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  1. Added a bit to the game having to watch how many spells I had left and how many camps I could set before having to head back. A lot of the time I ran into extra camping supplies and made it a pretty far way without having to return to a vendor but there are areas where you will have to oblige, quit your mission and go stock up. It's a mechanic of the game that works and does add that slight layer of "difficulty", or tedium might be a better word. It's not like the enemies will respawn and you have to fight back through them. It only makes it so you can use up your spells and some actions, so
  2. That sounds like you're saying the same exactly thing... not different - just different words.
  3. This is still a problem now. It literally JUST NOW happened to me. My main character, the one I made at the beginning... is stuck - can't progress, can't move, can't go anywhere. I don't know any console commands that would force him to move....
  4. People suggesting that they know why 'every single gamer' ever plays games is arrogant in itself, whether they want to admit it or not. I do not play games to seek out thrill or challenge - but I like it. I play different kinds of games for different reasons. I play Pillars of Eternity and similar games becuase they are interactive books to me and I'm a sucker for a superbly written story that lets me read it like a book and get swollowed up by the details. Exploration is also part of that for me. With Pillars of Eternity in particular, it also teaches me how to perceive realistic aspects that
  5. No. Wanna know why? A Monk's Torment's Reach is identical to Paladin's Flames of Devotion, except with Crush damage instead of flame damage. The difference is the Monk can spam Torment's Reach back to back and can easily get 6+ wounds to spam it with. A Paladin is capped at two and doesn't attack nearly as relentlessly as Monk. It's also important to note that 50% additional damage = a crit. So classes like Rogue and Ranger are easily outpacing Paladin just by critting reliably as they do. Paladin cannot hold a candle to any of these three classes. A guarenteed crit is nice, but not w
  6. It's a flat bonus RIP Paladins. Rest in Peace. This means that a Fighter vs. a Paladin, as far as defense goes, looks like this: Fighter: 15 Deflection, 10 of everything else and 35 deflection with 30 of everything else when Vigorous Defender is active Paladin: 15 Deflection, 26 of everything else once both positive dispositions are maxed at 4 and Deep Faith is taken. (at the start of the game the paladin should have around 15 of the other defenses if just deep faith is taken) It's a difference, but it just doesn't feel as though it's near enough to matter
  7. My Paladin (my main character on one my play throughs) has never died once, barely ever gets hit much, is statted specifically for being very hard to kill, does pretty good damage when using special abilities. Very fun to play, combat isn't too slow because of how survivable he is. I keep food, potions available but hardly ever need to use them and have stats in Survival so food will have more of an effect and yet he's still not really needed them. I'd say there is nothing at all bad about it. I'd be willing to even go as far as to say that from my particular usage of each class and testing th
  8. I have the latest GOG.com version, installed as an application (instead of just extracting the tarball that GOG provides). When I run the game nothing looks as good as it does on Windows & Mac. My system is pretty robust for this particular game, it's a custom built medium range gaming computer, all parts are only a year and a half old. My processor is an Intel i3-3220, my hard drive space is barely touched (as I don't install new software hardly ever and only have 4 games installed and all are isometric cRPGs); my graphics card is an EVGA Nvidia GTX 660--Not overclocked or tweaked in
  9. Linux unfortunately is going to be longer to fix this, considering the fact that Linux is blueballed by the technology world more than any other operating system. Mac is more likely to get a faster fix, right after any fixes that need applied for the Windows version. Because statistically not enough people game on Mac or Linux that the suites in business find practical enough to support, or support enough. So, more than likely you will have wait on Windows patches to be right and settled before Mac gets a fix for practically anything and then Linux users have to wait even longer. It's the
  10. I have experienced these problems before. I have Nvidia though, and have updated to a different Nvidia driver, not the free ones - using a PPA. That fixed the problems you shown in your screenshots that I also was having. However, there are still some very minor graphical glitches and I still get screen tearing. I don't know if they're going to be able to fix it, considering Windows is most important for developers anymore, because lack of people playing games statistically on Linux. Which frustrates me quite a bit, that when you own a game - it is never on par with the Windows version
  11. Okay. So a lot of the suggestions are to lower the difficulty so you don't run out of camping kits so often and you have an easier time in combat so that you don't need to rest anyway. However, there is a major flaw in that suggestion. Let me explain. Some of us are not IE veterns that know what we're doing before we do it. Some of us are not very good at the game at all really and have been playing since we bought the game (for some that could mean much longer than average). For me in particular, I play on the easiest setting and if I'm not careful I will get whiped out. I don't alway
  12. Still no luck on this for anyone else I suppose. I still can't do this either. If I could, it'd almost completely remove screen tearing. I don't know why this isn't fixed. It makes no damn sense...
  13. I bet it could be done through modding. I'd say go over to the Pillars of Eternity Nexus page and find IE Mod, and ask the authors if they could add an option for what you want. They don't communicate much but they do seem to listen when people request something if enough do - they did with a couple of new mods recently and included them in theirs with permission of course. They might be willing to make the feature quite robust, so make sure you share all the ideas you have for any changes to the game - they might be able to do all of it, who knows. By the way, did you know that someti
  14. No offense, but I really really hope Obsidian never does something like this. I remember the old days when all developers did just what you are suggesting and it was a huge pain in the rear to keep up with everything. Steam makes the process of updating your games so much simpler. The only complaint I have with Steam is the fact that you can't roll back a non-working patch. Aside from that, simpler is better. There is a way to roll back a patch on Steam actually. I use to use it on Windows to do it, before I switched to Linux. I don't really actively use Steam anymore so I don't do it
  15. I figured out what the problem is, at least for me. It was the version of IE Mod that was causing it. I didn't think it would... but apparently it was. So the IE Mod authors fixed it and put out a new version and that version doesn't have the problem. So if you have IE Mod installed, make sure to update to the latest version. Track the mod on the page of it at the Nexus, so you will get notifications at the top of the website when updates come out.
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