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  1. Sugar Daddy/Mommy relationship, where an older NPC showers your PC with cool gear, money and stuff.
  2. Oh sure we NEED more conversations like: PC: Heard good rumors? Jackass sitting alien: I heard Taris got blasted PC: No s*** Sherlock PC: Do you know anything about this world? Jackass sitting alien: I know there's a magical popscicle stand somewhere. PC: Wow thanks, I didn't bother reading the description of the planet that mentioned a magical poscicle stand, nor did I listen to my dumb sidekick NPCs that made sure to mention that magical popscicle stand. PC: Where are you from? JSA: The name of my world would require me to tear off your ears and stick one up your left nostril and
  3. The fight with Malak wasn't epic for one reason: He doesn't fall down a totally unexplained bottomless shaft/Pit. Star War Bad guys have to end that way. Palpatine, Darth Maul, Boba Fett. Oh and he talks too damn long for a guy who's just been on the recieving end of a series of flurries/critical strikes/Lightning Storms or whatever else you used to beat the snot out of him. Qui Gonn takes one measly stab to the torso and he's barely blurting out coherant whispers...
  4. Maybe I'm wrong, but I got the impression that Mandalore was a man and a great leader, not a planet. The Mandalorians had the name because of their bad ass head honcho. And since Mandalore himself didn't die long before the events of KOTOR, I think he would be particularily stupid that the homeworld of the Mandalorians be named after a guy that's been around just for a handful of decades give or take. I mean, we have Christians, Marxists and bunch of other groups named as such. And last I checked, Jesus wasn't a planet or country.
  5. The "romance" in GTA3 was great, especially the gunshot. Even though there wasn't any choice, we all know that we'd have done the same thing in his place. The romance with Bastila is messed up on so many levels, the fact that you're Revan, the fact that she doesn't tell you, the bond, her attitude(Is she a natural b****? Is she insecure? Is she covering for the dark Revan related secret? Something else?), the tendency of light side dark side switching both do... Hell, I don't want to know what kind of psycho kids will result from that union. Jaheira, there's something about a girl who
  6. In the original trilogy, Darth Vader and Darth Sidious seemed to have gotten their names by taking away the "in-" syllable from words. But afterwards books, comics, games and the newer trilogy didn't follow that at all unfortunately. With Darth Tyrannosaurus(whatever Dooku was) and other fruity names floating around, did Lucas forget his convention or was there no such thing? Personnally, I believe Darth Visible and Darth Solent would have kicked ass. hehehe
  7. Hahaha, IT technicians are moochers.
  8. Hi! I'm a guy from the intarn3t! I want to make a MMORPG! I need mappers, programmers, designers, a producer or two, testers, server administrators, secretaries, a building and a soda machine etc. etc. 3tc.. I have no game designing experience and my programming abilities include putting font size and color tags on message boards so... I'll admin the message boards and have a couple ideas 4 da game(Like character models who are a cross between Goku and Cloud!! R0X0RZZZ!11) so I'll be the leader! SEND ME AN E_MUL iF YUR INTARASSTED IN helping for free!
  9. Tactical combat options? Hit real hard, Hit real fast and Hit where it hurts aren't really tactical options. IMHO, the battles in KotoR(and I predict KotoR2 as well) were far too short, fast-paced and of small scale to bother with tactics beyond "Disable then whack/slice/shoot" or just "whack/slice/shoot" Adding stuff like tripping, disarming, expertise(BAB to DEF), attack of opportunity etc. etc. would simply add feat trees that accomplish the same things as the ones that were already in kotor and make choosing feats a pain. I love KotoR, but I didn't see any tactics more complex
  10. If they can't go for a grey-area ending, the next best thing would be a Fallout-style clipshow revealing the good and/or bad fate of certain cities/areas and also specific individuals. You might have been a saint as you travelled the wasteland tog et that waterchip, but if you were too slow the Hub, Necropolis and the Followers of the Apocalypse would get obliterated. Or learning that Myron took his dirtnap in the Den and that Broken Hills is screwed no matter what were nice touches reminding you that it wasn't a perfect world. KotoR could have used that, I wanted to know how Manaan fa
  11. 8-bit theater is good for a few laughs. Avoid most comics which have a continuing storyline though. They go on for years and years without actually getting anywhere with their generally retarded plots.
  12. Gotta go with mandalorian raider too, cool armor, badass helmet, big guns and crackpot schemes and tactics that range from terrorizing farmers, poaching wookies and mass producing kickass blaster pistols to having insane inclinations at invading the republic, nuking whole cities to take out a small base and kidnapping little girls to teach them your language! That or a balding wookie in a suit.
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