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  1. even if auto-attack is on, unless you also select per-rest abilities he can't cast most spells.
  2. my character rolled her eyes in annoyance and just killed everyone.
  3. is there no way to absorb the souls into myself and become all powerful?
  4. do I have to choose a god? my character doesn't believe in them.
  5. do I really have to sacrifice a pre-made companion? because I have a complete custom party and I don't get the option
  6. how much does a cypher's powers show up in dialogue? because they're supposed to be able to read minds and souls if I'm not mistaken.
  7. whenever I do I just get a black screen, but my cursor still shows symbols. can't do anything else though
  8. will I ever see people in my stronghold besides my hirelings? travelers at the inn(and maybe a cook) ect...
  9. I have a lot of money, yet my hirelings are unpaid, is this a bug or does the hold have it's own treasury?
  10. nope, one is fixing a machine and ignores me another turns to face me but doesn't talk a group of them stand a vigil but don't talk the last one in the round room mutters things but doesn't talk (it's in this room that I can't open the round container in the center)
  11. level 13. which ghost? they all ignore me every time I talk to them
  12. they won't talk. do I need something? because there's a container I can't open(think it's a bug)
  13. hi i'm down at the last level of the dungeon but I can't get the door open. I figure I still need something but no idea what also there is one container (a round circle-ish pedestal) that I can't open (i think clipping issue) might that have what I need? and if so how can I get it.
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