seems you're not going to convince anybody outside the core audience of these game's to suddenly pick them up in masses just because that stuff is all voiced. Pathfinder didn't have it, and won't have it for Righteous either. If the aim is truly to expand this core audience, then you've got to change the games, but given that the entire premise was proving the audience is still there, what's the point?
  19. According to that Fig Investor "leak" in late 2018, the game would have needed to sell close to 600k copies for the Investors to make profits. E.g. the break even for Fig Investors was 580,000 copies sold at 50$. Not sure if both are the same shing, but that really is a lot considering how the Infinity Engine games sold on average (and still managed to turn out a profit each). Sure, hindsight bias. Still there were decisions made by the management which also should be questioned.
  20. Doesn't surprise me that there's a significant amount of actual dislike for the DOS games. (I've only played the first but the 2nd is said to be similar in structure). Apart of the narrative stuff: Their entire world design is essentially one tactical combat puzzle (where do I go next, and how do I deal with the foes there?). With areas being strictly level gated in an extremely linear fashion (due to how hugely damage scales with levels/items). Also google "Level Maps original sin" if you want to see what I mean in a Picture. The Pillars game, whilst they have lots of combat, are nothing like that. Sure, you can meet opposition yet too strong, but there's usually a) several places to go next and come back later (not all with a heavy focus on combat) and b) progress isn't always halted by opposition deliberately placed straight into your pathway. Additionally, you can actually beat opposition above your tier every once in a while, whilst on DOS, it's oft a straight party wipe. I've pointed this out probably before, but Larian Marketing found more of an overlap with the audience of tactical game's such as X-Com than with Pillars.
  21. Awesome based! Reminds me, I've still yet to try a fully playthrough on TB myself….
  22. Wild West sounds awesome. Btw, there's gonna be Weird West from the new Studio of Raph Colantonio (Arkane of Dishonored fame). It's not AAA naturally though. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1097350/Weird_West/ As for Josh, I'd personally prefer him to keep working on his smaller project. I suspect he's the same at the Moment. No pressure, no high demands -- and this includes backers, who have their wishes too. Could be really interesting. Perhaps much more interesting than Obsidian's yet to be announced next AA/A game.
  23. I've just bought the 5e beginner's box (German edition). Actually, I wanted to buy the Dark Eye beginner's box, knowing that there were a couple solo adventures (actually 5 small ones IIRC) in the box which introduce the basic rules and classes each. However, neither shop I visited had that on stock, and unlike Dark Eye in the 90s, I'd never played D&D except the Computer games, so... I gave it a shot. I assumed the adventure in the D&D beginner's box would be of a similar ilk, since it's a beginner's box, but it's one for the DM and for a party already. - Are there any solo adventures for D&D, preferably low-level? - Is there a way to play the box adventure solo (maybe somebody has experience with converting such?) inb4 anybody says that playing D&D solo would be silly. The Dark Eye has/had actually a couple decent solo adventures, and I want to learn the thing first before trying to find a group to play with..
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