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  1. Is there a specific point when this dialogue triggers? Currently don't have Aloth in my party due to my PC also being a wizard.
  2. You are a hell of a player then dude, most of my IRL friends actually found that hard was really hard. Even I don't think I'd be able to Ironman PotD without a lot of cheese. Eh you will never know before you try, it gets really easy after the early game because you start to outlevel everything just like in other difficulty settings. You can simply skip harder encounters if you are worried, and get a min-maxed tank unlike me. This, honestly the hardest part I've found on POTD is those shade/shadow/phantom fights in caed nua and eothas' temple (well, and gramfel the wayfarer, but I was being stubborn and trying to do it at level 4), once you start to get levels it becomes a lot easier.
  3. I am experiencing the same issue. You don't actually get a rank in that disposition until you select a particular disposition 3-4 times. That initial tutorial is misleading.
  4. On certain events (Like scaling or breaking down a wall) you can pick from among your current companions to have their skills/attributes get checked instead of yours. However, in dialogue it's always your stats alone that get checked.
  5. Coming up with names for each race would be difficult due to them kinda being spread around in each of the various cultures. As for the cultures, the vallian republics and possibly old valia have a italian renaissance vibe to them, so maybe an italian name for them? Not too sure on the others.
  6. Before you get to the culture select screen you are default set to aedyr which gives +1 resolve, so it only seems like you're taking away from a stat if you choose a different one.
  7. I thought INT did effect linger, it just isn't displayed on the chant screen? I tested this using a 20 int character and a 3 int one, a first level chant only lasted 6 seconds on both, going by the buff duration on the character portrait. Even if int only affected linger the 20 int character should be getting an extra second or so off the 2 second linger and was not.
  8. I was interested in trying this as well, ciphers can get some interesting defensive abilities like psychovampiric shield and borrowed instinct, but I'm not sure if that makes the cipher viable with their subpar health and endurance as well as crippled focus gain.
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