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  1. In case It wasn't clear, I was talking about the dlcs and the random difficulty spikes. Even the gameplay is different, we go from a story driven rpg with less than average combat to a hell hole where every walking **** with a generic name is able to rip your head off. Obsidian is too afraid of making their own game, this kickstarter thing has made them slaves of hardcore fans instead of a big corporation. In theory its better, but in reality, Poe2 has fallen dramatically short compared to the first one. Too much ruleset tweaking and gameplay adjustements for a dull campaign with uninspired companions.
  2. The rulebook of PoE has being changing after every damn patch or DLC. This is obiously a rant, but I know what i'm saying.
  3. Use a lower difficulty. Sincerely yours, a rational person. yeah sure, I will change the default difficulty at level 18, after almost finishing the vanilla game. Oh wait... too late, I have already unistalled the game.
  4. I stopped playing the DLCs in PoE1 because it became a chain of absurd combats where enemies cheated and spamed stupid abilities just to satisfy a handful of "its too easy" morons. And now it happened again. Combat in Poe2 was fluid and fun until I arrived to this stupid iceberg, and suddendly I have to be an expert in the rules of the game to not be erased by hordes of random enemies with the power of demigods. Obsidian, please stop. The averge player wants a fun experience with some roleplaying, not a grade on your innecesary complex ruleset. Every second the combat log adds dozens of records for every action, Am I supposed to spent my sunday afternoon studing this **** to see what is going on? **** off. Sincerely yours, a customer.
  5. it wouldn't be needed if font size escataled properly in the dialog window. Actually, Ithink it shrinks.
  6. I personally have skipped many games for this only reason, tyranny included. I can play games ignoring little annoyances because I don´t have any OCT, but this is a annoyance you see 99% of the playtime. It´s not the lack of drinking potion animations or any other stupid thing. It's something your character does all the time. A person walks unless he has a reason to run. I think it's not that hard to understand. Some game developers or hardcore players fail to see this point of view because they don´t play like normal persons, they are always testing things or running to the next point of interest. Not all people play like that. For me, the game is in the journey, not in the achivement.
  7. No walk toggle, no patch until IE mod upgrades its version. I can´t imagine my playthrough running everywhere. Actually, I think I´d stopped playing and moved to other games. Maybe It´s a minor thing for many people, but a minor thing you do 100% of the time outside combat. It changes the feeling of the game completely, I can´t believe Obsidian decided to ignore this basic feature. It´s like not adding textures to armors, or leave static animations during combat. It´s the ****ing thing humans do to move from one place to another, for god´s sake.
  8. I think it´s more the lack of background than political correctness. When I play Skyrim, I can see Orcs living in cities, working as smiths or drinking in taverns. Then, I can travel to an Orc fortress and I see where did they came from and how is their culture. But when I see Orlans in this game, I can´t tell for my life what´s the matter with them. Are they civilized natives? former slaves? colonists?...
  9. Are they natives or colonists? If they are colonists, from wich empire? My character isn´t an amnesiac moron, I think a basic historical context should be clear for the player from the begining, since this is an adult game with a deep political background. I´m a noble from Old vailia and until today I though that it was one of the vailian republics. I´ve been working for that embassy and helping pallegina like a retard. Both (natives and colonists, think about modern people of South America, it's pretty close what happened with Readceras through years). Readceras is north east of Dyrwood and geographically part of southern Ixamitl Plains colonised by Aedyr Empire. Republics are south of Dyrwood and were colonies of Old Vailia which is north-west from Republics. Dyrwood is surrounded by Republics, Readceras and Aedyr if we consider maritime border. Other major civilisations are located north of Dyrwood (Rauatai, Living Lands, Ixamitl). South we can find less urban nations like Naasitaq or White That Wends. I'd say that Eora's cultures are strongly concentrated North than South (exception for Eastern Reach cultures like Dyrwood, Readceras and Republics). Ok many thanks. And regarding Glanfathans, Do they have a country with proper borders or they are considered like tribes living inside Dyrwood?
  10. Are they natives or colonists? If they are colonists, from wich empire? My character isn´t an amnesiac moron, I think a basic historical context should be clear for the player from the begining, since this is an adult game with a deep political background. I´m a noble from Old vailia and until today I though that it was one of the vailian republics. I´ve been working for that embassy and helping pallegina like a retard.
  11. I´m lost with the lore of this game. This multicultural thing of countries with mixed races is killing me. I know there are old empires beyond the seas and new countries in this part of the world that gained independency recently, but for god´s sake, each time I think I got it, some random dialogue with NPCs about their background makes me think I´m missing the point entirely. Now I´n not even sure if the vailian republics are actually in this part of the ocean, wich race are the natives or where the feck is Readceras. I´ve read the diary but they are isolated dots of information, I can´t draw the line between them. A basic lesson from an expert, please?
  12. The toggle key works great. I can´t believe the developers decided to drop this. I could expect that from an streamlined action game, but not from this one. I think that developers and beta testers tend to play compulsively, looking for bugs and gameplay issues, and they forget that many people will do only one big playthrough, smeling the roses during the way.
  13. I do that with the color of the clothes, each character has his color (purple for Aloth and so).
  14. I know it´s a minor thing, but I noticed that characters don´t do that. Sometimes it feels a bit "indie game with low productions values". Maybe something to consider in the long term for expansions?
  15. You talk as if it only were a creative decision. IE games were AAA for that time, and companies could afford handcrafted scenarios, sprites and animations. It´s a pain now only to think about it, when you can use 3D models with textures and let the computer do the maths.
  16. This, combined with double speed for backtracking moments, would do the work for me.
  17. If we didn´t care about the game, we´d be playing other games, not asking for an update. And the "problem", in any case, is ours, not for the random posters that apparently know how we should play games.
  18. Fine. Now we only need to know what the average player thinks about it. But note that the average player of Pillars of Eternity may not be the same than the average player of League of Legends. Just guessing.
  19. Must I understand then that you are the one who decides what is a big deal? Pleased to meet you.
  20. You can´t expect to keep using exploits and broken gameplay mechanics from other games. PoE has a different concept of stealth, more realistic, I´d say, but not perfect. The system has to be individualized to work as originally intended.
  21. While this is true, it is useless information. It works different for each person? well, then I can't believe I'm in a fantasy world unless there are anthropomorphic penguins everywhere. So, who do they fix it for? The person who needs walking, or the person who needs anthropomorphic penguins? And yes, that's a purposely silly example. You can laugh about it, but it doesn't change the point: What point? The rest of your post makes no sense. We are asking for our characters to be able to walk. Since they are humanoids in a roleplaying game, I think it´s a reasonable petition. Why do you have a problem with that?
  22. pausing options change how you face a specific situation, but FoW options would change the situation itself, by giving you additional information. It´s a gameplay alteration, and I´m pretty sure it won´t be modified.
  23. What? NPCs walk all the time. We aren´t asking for some obscure scripting beyond the capabilities of the engine.
  24. Planescape and Fallout had it. In Neverwinter with the exploration mode you could walk too. It´s Diablo style games the ones missing it. Pretty sure Diablo 2 had both walking and running. Diablo 3 I can't quire recall though. By Diablo style I meant his sons, more than Diablo itself. Titan Quest, Heretic Kingdoms, Torchlight... I can understand why it´s not neccessary to walk in those.
  25. It´s called suspension of disbelief, and it works different for each person. I know people who can´t enjoy sci-fi films because imaginary technology breaks it for them. In my case I can´t stand games with overloaded interfaces and tons of floating numbers. I don´t ever bother trying, no matter the quality of the game.This isn´t the case with Poe, since there are many options to hide ui elements, but regarding this other "minor thing" we are talking about, it´s a potencial gamebreaking too. It could be the tombs with stupid quotes, the backer NPCs, some clipping issues or any other graphic element that many people compain about and I could care less, but each time I enter in a tavern or crowded building and my group is still running, something makes click in my head. it shouldn´t be so difficult to understand
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