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  1. Thanks everyone, interesting thoughts. I like the idea of having 6 fighters, two tanks, two dps and two ranged.. interesting.
  2. Hi folks! I just had a thought wondering how feasible it would be to try to run through the game with a party made up entirely of one class. For example, a part of only fighters or barbs or wizards etc? I like RPing, so I'm picturing a group of X from, say, a training school, who through some tragic event are thrown out into the world and must survive. I can imagine a party of only wizards being much more difficult than a party, say, of a combat class. Anyone tried it?
  3. I hate sounding like a crochety old fart, but could I as that the Mods delete any comments here that don't properly attribute work to the artist that created it? Each post including art should (at the very least) include the artist name and a link to where it's found originally. Not even going to go down the road where you shouldn't, legally/morally, be using these without permission as I know it's a losing cause, but the Obsidian forums shouldn't be facilitating violation of copyrights.
  4. says the guy clearly a fan of the Dorne style of fighting! Would be "fun" to try.
  5. Thanks chilloutman! I should have noted that I recognize that a 2h weapon is always slower.. but I thought to make him as quick as possible with one. With your info I'll probably go for a Dex focused fighter hoping to use some (eventually) nice light armor to minimize my speed loss. Any idea what the "best" light armor is early on? I'm assuming some leather variant? I may even consider a 2h-weapon rogue in order to get backstab.. giving me (if successful) a nice chance at a crit hit early on. Any recommendation on stat distribution? What about maximizing my deflection since I will likely use light armor? Thanks!
  6. Hi folks, Just bought the game last night and have had no chance to play it yet, so I'd like some input on my first PC please! In terms of RolePlaying (I'm not a min-maxer), I envision playing a fast swordsman who uses a 2h weapon. I would like that character to have some traditional "rogue" skills as well. I.e. the ability to pick locks, find hidden stuff. Could you advise first on the viability of this idea, and if it's not completely crazy, what would you suggest in terms of build/stats/skills/etc? I was thinking a fighter or barb with high speed stats/skills.. with the aforementioned 'rogue' skills if that's even possible. Again, total newb, so sorry if it's a crazy question, but I don't want to spend hours tonight when I actually get home to play reading up on everything.. I kind of know what I want, maybe now you can help me build it! Thanks in advance! A
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