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  1. Yes; yes I should! http://www.nexusmods.com/kotor2/mods/63/?
  2. Can someone give me a file that has the durations increased by like 10x? I can't seem to find anything AND I can't do this myself, the tool seems buggy and tells me that game isn't installed and I donno what to do (I got the steam version)... Thanks. EDIT: or at least gimmy a version you have? That has it extended for a bit longer... EDIT2: Got the kotor tool to work; but compiling doesn't work, keeps giving me some error "unable to open input file..." any ideas? EDIT3: Got it to not come up with that error now; but I have no idea where it generates the .ncs file? EDIT4: I got it to work, I increased the duration by 100x. Here is the file for anyone who is interested; it's all text stuff, but if you copy it and paste it into a .txt file, then rename it to .ncs it should work.
  3. Well, if the OP is still interested, I made a level cap extender (about level 50), though it only works for if there is 1 character in the party. It also gives you an exp bonus of 5x, but you can change this. http://forum.cheatengine.org/viewtopic.php?p=5586310#5586310 You won't get extra spell points, but you'll get extra feat points.
  4. I agree with the OP on most parts but I think he's not harsh enough with the game.
  5. Afaik, other way around. For big quests, everyone was given a flat value, no matter how many were in the group, but for everything else, it was equally distributed amongst the party members. At least in BG2. PoE reminds me of Fallout 3, with it's nonsense "Higher Difficulty -> More Experience!" mechanic that lead to you rapidly outpacing everything and then you were fighting auto-leveled super-enemies everywhere and treated them like mole rats. The point of smaller parties is that it's harder. If you're soloing, it's because it's a challenge. Much like turning up the difficulty, I have no idea why you'd be rewarded for that. It's completely counter to common sense and good taste. I personally prefer how wizardry 8 did it. Really hard at the beginning but it slowly became easier and easier and eventually you became a demi-god. Let's say there's a school with a class of 100 pupils and 1 teacher. Then there's another class of 10 pupils with 1 teacher. Let's say the pupils are your party members, and the teacher feeds them "exp" everyweek. In the 100 pupil class, the "exp" won't really be divided by "100", it's more dependent on the pupil's ability to learn; some may find the "exp" easy to absorb, while others will need more time; although, the teacher can speed this process up by helping them. In the 10 pupil class, the "exp", again, isn't divided by "10"... So, since there are less pupils, the teacher can help "all" of them in much less time then it would take for the teacher with 100 pupils. In some cases, if all the pupils don't need help and understand the "exp" well enough, the teacher may decide to give them more "exp" because they are "ready".
  6. Cause if you complete your "beastiery" for that beast, you won't get anymore exp for it.
  7. Yeah, I agree with you, they don't fit all that well. In the baldur's gate series I think they fitted in better, but still felt a bit "awkward".
  8. -- Uncap level, or extend it to, say, level 50-ish? -- give solo-players 5 times the exp instead of 50%. -- Add in a lot more encounters, e.g. I am being hunted by some criminal organisation cause I've done too many good-deeds, now I've just met up with a group, they're gonna kill me. Or I've just come across some peasants trying to stay alive and I can help them by donating some money, or telling them to go live in my keep. Maybe something more? Like a quest? -- Add in a lot more of those "novel" type parts where you climb up a wall, or something, though how about arm-wrestling? Or dexterity matches with some random strangers? Or resistance checks like "Will you be able to cross this stream without falling?" Or you go on some debate with some stranger about the current events. -- Less monster placements, or at least make them more meaningful, I find it kinda annoying having to run into a new room and there being a group of monsters each time; how about instead of a group only 1 big one? Mini-bosses? It didn't matter as much for me in the IE games, but that's because I always got exp for them (a lot actuall), so I didn't care as much; but there it gets annoying, fast. -- Add in Keep events, as in, some peasants come and beg you to let them stay; or some "great" warrior comes and wants to challenge you, or some other lord challenges you, so you get your army together and go kill him before he kills you or your subjects. Or you are threatened by the King to marry some princess or he will scold you and send assassins after you. -- Add in more interesting strangers into towns, like you talk to someone and he just asks you if you want to buy this ultra-rare item, but it turns out to be fake, then you can chase him and kill him or let him go, idk. Or just more NPCs where they react to your choices; e.g. you talk to them and say you like democracy lots, so they get mad and don't like you, or start arguing with you; or just some peasant begging you for money; Or when your reputation is high some citizens will praise you, or even follow you around town, like having your own fandom, and you can tell them to piss off or whatever. -- Add in more item modells, too many look the same I think. -- Remove enchanting system. Yes, having an enchanting system is good, but I don't think it's been done well enough, it kinda defeats the purpose of finding gear. Once you start using the enchanting system you end up just hunting for gems and ingredients, so that makes 25%> of the loot useless. It's not "Skyrim" bad, but it's not good either. -- Add in more "citizens" or guards to your Keep, so far I've hired the max amount and it feels kinda "empty". -- The beastiery idea needs work; it's a neat idea I think, but once you complete it the combat becomes more of a drag, especially because of the many enemy placements. Maybe just half the amount of exp you get after you complete the beastiery? -- Add in more interesting classes. The basics are there, fighter, rogue, ranger, paladin, priest, monk, ect... but there needs to be more interesting classes like the Cipher; maybe a PoE version of the Death Knight? How about Life leecher? His spells cost HP to cast? How about a monk-mage who can throw boulders, jump to some other location, or use wind to push the opponent, pull people to himself, idk. -- Make it so you can "quick" rest in your stronghold. It was fun the first couple of times I did it, but it got annoying, REAL fast.
  9. Yeah I agree, even with the gamma at the lowest settings, it's still a bit too dark.
  10. If you got your beastiary filled with whatever creature your fighting you won't get any exp for it.
  11. No, it's not fixed, but if you have only 1 party member you will only get 25% more exp, which is wayyy too low I think.
  12. I made a cheat table (which is kinda like a mod) that extends the level cap to about 50 and allows you to set the exp multiplier (5 times is the default), the multiplier just multiplies the exp you get by whatever amount you have set. http://forum.cheatengine.org/viewtopic.php?p=5586310#5586310 This will only work if you have 1 party member in your party. However, you can just higher party members and use them as cannon fodder, that might work...
  13. I always play games solo, so when I tried to play this one solo I was kinda disappointed, so I decided to mod it; indeed, it is always nice.
  14. Well, if any of you guys are interested, I made a cheat table that multiplies the exp value by 5 (you can change it, only works when you solo). http://forum.cheatengine.org/viewtopic.php?t=580638
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