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  1. Early in the game, there was a puzzle that had to do with bells. There were 3 bells- 2 small bells with a large bell between them- and there was a puzzle about how to use those bells to open a door. There was a clue on a piece of paper somewhere that you got in the dungeon. That was cool. It required thought. TLDR: Now that I've played through a substantial portion of the game, I've been kinda bummed at how few other puzzles there are that are like that. There've been loads of opportunities for puzzles, but I'm puzzleless. Am I missing some somewhere? A bunch of the stuff at the stronghold looks like it could be puzzleworthy- the hedge maze in particular- but as far as I can tell, it's not playable. Is there a plan to add stuff to the game later or is this it? Either way it's been fun, I just like to use my brain more. Details- One thing in particular that was cool about that puzzle was that the problem gave a hint, but didn't give the solution; in order to get the answer you had to enumerate possibilities and try them out until you found the solution - or look it up online. I was actually surprised the answer was hard-coded in; with the amount of information given, I half expected the solution to be randomized (which would have required the player to actually solve the puzzle). That would have been cool. I would totally opt-in to a puzzle-mode. Not everyone likes puzzles, but that was one of the reasons I chose to be a cipher in the game- I was hoping for puzzles to decipher and traps to hack. There's a bunch of stuff that seems like it could be added to make character growth more interactive. Rangers could be required to complete accuracy tests, Wizards could be required to brew stuff, Priests could be required to read lore about their diety and find solutions to riddles, Chanters could be required to find stuff to chant about. Idk. This game is 10/10, I'm just throwing out ideas because this seems like a game company that listens to ideas of the players.
  2. Winrar. Thanks, dude. I thought I'd have to talk to someone like in Gilded Vale.
  3. This thing is killing me. I know that i can click the little right arrow icon on the log/text box to toggle it off, but that requires... effort Isn't there a way to hide this log when not in combat? Or at least to set a hot key to hide/show it? CTRL + H hides everything, which is not what I want; I want to keep the other stuff up, but toggle the log thing (because it takes up like half the screen out of necessity (making it thinner just makes it less legible.)
  4. As a beginner, having never played DnD or any other game like this, I can say that the thing that's helped me the most so far is to up Aloth and my main dude (cipher)'s stealth and sneak around and position everyone individually before every fight... but I go through what seems like a lot of camping supplies and I rarely have a battle where at least one of the people in my party is not knocked out. Quicksave is my friend. There really aren't any good tutorials that I've found online for how to actually fight / do battle successfully. All the videos I've seen are 80% dude talking character selection / growth 20% dude actually in a battle with something. What'd be really cool is if someone were to make a video where they didn't open the Character sheet or Inventory menus at all and just walked you through how to successfully complete a battle without having any characters knocked out.
  5. What's up with everyone and spoilers right now? Doesn't everything depend on how you navigate your way through the scripted interactions between people? Either way, when I killed Maerwald, the same thing happened for me too, so if it's a bug, you're not the only one.
  6. I don't know what order you all are doing stuff in, but I had 6 people in my party and I just ran through and conquered the castle. I thought that was what you were supposed to do- go up the vines on the east side and kill everyone in sight until you find Raedric. Speaking of, I just did that does anyone know where the loot is at the end of the mission? Kolsc said I could have all the stuff in Raedric's Vaults but I don't know where that is... I've conquered pretty much the whole castle. I need to get back to my stronghold before bandits attack ( I only have a few days left to prepare) but I don't want to leave my loot behind or something.
  7. To what? "Restoring Brighthollow will allow you to receive resting bonuses from spending night in Brighthollow" Granted, even after doing that one I can't figure out how to rest in the Brighthollow either, but.... details. Seriously tho, how do i sleep in any of these awesome beds that I unlocked a few hours ago?
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