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  1. What makes you so grumpy, EuroCad? And, on a completely different topic, I now have to buy a new keyboard beacause I puked on this one when I saw that horrific thing that you refer to as "Screen Shot"
  2. My brother has a profession training dolphins and studying them for the monterey aquarium, and from reading his reports I can tell you, they are quite stupid. They have the intellectual capacity of a carrot. For the longest time biologists thought they must be geniuses, the lot of them, because of a mental capacity which outstrips our own. It is now known, however, that 96% of a dolphin's brain is only used during Echolation if at all. This leads biologists to believe that the reason they evolved large brains was for the capability of viewing three dimensional objects solely using sound. For reference, the 4% which is actually used by the dolphin is about enough to give it the intelligence of a poodle. I dont understand why people get all sad about it anyway. Oh, the poor dolphins, oh the poor dolphins! Give me a break... Besides, this story really does not look legitimate at all, and having studied military reseach in college, I could tell you right now that there are much better and cheaper ways of using programmable fish. PS The military (although it is a part of the government and therefore, by definition, innefficient) really isn't that stupid. This is a classic example of backwater sources attempting to undermine the confidence of the general population, otherwise simply pulling a stupid prank on all the surfers in the area. I can sympthize, I'm an enthusiastic surfer myself)
  3. One time, after forty hours of gameplay, there was a power surge while I was playing. It must have screwed up my tv and xbox because in that came I couldn't talk to Visas, Bao-Dur, T3M4, Mira, or any workbench. This agravated me to the extent that I needed to restart the game FROM THE BEGINNING. To this day, I have to use the second set of audio-video input jacks on my tv because the first set is fried and sends the audio as white noise and the video as split into ten parts and mixed up.
  4. My school council, yearbook, planner, and schedule all refer to Columbus day as Indigineous Peoples Day. AAAAARRRRGGGHHHH!!!! I'm fine with "Explorer's Day" or even "Italian Heritage Day," but INDIGINEOUS PEOPLE'S DAY???!!!!! WTFHHTTW WHAT THE **** HAS HAPPENED TO THIS WORLD
  5. The fat one takes the cake. (G0-T0...more like P0-0P...) That floating piece of **** may have been a little bit more important in the story (and HK-47, too) if they hadn't cut the droid factory level I despise you Lucas Arts...I WILL HAVE MY REVENGE!!!!! Also, Bao-dur was my favorite character, I was lightside, and I still couldn't get him to go jeedai.
  6. Not right away, you will probably want to finish the story before you actually kill yourself. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I won't "kill myself". At least not voluntarily. What is much more likely is that I will simply become a hole in the force; all who visit my grave shall lose their faith in life. Also, HOW THE HELL DO YOU GET THE SILVER LIGHTSABER CRYSTAL?
  7. I'm sorry, but just to clear this up, Revan is actually a guy and the exile is a chick
  8. Yes, MSG does do a lot of damage Wait..... Which MSG are you talking about??!!
  9. Spelling: Jeeves the butler in Jeeves and Wooster books by P.G. Wodehouse
  10. I'm glad someone is gonna finish the game; frankly, Obsidian simply didnt have enough time to string everything together
  11. Also, I was lightside and I still couldnt get him to go jedi. Until I came to this forum I didnt even know that was possible. The only thing I could ever say to him was "Never Mind" That pissed me off SOOOOO much!!!! Dude, you need the lens fixture from that guy you find in a room in the bottom of the jedi enclave on Dantooine. The actual lenses are only for customization and bonuses (like the crystals) Regarding the Krath Holy Battle Armor, that was my team armor for, like, the entire second half of the game. Every single character who could wear medium armor I put with Krath Holy. It was so cool. For some reason I felt like I had my own personal army with standard armor. Triple post merged in this new one -Battlewookiee
  12. 1. Get a cup 2. Put a piece of paper on the cup 3. tear the bottom off of a paper cup and put that on top of the paper(on the cup) 4. pour coffee gounds into paper cup cylinder with paper at bottom (on top of cup) 5. Pour in boiling water PS This is a major scub way of making coffee Although I am confident it will work, use it at your own risk
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