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  1. Yes, your achievements are safe unless you type 'iroll20s'. Also, we did reduce the minimum zoom recently from 0.5 to 0.75 due to concerns about the resolution of the background images. Finally found this. Yes, I can see the resolution breaks down, but it is SOOO helpful to finally be able to zoom in and see some details on the characters. In battle I have had a hard time who is engaged with who. My new default is setzoomrange 0.25 1.5 I love it.
  2. I'm on my first play through, and I'm having a hard time knowing what type of armor to match up with which character. For my main I picked a Tanky paladin (based on a guide I read) mostly because I wanted to have a lot of dialog options. But now I'm just overwhelmed with all the armor types and weapon types. I kind of get that probably for my tank characters I want heavier, then lighter toward the guys in back. What throws me off are the details. Should I choose leather or scale for my ranger? Or hide? or any of them. I'm just not sure what to use. Here's a screenshot showing my main six characters and their stats. I also have the Cipher and the Druid, and just haven't gotten the paladin yet because I already have one. These are just the story characters.
  3. I do think it has been fun to discover something new when I thought to set it to stealth mode. That said, I have to admit that I end up stealthing around everywhere in fast mode as my default. I'm not sure what solution to suggest here. *shrug*
  4. If QA or anyone else at Obsidian is just seeing this, there's also a longer thread on this over at General Discussion, https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/74480-anyone-else-think-its-hard-to-read-while-the-dialog-starts-speaking-before-youre-ready/?do=findComment&comment=1621270
  5. Well, no. You only read it once. You hear it once. Anyway, as I said, it works for me. What you're describing is what everyone basically has to do, like it or not. Everyone has to hear the dialog (unless muted), and then they can go back and read the rest if they want. It works for you, which to me is like, "Hey, I know someone spilled Coke on the floor, so I just get used to sticky feet." I'm sure that can work, but in this case Obsidian might be able to do better if they think about it a little more. Edit: Also, let me just explain a little about where I'm coming from. I love that some people just enjoy the game for what it is, and defend the makers of the game. I make video games for a living, and have for ten years. I'm not saying that to be braggy or claim I'm super-smart. I'm just used to seeing things like this all the time and trying to solve them. But, this isn't my company, and I don't know all the goings on over at Obsidian. I know they have smart guys over there who know what they're doing. They may still value the feedback. For this case, I just like their writing, want to enjoy it but this issue hinders that, and I figure others may be in the same boat. That's all. If what they have works for some people already, great.
  6. I don't think it's that tricky. I mean film has several standards for subtitles. For example this was just taken from a guide I found from a quick google search of TV and film reading standards (link). I'd bet it would serve to just count up the number of words, then multiply that by the average reading speed, and there's your delay. It wouldn't be hard to turn that into a function. These rules (above) are for TV, and are often left up two or three times longer than what we'd probably want. But the point is you could get a general estimate and automate a delay that would fit, and even add a slider to adjust for reading speed if you wanted. Obsidian knows what resources it has. I'd think they are capable of doing it, it's just a matter of whether it's something they want to devote a week to. IMHO I'd say it's worth it, because I think it makes it pretty tough to enjoy the game the way it is (without just muting it). I mean pretty much every response here says they have to basically read it twice. They already invested in voice actors, I'd say invest a few more days to make their efforts pay off.
  7. Besides, my current solution is I just MUTE it whenever the dialog is talking out of sync with me reading the text. Which kind of defeats the purpose of having the dialog in the first place.
  8. Yeah, but that means for every bit of dialog, you have to read it two ways. With a little bit of delay scripting in each dialog (granted that might take some effort), it could be smooth as butter. It's like in Unreal 4, if you open the dialog sound cue and insert a delay, you could set this up relatively easily. I'm not sure how it works for Obsidian's engine.
  9. There are different issues, but the one about it 'breaking immersion' has definitely happened to me before. I know there are some that defend the show, Deadwood (HBO), but it was soooo overdone that I just couldn't get past the distraction. At one point a character says, "K, move him onto the table ON THREE. Ready? One, Two, F***ing, Three". I bust out laughing. And then she did it again when they took him off the table. I was like, you know you're actually counting to four, right? It should have been like, "One, Two, F***ing-- hey you dropped him!" But then I turn around and watch something like "The Wire", which has plenty of cussing but it was all totally in context (for the most part). So for me, I'm not so much offended by swearing; just bad writing. heh
  10. So far I haven't run into any real trouble. But the fixes are welcome. FWIW, I've never touched an RPG like this, but I gave it a shot and I'm loving it. The writing is what is blowing me away. Makes all the difference to me.
  11. I mean, you probably know how it goes. Someone talks and you see this: Odema chuckles and shakes his head. He looks at you. "Don't listen to her. You're in good hands." He casts a sidelong glance at her. "And I pay too well if anything." and all you hear is the spoken parts (yellow above), with no pauses, at the same time that you're trying to read the part before it. Sometimes it kind of drives me bonkers because I love the writing, and want to take it all in. Obsidian, if you're listening, it would be so great if it had natural pauses put in there so we had time to read it.
  12. I'm pretty disheartened upon learning there are NO ROMANCE STORYLINES in PoE. :| It just really drives the interest for me, in whatever form- it could be really sexy and mature, or just straight up talk about two people forming a relationship. Then there's the side of me that just wants to explore the fantasy ('mature' or not). But I get to like these characters, and I like to see them develop bonds between them of any kind.
  13. Just started playing and I'm excited. But I'm getting hung up on something little at first, and looking for advice. To start with I see this for dialog. BUT I HEAR the voiceover start reading immediately starts talking and so I hear: ...while I'm trying to read the first part. So then I have to wait until the talking is done and re-read it from the start. I assume it will do this the whole game? I feel like this is going to take me out of the experience. I just wish it paused a little to let me read.
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