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  1. No, but most people who have positive things to say are playing and not complaing and people who have something to vent, whine, complain or purely hate are always more vocal.
  2. I have absolutely nothing against this idea, but it’s weird to think that a f word is bad and killing people is not. The game has so many elements much stronger than a simple and common word like this one. IMO if one is not suited to have contact with a f word, the game itself won’t be suited for obvious reasons.
  3. Here we go again... Can't you post in another topic instead of creating a new one?
  4. Nice gesture. I like when I see this kind of stuff. Troll or not, I believe some people are obtuse enough to not understand that even if people compete, they don’t necessarily hate each other. Bioware and Obsidian are not 2 teenage girls, c’mon people.
  5. That line. That one right there. It invalidates every single argument anyone makes about me wanting the game to be easier versus the way it is now. Easier and dumbed down is exactly what that line represents. There is absolutely no risk if you play that way. No matter how bad of a decision you make; you won't suffer the consequences of it. Just reload. And it applies to every single aspect of the game, not just combat. I hate playing that way. As I've said many times in this thread. I want to make intelligent decisions, not no-risk decisions. Man, this is just a game, there are no real risks. Any game which you can save your progress and reload whenever you want will be a valid target for this criticism. If you hate this concept, play with iron man on and be extremely careful to not die. That’s the only way to solve your problem. Having color-coded names to warn you of danger is no better than reloading if you die.
  6. Yep. Hopefully the amount of threads going on will attract enough attention to this issue. This reminds me of Skyrim for PS3 which became unplayable due to the size of the save over time (around 60h would break the game)
  7. I think I need to quash this whole attack on my skills as a gamer right now. I'm cakewalking through the game at this point. I'm not kidding about being a game writer. I wrote strategy guides. Everyone who knows anything about me knows that I'm the go-to guy for figuring out how to cheese a game. I've not once asked for the game to be made easier. In fact, I've had to restrain myself from cheeseballing this game because it's just that badly balanced. I'm also really enjoying playing the game. It's been a long time since a good story-driven CRPG has come out, and I really like what Obsidian did in making their own very interesting world. My suggestion was never about making the game easier because I thought it was too hard. It was about making it more strategic rather than just guessing. I hate guessing. With a passion. If you were to look at my Steam library, you'd find mostly strategy games (including every single frakkin' grand strategy game by Paradox cuz they are my current fav publisher). So again, I'm not asking for the game to be made easier. I'm not struggling with the game in any way shape or form. I just got tired of getting roflstomped because my explorer nature was getting me into fights I had no business being in without any way of my knowing or expecting that the fight was too hard until after I was trapped. Knowing if you have a good probability of surviving an encounter beforehand will make the game easier because you will not have to worry when you are exploring. So yeah, you did not complain directly about making the game easier, but the feature you requested will prevent you from dying (and having to see a loading screen once because of that). I did not target specifically at you with the “too hard” part. I did however when I said that they can’t just throw everything that everyone asks because in their view is a “must have feature” to “improve” their experience with the game. Honestly, if you are going to engage an enemy you never saw before, you quicksave, try. If you win, good. If you lose, reload and proceed playing. It’s not that hard nor it is inconvenient. If such system is implemented, the risk of losing your save in ironman mode is severely diminished, which will definitely bring a new wave of complaints. It is a lose/lose situation for them. That’s why the best way out is to focus on their vision and stick to it, not matter how many “good” suggestions are thrown at them every hour. Furthermore, they have their hands full ironing bugs (like insane amount of crashes on Macbooks), game-breaking bugs and maybe balancing stuff, which are way more important than implementing something new that *may* just cause even more problems. Edit--- Oh, and about the bear, there is a NPC that tells you to avoid the bear, and the NPC is right in your face. If someone decided to simply ignore the warning, there isn’t much one can do.
  8. I just created a topic about this XD I too am using a Macbook Pro and the crashing increased exponetially with time. It starting to become unplayable.
  9. I experienced a fair share of crashes since I bought the game on release date, but for some reason since yesterday it has become a rule that the game will crash once either quicksaving or loading in a map transition on any map. If this was a problem present since the beginning I would understand, but it got worse with time. I tried to look for a solution, but everyone seems to have a little bit of different issues. Any Mac user experiencing the same issue? My specs: MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Late 2013) 2.4 GHz Intel Core i5 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 Intel Iris 1536 MB
  10. I'm baffled with the mentality I see around here/steam forums. People are treating like the game must be tailored to them. If they developed everything like everyone wanted this would be an unplayable Frankenstein. it basically goes this way: "I'm not good enough to play on the hardest difficulty setting, therefore you (developer) should change this and that." If you can't do it, accept you are not capable of doing it. That's life. Some people are better than others. This doesn't mean that the game should be changed to benefit your whims and massage your ego because you will be able to accomplish X or Y thanks to the developer changing their vision of their (and I should reinforce this, it's their game, not yours) game. In the end, you can just stop playing or maybe starting your own kickstarter project to make a game just perfect for you. Or you know, you can just adapt and accept what is proposed in this game and enjoy.
  11. Carrying 5 sets of armor breaks the immersion!!! ... *carries 50000 copper pieces*
  12. You can’t. The only way to do it is transferring whatever loot you want to drop to any container you find. I was pretty confused with this as well and I find unexplainable why the hell this is missing. Probably the first game I have ever played where I can’t simply discard something I don’t wish to carry (and no, sometimes I don’t want to put inside my stash).
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