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  1. Cipher and Chanter are a fair bit ahead of all the other classes. Rangers and paladins are a fair bit behind. Then everyone else kind of ends up in the middle. The big problem to me is that ranger and paladin are just two pointless classes outside of RP. Then it's weird that Cipher and Chanter are so damn good. Cipher especially. But I think most other classes are pretty solidly balanced. Monk certainly isn't bad, monks are very good actually. No, paladin and then ranger are the big issues to me.
  2. I feel that the flaming sword ability should be an AoE if it's only going to be used 2x per battle. Secondly, the paladin needs something that results in passive damage increase bonuses. For instance, the boosts to the flaming sword ability could be made permanent. 25% corrode damage is in no way, shape, or form overpowered or unbalanced. Just give them some talents or something that adds a natural damage increase. Or perhaps an increase in attack speed or lower the recovery penalty from armor. As it stands literally every single class is capable of more damage than the paladin. Hell, changing
  3. Because dexterity influences your attack speed. Higher attack speed means more Carnage. So you'll do more damage to numerous people faster. Perception gives you deflection and interrupt, both which are good. But, assuming you don't dump perception, high dex means attacking faster which means exponentionally more interrupt attacks regardless of perception. Deflection is nice, but it's more of a tanky stat. So it comes down to: Do you want to do damage or do you want to prevent it? As a damage barbarian it seems reasonable that you want to do damage. But you might not want to dump perception if
  4. In my experience anything but maxed resolve/perception is a waste of stats outside of conversations. In other words, I find it it's far more necessary to min/max in this game than in other games. A few points in deflection will do next to nothing for your survivability. It's all out or nothing at all. As a barbarian I just take the endurance talent and if they kill me even when I'm using that they would have killed me no matter what. It's a bit unfortunate, but I see no reason to try and balance things in this game. The only reason I don't dump half my stats to 3 is for conversations and RP re
  5. At this stage I've been running my barbarian for awhile. I just pumped might/dex/int high. That's pretty much all you need and you're golden. Now I'm pondering a paladin instead
  6. This was for that fire quest, right? Because it was weird to me. I would have expected to get some kind of loot for a fight like that. Got nuffin!
  7. I'd like to hear your justification for upping con to 18 on your paladin build? I'm also wondering why you'd dump int on your barbarian? Carnage is a huge part of their DPS output. And again, con. I'd like to hear the actual numbers you get with 18 con compared to 10 at say lvl 7 or 10 or whatever. Justification makes it sound like I'm calling you out, that's not the case. It's more of a friendly question.
  8. A lot of people are running monks with a one hander, shield and heavy armor. The issue is twofold. A, you can't enchant or upgrade your fists. Yes, they get a bit better on their own over time, however they're still inferior to weapons. B, monks need wounds to do... well anything. And to balance the amount of damage you take it's much easier to just slap on heavy armor and a shield. Now, I'm not saying that it's the right way to go. I'm saying a lot of people do it. I'm sure there are plenty of people who don't, but to me the monk is a bit poorly designed. I get that Obsidian wants to give peo
  9. I'm really not sure about blooded. Maybe you need to be a better player than me but if I'm below 50% that means I'm going to die within the next five seconds or I'm going to be healed to full within the next two. That 50% bonus might kick in for one or two strikes and then that's kind of it. Perhaps once you hit higher levels it's different, but at lvl <6 it's utterly pointless for me to waste a talent on it.
  10. Having pondered a bit more I've concluded that constitution is utterly pointless. At lvl 4 I'm at 96 endurance with 10 con and 114 with 16. That's pretty much half a hit's worth of HP. You do lose a larger amount health, but that's hardly as important (used the console to test btw, so if there's any oddities with that that might explain it). It does push up your fortitude to 64 compared to 52, however, that number isn't going to do that much for you. Remember, Brute Force ATTACKS the enemie's fortitude, you're still using your crappy accuracy. So to me constitution is utterly pointless.
  11. Having messed around with paladins a bit now I'm not entirely sure if they're that bad. Since most abilities/talents for the paladin are supportive you can freely grab a weapon style, weapon focus, bloodlust, savage attack (grap the +accuracy aura earlier and you'll be fine). It's not going to be very exciting but I find it hard to see how paladin DPS is that bad. It seems like it's largely lacking in AoE. For instance: Flames of whatever: 100% weapon damage (+25% corrosive/flame with talent, nto sure if they stack, 2/encounter) Aura of accuracy: +6 accuracy Weapon focus: +6 accuracy Weapon s
  12. I'm really unsure as to how the damage is calculated. I'm almost positive I've seen carnage hits almost as high as the normal hits. I also know that carnage can miss. This implies to me that A, it's a percentage, B, they can crit. I'm really not sure though, I could be remembering it wrong.
  13. So I'm pondering a barbarian here. I like 2-handed classes in most games so I thought I'd try one here. Question is how to balance the stats? Might is a given, max might. But then comes the issues. How important is dex for a 2-hander? Perception increases resistance to interrupt, isn't that quite important for a 2-hander? Intelligence seems quite important for a barbarian due to the cleave mechanic. I think constitution speaks for itself. That means that resolve is the only stat that doesn't seem particularly important for barbarians. Essentially I'm trying to figure out the importance of each
  14. Doesn't low perception mean you'll be getting interrupted a lot? Also, is a 2h barbarian on par with a DW barb? I imagine perception becomes significantly more important if you're running with a 2h. I mean you're going to get hurt, no matter what. Also, how important is intelligence for a barbarian in practice? In theory it sounds good, but in reality isn't your party going to be swarmed pretty much non-stop? So everyone is going to be standing quite close to one another all the time, no?
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