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  1. This should allow you to make a DPS tank. A moon fighter would almost impossible to take down.
  2. I've ran through baldurs gate recently when the enhanced came out and in comparison this game is very Depressing! In the first BG your father figure is murdered before your eyes but then you end up meeting a lot if comic relief characters and the storyline revolves around so bad guy trying to kill you but the rest of baldurs gate seems oblivious to this..... In comparison this game opens to a tree with half of a town being hung. The other half have become barren and bare children without souls. Also the NPCS are very serious. Eder Alof The Shotgun Priest and Kana I've seen so far. They all seem to lack the same loveable absurdity of the BG NPCs.
  3. It began with a full out assault on the castle, as we charge through the front door. From there went into the sanctuary where we laid waste to everything in sight with the exception of this lone priest Nedmar who offers to take me to the Raedric, assuming I rescue Giacco. From that point it really got derp. In order to rescue Giacco, I end up breaking the lock on the door that Nedmar was going to give me the key for. From there I pop up in the Throne room with Raedric, whom I decide not to kill at the moment in order to save Giacco. Well I explore the top level until I find the stairs to the dungeon from there I find Giacco and break the lock on his cell, and he asks about this person Osrya, whom I surprisingly never actually find. Then I go back up to tell Nedmar in order to tell him I saved Giacco. He tells me thank you, and then provides me with a key to the door I already broke into, and tells me good luck.
  4. I am very curious did anyone attempt to absorb the watcher? What was the special item it resulted in?
  5. http://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Crafting Using a draining weapon can you use a DPS as a tank?
  6. A crazy idea. Take Dangerous Implement Talent. Then Swift Strike Ability. Attack with a Rod.
  7. 7 Hours of play through in and I have noticed that a fighters ability to engage 5 targets at once, is an ability that makes it your best front line character hands down. It stops Mobs from walking around the fighter like they would if you had a paladin or a monk.
  8. Yeah I wish there was a burglar background. You spent your nights breaking locks and stealthing around as you stole everything you could.
  9. I would say build a cipher. They are the closest to fighter-mages of bg bg2. Then pump mechanics and now you have a fighter -mage-theif.
  10. Is lore needed on the main character for story line? I am thinking one lore heavy cipher main character and then a created rogue mechanic companion.
  11. Then an all Ranger Team would prob fair pretty well. While each animal companion is far from Tanky... 6 of them each off-tanking each other would hold up pretty well as they attempted to trip up the enemy while an army of archer rangers rained down the pain.
  12. It does not say. I know it effects attack rate and dodge but i dont see anything about its effect on accuracy.
  13. It could be interesting to have two rogues who strike and reposition and then strike again.
  14. Is there a difference in the amount granted between difficulty levels?
  15. Intelligence leads to longer effect time for his abilities such as crippling Strike. does resolve have anything to do with it? I know for chanters it does.
  16. Is the gun the best option, or are the other two balanced with faster speed to make up for the lower damage?
  17. A tons of options is good. =) Mostly want to make sure I have some interaction with the characters after I add them to the group.
  18. How are the companions story-lines? Are they worth taking instead of building custom companions?
  19. My CHARNAME for my first game is a Wood Elf, Cipher, Scientist from the Living Lands. Might 18 Constitution 3 Dexterity 18 Perception 18 Intellect 18 Resolve 3 For this character I envision, someone who is so consumed with power that he does not realize he has have his body to its physical and mental limits. While they may have great strength and speed, neither can be maintained for long. Also years of honing his psyche ability has resulted in the development of a bad habit that causes him to frequently get lost in their own mind. Thus he uses his skills to make up for his weaknesses. Shadow has become his friend, as he hides in the darkness, and then uses his bow and psychic abilities to get the upper hand on anything he may be forced to confront in combat. In addition he makes use of whatever technology he can find, and disability any trap that may be in his way. What are your thoughts on the character?
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