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  1. Added a bit to the game having to watch how many spells I had left and how many camps I could set before having to head back. A lot of the time I ran into extra camping supplies and made it a pretty far way without having to return to a vendor but there are areas where you will have to oblige, quit your mission and go stock up. It's a mechanic of the game that works and does add that slight layer of "difficulty", or tedium might be a better word. It's not like the enemies will respawn and you have to fight back through them. It only makes it so you can use up your spells and some actions, so it isn't quite as easy to plow through the game. The mage would be ridiculously overpowered if you could just spam your strongest attacks on everyone over and over. So now you have to manage them and who deserves the strongest. And yes, camping supplies would be used up after one use; firewood, food, tinder, etc. cavemandiary is right. Theurgist, no offense but the way your complaining sounds like you'd be happier just button mashing mage attacks over and over? All I can imagine removing the mechanic would accomplish is cutting a few hours out of the game. It's already short enough. I think you're right for sure. I agree with you. But I do think that we should at least be able to sleep for free at a camp that you killed all the enemies at already, and no enemies are nearby. I think that's practical. But they don't allow you to do that at least. Even in a cave, when you've killed everything - there is nothing to stop you from resting but the game restricting you in such an unrealistic sense. I mean... a game with some realism in it, I would expect them to at least let us sleep where no enemies are and a camp is already present. But they just don't. That's just what I think.
  2. That sounds like you're saying the same exactly thing... not different - just different words.
  3. This is still a problem now. It literally JUST NOW happened to me. My main character, the one I made at the beginning... is stuck - can't progress, can't move, can't go anywhere. I don't know any console commands that would force him to move....
  4. People suggesting that they know why 'every single gamer' ever plays games is arrogant in itself, whether they want to admit it or not. I do not play games to seek out thrill or challenge - but I like it. I play different kinds of games for different reasons. I play Pillars of Eternity and similar games becuase they are interactive books to me and I'm a sucker for a superbly written story that lets me read it like a book and get swollowed up by the details. Exploration is also part of that for me. With Pillars of Eternity in particular, it also teaches me how to perceive realistic aspects that I didn't have access to without paying a bunch of money and going to college for, if you pay attention good enough. Because whoever wrote the story, and the mechanics in this game is very intelligent. I use some of the perception, resolve and intelligence that I learn through dialog here in the real world and it does have a presidence regardless of the real world not being fantasy, because I'm talking about the realistic or practical aspects of the games dialog features - not the fantasy magick part of it. So for me this game is quite rich, and I personally don't care if I'm playing well or not - I just want to have a smoother ride when I get to situations that I need to go back and forth, it cuts out of the time that I get to roll around in the story and soak up the knowledge, excitement and richness in the character dialogs and interactive reading aspects of the games frontal story telling. I want to keep burrying myself into the rich story - every time I play. It's so good, I don't mind going through it all over and over and over again - because I love it that much. For me, Pillars of Eternity is more than just a game, it's also a book, a story, poetic justice with dark, in between, and light tones. The artstyle is like an interactive digital painting worth millions or even billions of dollars to an artist, or priceless to the soul purpose of an artist. This is why I love Pillars of Eternity. It is 'real Magical' to the heart and soul and you end up caring about the characters that speak to your features. Pillars of Eternity is my favorite game, and I wish I could have helped fund it as well so that I could have given the team just a little more to work with - because the game does have shortcummings that I'm sure they're working on now that they have made money on it, and quite a bit. I really hope there will be more ways for me in the future to help fund an expansion or changes to the game - or even a sequel, because the team definitely deserves it. This game is so amazing, I don't know a better way to describe it than I have today.
  5. No. Wanna know why? A Monk's Torment's Reach is identical to Paladin's Flames of Devotion, except with Crush damage instead of flame damage. The difference is the Monk can spam Torment's Reach back to back and can easily get 6+ wounds to spam it with. A Paladin is capped at two and doesn't attack nearly as relentlessly as Monk. It's also important to note that 50% additional damage = a crit. So classes like Rogue and Ranger are easily outpacing Paladin just by critting reliably as they do. Paladin cannot hold a candle to any of these three classes. A guarenteed crit is nice, but not when half your team can do it far better than you. Isn't that good...? Prone means the target is easier to hit and takes more damage, and a proned target can easily buy time to save the fight. Sometimes the target you're proning spams stun or charm and having that guy on his butt is the window you need. Your second argument is also odd, as you're basically saying "what Moon Godlike and Priests can do is really good and useful. Therefore, because the Fighter does the exact same thing to a smaller, more consistent degree, it's worthless." Lolwat no. Healed endurance is healed endurance, and it's VERY useful. The Fighter can essentially negate an entire opponent this way, something the Paladin cannot. The Fortitude argument has little to do with Paladin vs. anyone else and more to do with the build. Some paladins will get stunned quite easily, some will not, just like with any class. You also mention engagement won't help with certain enemies. Guess what will? Fighter's aggro pull move. Once you use it, the enemy it's used on immediately targets the Fighter, no matter how far the Fighter may be. Then you've missed the point entirely. Losing a Fighter or a Monk is a big deal because both can assist the team by drawing aggro, killing quickly (monk) or knocking the opponent on it's butt. This benefits the entire team. Paladin's raw defenses benefit absolutely nobody except himself. The Paladin will not accomplish anything with raw defense and no skills to show for it aside from being the last one to die....if that, because as stated, the Fighter easily outpaces Paladin with regen abilities. I don't know, he hasn't needed to use anything for as long as I can remember.
  6. It's a flat bonus RIP Paladins. Rest in Peace. This means that a Fighter vs. a Paladin, as far as defense goes, looks like this: Fighter: 15 Deflection, 10 of everything else and 35 deflection with 30 of everything else when Vigorous Defender is active Paladin: 15 Deflection, 26 of everything else once both positive dispositions are maxed at 4 and Deep Faith is taken. (at the start of the game the paladin should have around 15 of the other defenses if just deep faith is taken) It's a difference, but it just doesn't feel as though it's near enough to matter. Most incoming damage will be deflection-based, fortitude based attacks give you plenty of time to react to them, and will based attacks like stun, charm and petrify typically get spammed after the casters in the back. In practice, deflection is the number one concern for the frontline, and if a battle truly does have other problems such as spell spam or the like, Vigorous Defender, multiple heal methods and knockdown can keep the Fighter alive, whereas the Paladin....can't really do anything except hope it's raw stats are enough. Ha ha... I like what you just said. It just makes me think of the Paladin as a no holds barred in your face tank. To me it makes it feel as if the Paladin is like the resiliance of human beings in reality when faced with death, and we overcome ridiculous situations that some people just can't comprehend how it's possible. That just makes me care more about my Paladin character. That is awesome. He don't need special abilities, as long as the stats are right - he'll own what he is and that's what I'm about in reality!
  7. My Paladin (my main character on one my play throughs) has never died once, barely ever gets hit much, is statted specifically for being very hard to kill, does pretty good damage when using special abilities. Very fun to play, combat isn't too slow because of how survivable he is. I keep food, potions available but hardly ever need to use them and have stats in Survival so food will have more of an effect and yet he's still not really needed them. I'd say there is nothing at all bad about it. I'd be willing to even go as far as to say that from my particular usage of each class and testing them out before I decide what to play for each play through has led me to believe that as long as you do the stats correctly and play your class correctly and know your role, then you won't have any problems (however this is on the easiest difficulty, because I want to ease my way into the other difficulties after I've gotten so comfortable with the game that I feel like I can handle it). So I think it's better to pick what you want, stat it right as best that you can, learn from your mistakes and keep trying till you get it right - and never forget your role, keep your party aligned correctly at all times and enjoy it.
  8. I have the latest GOG.com version, installed as an application (instead of just extracting the tarball that GOG provides). When I run the game nothing looks as good as it does on Windows & Mac. My system is pretty robust for this particular game, it's a custom built medium range gaming computer, all parts are only a year and a half old. My processor is an Intel i3-3220, my hard drive space is barely touched (as I don't install new software hardly ever and only have 4 games installed and all are isometric cRPGs); my graphics card is an EVGA Nvidia GTX 660--Not overclocked or tweaked in anyway, and my monitor is a 2 year old Alienware 2210, factory configured - not changed or tweaked for any specific game. I am using the Linux Nvidia non-proprietary driver 349, not the proprietary 331 that is recommended by Linux Mint team. The reason I am not using what's recommended for the graphics card driver is because I was using the 331 before and wanted to try the latest available. I have not found that the graphics driver is at fault for the problems I experience because they still occured on every driver - which I've tried all of them that I know exist. If there are drivers available that are higher than 349, I don't know about it. Here is the list of issues: 1) Anti-alaising is relatively 'horrible' if I don't force my graphics card to make it better, but it's still not THAT much better with that. 2) A blur effect (not sure if it's suppose to be there) goes around the screen outside of the 'Fog' or 'Light circle' that is suppose to be there, going around the characters in view. I can't seem to figure out how to turn it off, the blur is too strong and makes my eyes itch. 3) When I zoom in, I notice other people who run the game on Windows that have zoomed in screenshots online, have much better graphic fidelity and higher quality shaders going on than what I am able to access. Why I don't know, and that kind of bugs me. I'm not really sure if it's Linux specific to notice a different in graphics on all games between Windows vs Linux or not. But it's kind of underwhelming. 4) Screen tearing is still a major thing that I can't figure out how to solve on my own. I've spent weeks trying to solve it and can't. My hardware isn't failing, nothing is configured wrong that I can find. I've done benchmark tests, everything - nothing indicates my hardware is at fault. Any suggestions on how to fix this? Hopefully from someone that knows exactly how the Unity3D engine works on Linux, that might have pretty good suggestions that might actually work? Despite all of these issues, I'm still enjoying the game - but because of the blur effect I can't stand to play longer than 30 minutes because it just makes my allergies feel worse in my eyes.
  9. Linux unfortunately is going to be longer to fix this, considering the fact that Linux is blueballed by the technology world more than any other operating system. Mac is more likely to get a faster fix, right after any fixes that need applied for the Windows version. Because statistically not enough people game on Mac or Linux that the suites in business find practical enough to support, or support enough. So, more than likely you will have wait on Windows patches to be right and settled before Mac gets a fix for practically anything and then Linux users have to wait even longer. It's the way things are and I don't see a way of changing it, unless you're rich. Because it'll only take a ridiculous amount of money to shift the situation.
  10. I have experienced these problems before. I have Nvidia though, and have updated to a different Nvidia driver, not the free ones - using a PPA. That fixed the problems you shown in your screenshots that I also was having. However, there are still some very minor graphical glitches and I still get screen tearing. I don't know if they're going to be able to fix it, considering Windows is most important for developers anymore, because lack of people playing games statistically on Linux. Which frustrates me quite a bit, that when you own a game - it is never on par with the Windows version. Even without glitches, graphically the game doesn't look nearly as good as it does on Windows on Linux. I run Linux Mint 17.1 Rebecca XFCE. (I didn't change Cinnamon or any other desktop to XFCE, the version of Linux Mint I downloaded, burned and installed already had XFCE as default desktop environment). Ubuntu and Linux Mint I believe are the only distros that GOG.com supports and I do have the GOG.com version. However, I followed a guide including a script on the forums to turn the GOG.com tarball into a .deb file which allowed me to install it as an application. I have experienced these issues without installing as an application as well, it makes no difference for the user - we can't do anything about it. I just wish Linux mattered more to developers. Without Linux a large portion of the technology world would crash and burn because it's used behind the scenes quite a bit more than most people realize. It is the base for a lot of computing projects and technology projects.
  11. Okay. So a lot of the suggestions are to lower the difficulty so you don't run out of camping kits so often and you have an easier time in combat so that you don't need to rest anyway. However, there is a major flaw in that suggestion. Let me explain. Some of us are not IE veterns that know what we're doing before we do it. Some of us are not very good at the game at all really and have been playing since we bought the game (for some that could mean much longer than average). For me in particular, I play on the easiest setting and if I'm not careful I will get whiped out. I don't always know what I'm doing, and I don't always do everything right. Just because person A has no problems, but person B has minimal problem and I have major problem, then I should just ignore the fact that the camping kits feature leaves me wanting. Not everyone plays the same, not everyone is the same person. So yes, there needs to be something changed there - either by Obsidian or by a modder - whether some people disagree or not, there will always be others that counter that - you can't make everything JUST for you. I'm sorry, but you can't. Unless you want to code your own game to be 'just for you' and no one else. But don't you push your views on someone else and expect them to do EXACTLY as you do, and see things EXACTLY as you do. Because it's not going to work, no matter which way you approach it.
  12. Still no luck on this for anyone else I suppose. I still can't do this either. If I could, it'd almost completely remove screen tearing. I don't know why this isn't fixed. It makes no damn sense...
  13. I bet it could be done through modding. I'd say go over to the Pillars of Eternity Nexus page and find IE Mod, and ask the authors if they could add an option for what you want. They don't communicate much but they do seem to listen when people request something if enough do - they did with a couple of new mods recently and included them in theirs with permission of course. They might be willing to make the feature quite robust, so make sure you share all the ideas you have for any changes to the game - they might be able to do all of it, who knows. By the way, did you know that sometimes in some places if you find an NPC that already has their own camp, sometimes there is dialog after you do something for them that lets you rest at their camp and they will watch your back? Another good idea to go along with being able to camp almost anywhere you want to, or in more places without needing camping kits is the customizable possibility of when and how often you might be able to be inturrupted during your sleep and it use the interactive story telling to start off with, so that a battle can go on. Like either a creature or two, or bandits (cause as of right now Bandits and Creatures only wait for you to run into them, but occationally having them find you during your sleep out in the wilds, would be interesting). There is a mod for Skyrim that does that, I don't remember what it's called. Totally different kind of game, but still a great example for the feature I'm talking about.
  14. No offense, but I really really hope Obsidian never does something like this. I remember the old days when all developers did just what you are suggesting and it was a huge pain in the rear to keep up with everything. Steam makes the process of updating your games so much simpler. The only complaint I have with Steam is the fact that you can't roll back a non-working patch. Aside from that, simpler is better. There is a way to roll back a patch on Steam actually. I use to use it on Windows to do it, before I switched to Linux. I don't really actively use Steam anymore so I don't do it on Linux now but it can be done on any operating system. All you do is use their cloud service. If you erased your upload before the new patch came out, and then uploaded again to their cloud service, if you do their "Verify Integrity" or something like that at the bottom of the right click menu on the game in the list on Steam, and follow the prompts, it will replace your entire install of the game to what you saved it as on the cloud. There is another way too, but it's much more complicated - you'd have to delve into the steam API files - they keep a tred of it in the file.
  15. I figured out what the problem is, at least for me. It was the version of IE Mod that was causing it. I didn't think it would... but apparently it was. So the IE Mod authors fixed it and put out a new version and that version doesn't have the problem. So if you have IE Mod installed, make sure to update to the latest version. Track the mod on the page of it at the Nexus, so you will get notifications at the top of the website when updates come out.
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