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  1. There were alot of posts and it may have been causing too much traffic if it stayed around, I'm not sure unlike you I don't want to presume I know what the goals of deleting the thread were, so there's no reason to dwell on it. If they thought it was inappropriate they probably woul've closed this thread. They still might we'll see. Apaprently you understand because you don't even comprehend your own posts: hmmm a direct reference to The Thread Also your lack of comprehension extends to the original poster joking about coming back after being banned, obviously you di
  2. wow this site is amazing! GREAT work, I love the manga style, it makes the comic so much funnier.
  3. And you would get banned again, and again, until your ISP was notified of your actions. Kid, this ain't your friggin' private playground. If the thread was deleted, it was deleted by one of the people who own this forum, or in turn act on their behalf. I'm not even going to get into the reasons they might have had. Posting here isn't your right, it's more like a privilege. If you can't abide by the decisions of the staff, this place isn't for you. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yeah thanks for your "moderation". Oh and also thanks for presuming to know why they deleted the othe
  4. They may have simply clsoed/deleted the threads because of traffic/bandwidth concerns. I'm amazed that this petition has 3000 plus votes!
  5. this thread is awesome, seriously. I can see the resemblance.
  6. What happened to the topic with the petition?
  7. I went back to play KOTOR and that only emphasized the great improvements in Kotor 2: The Interface is ALOT better, I love the filters and such. Two weapon configurations are hot. Marking containers as empty I agree when you walk in a space suit it's... WEIRD I like the weapon creation system and the random loot is good. The datapad management is also WAY better.
  8. Yeah there are alot of movies about the defens/sabotage at khoonda. I watched all the movies in the movie folder and there were alot respecting the khoonda quest.
  9. So you understood the ending? Want to explain to everyone else? How many play overs did it take for you to understand the ending?
  10. I'm going to play this game again. If I don't get the ending again I'm coming after you.
  11. I would pay for an expansion pack to restore and add more things. I really want KOTOR 2 to make sense, if it means paying $30 for it then I'd do it. I am concerned though that it would be like telling LA that it's ok to cut stuff out of a game for the sake of development time because you'll make more money on it in the end. What I'm hoping for is someone at Obsidian releasing an unofficial mod.
  12. Having a simple plot wouldn't fix any of the problems. The game would just feel alot more under developped. Obsidian had a great plot outline, they just couldn't flesh it out properly so that it made sense.
  13. really good song, thanks for posting it,
  14. If they left a few loose ends that's ok but atleast make the ending something worth playing for!
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