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  1. ...maybe calling them 'lazy' is a more of an insult than I realized (and to be frank I still can't), but I am not going to apologize or feel bad for thinking that this is them taking the easy way out. And for me this is that in the end of the day...it's a bit like the situation with the Keep really.... ...but enough of that since it's really offtopic - continue discussing how pretty blue people are - very!
  2. Of course I can blame you. It was additional work to implement a separate feature for custom companions that many people demanded, and it is a feature which increases your options and replayability regardless of how many pre-designed NPCs there are. We also have clear history of the Kickstarter campaign where people asked for it and it was presented as a stretch goal. So there is absolutely nothing in the actual facts that supports anything close to "oh they are so lazy". I also like well written companions. I don't wish there were more, but I wish the ones we had got more attention. ...really it was so hard to implement as to be 'an additional feature'? To me it look to be just dialogue shortcut so people don't have to run/type a script themselves to start creating a new PC. But I am not a modder - it might indeed be such a hard task who knows? I guess we will have to agree to disagree on the lazyness scale:)
  3. Ofcourse companions cost a little more than random NPC with 2 sentences (although I wonder if you don't overreacting with the cost). But you are just being unfair about my judgement of the custom companions. For me they are the lazy solution and can you really blame me? I like way how BG2's do things more than I do the silent party from IWD1&2. I(my char) dislike having no choise as to what party members I will have.
  4. You don't. It's just one of the failings of the 'make-multiple-PCs-and-call-them-a-companions inn imo'. The idea of which (for me) is just them being lazy and going 'We created 6 companions with stories, but now I am tired. Lets give the playerss the tools to create generic companions for their party and call it a day!'. And it's not like the cost of creating a companion would have been very high and thus the few we got - they rarely interact with the world so I can't imagine giving them a backstory and stuff being so hard for a writer to do... ...but good to know about the moon godlike....I didn't realize their self heal was good enough to replace a priest. Now maybe I could create non healer PC and not having to suffer the Dunce (or was it Durance....) in the party:)
  5. Imo we are trying to maintain it's reputation/image as a haunted ruin:) I just wish we could flex our watcher muscles and do some necromancy for some shades/ghuls....and not search the land for the cheapest (and most pathetic probably) guards we could find (10 silver/day...what is wrong with you for accepting?!).... PS:
  6. If you want to put spoilers in a nice clickable box you can use '' '' to close it...and ofcourse without the ''. ...as for thee whole ''ruin'' thing: i might have missed it, but to me it just sounded as kinda bad idea to build the Keep on a such big mystery... Edit: /sigh Of course it didn't work...no idea how to explain:)...aha: ask google...it is amazing:D
  7. To be honest the prison was really disappointing...I thought that once we have prisoners they will have additional dialogues for us to get more information or maybe persuade them to be either paid or non paid strong guards for the Stronghold.Or even new (and interesting) party members... ....as for the hirelings...they should have named ''company of...'' or something that doesn't look like you are getting single guard. ...tho that will be hard to explain with you paying them 10 coppers/day....I mean WTF...talk about stingy!
  8. As evensong said you can also be invaded by humans - and I doubt they will go digging under your keep...actually they might, but they will probably die by the spiders there:) And even if it's monsters from the endless dungeon - the Great hall is more if you had done really (and I mean REALLY) bad at defending before that. It's better if the attack is where the old watcher was and not after my prison (ugh poor prisoners...).... ..as for when human attack you...maybe they could just some forest area (small one...and empty...and hidden until the event) IF you have build watchtower or the courtyard if not...?
  9. ...how could you?! Joking...I understand if you don't...especially ME (although to be fair it was a very different game - especially 2&3). Personally I liked Jade Empire and dream they will do JE2....
  10. Btw as few were wondering whether Diablo 3 have walk - the answer is ''ofcourse'':) It is also a console game (and if it is on consoles assume it have from walk to run/sprint transition and you will most often than not be right). As for the nexus mod it is good that it was done so fast:)
  11. Imo the blacksmith did the smart thing and faked his death:) ....I can imagine being forced to buy all the junk adventurers like to drag (for some reason). Oh the horror! "Show me what you have for trade! Oh just one moment to...drag...this...junk and sell you few things...."
  12. I never played easy so not sure if I am 100% correct but keep in mind that Shades (you should have 1 or 2) can summon Shadows so that might be why they are so many... As for a good strategy (especially since you have a big party) I find it best to divide and conquer:) Shades like to paralyse (remember the difference between easy/normal/hard is the number of mobs you will meet and not their stats/abilities) which lower your evasion defense (by 10 I think...?) so don't try to tank all with your tank. Send your tank to engage 2-3 mobs. but also send Kana to melee a Shadow too (he have nice armor when you meet him and 10 DR so unless he is mobbed he will last quite a while). Shadows are just hard to hit and might teleport from time to time so don't worry about Kana:) And least but definitely not last - learn how and what you can craft. Apart from ability to craft endurance potions you can also craft aoe spells to heal endurance so it's recomended you have few (they are low lore)
  13. Ah are these for us to choose from? How kind of you! I would take 2 and 3 please:) ....although - please don't compare DAO with Skyrim:)
  14. Haha. Sorry for laughting at your misfortune OP, but that is just too funny:) Anyway (to not spoil too much) the devs can't remove the event there since it is logical for it to be there if you have talked to Sagani. But yes - there shouldn't be any talks unless they have met a certain requirements...but I guess the game have too many variables in it as it is (stats/abilities/faiths/....I don't know what to call them...origins?). And maybe they hoped that the monsters will serve as natural barrier to explorers like you, but they give too many tools for us to get...unnatural strength:)) (buying party members). ....personally they eat me alive...
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