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  1. Hi there. I have an problem and cannod found solution by myself. Need brainstorm. Thnks After launch and sucessful load of savegame, game able me make only 1 action with save or traveling in other locations, after that if i try save game one more time, or enter other location - process stuck at all. In this time process use disk at zero percent. Nmnd which actions i choose - enter one location - enter other - stuck - endless loading of loc. Enter one location and save game by myself - stuck. Save game - and try to save again - stuck. Save game and try to enter in to new loc - stuck -
  2. Got this quest via storyline. Take vision from god Galawain, where i run from bear through thorns, after thorns came to field where lion was, and lion start fighting with bear and i run. After that i found place ingame where need bring this prophecy to life, i use my class path in dialogue to start escape from bear - Oernos to Snul (lion) field, Bear with 2 adds, near lion also 2 adds + 2 unnamed npc and Irency, when i came close to lion nothing changed in aggro list 4 main bear - oernos, Adds fight with adds and npc, but Snul stand on place and Oernos continue try capture me, also th
  3. At first I would wish to thank Obsidian entertaiment for this wonderful game. And now my questions. I am from Russia and we here also want to play at this game on our language. It was easy to translate dialog.tlk but now we has some problems with dialogues at mod files. I try to translate .dlg files from restore projects but tk102's tool - dlg editor don't understand Cyrillics. I tried to talk with guys from LA forum and with tk102 also? but they all ignore me.. Certainly, game it was not published in Russia... And now i try modify src of tool and recompile it. After add this str
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