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  1. Some people think other people care about their gaming achievements (no one does), and want to collect the "hard to get" ones even if they didn't earn them.
  2. So, is that one instance? Is there only one dialogue where it appears? How often is it used? I guess we won't really know until the full game is out. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate more "mature" writing and themes. I don't mind "lore based profanity". But I recently bought Shadowrun:Dragonfall, and the (more explicit) profanity occurred so often that it was immersion breaking and annoying, and unfortunately Steam doesn't offer refunds. However, I recently learned that GOG offers refunds, so I can certainly try it out. Really? You couldn't enjoy Dragonfall because the characters spo
  3. Yes. I bought it on launch and am currently waiting for the patch before continuing. The game is fantastic, and you might be able to get a good 20-30 hours out of it before bugs become overwhelming and progression becomes impossible or the game becomes too easy because half your party has stats with triple digits. Can't ever say for certain when the patch is coming, but the promise was this week. So probably next week.
  4. You had two options - wait for the patch, or do the sloppy fix that disables achievements and is liable to cause more problems. Now, your options are completing the game without achievements, or restarting.
  5. You only get to experience something for the first time once. Rushing into an unfinished experience means you'll never get the whole thing.
  6. You're very young, aren't you? Bioware literally invented this type of game with Baldur's Gate. Pillars of Eternity is so clearly directly inspired by Baldur's Gate II, in almost every single possible way, that your link to Dragon Age (a game nothing at all like either PoE or BG) is just confusing.
  7. Go play a game like Shadowrun and then call a vast array of dialog options bad. You're literally complaining about having more options. Plus, if you don't like seeing the things you can't say, you can turn them off in the options menu.
  8. You should probably read about how engagement works, and look at the talent Hold the Line.
  9. They should check with a doctor to get things tightened up again.
  10. When you're setting your resolve, the bonus is already there. When you switch to a different culture from Aedyr, the bonus is removed and another one is added.
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