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  1. Yeah it's been known for awhile Eder get's a 7th Talent at 3 onwards, this isn't true at some later levels however. I did some experimenting because I found out the Companions are generally at the level you are at when you recruit them. So I had an idea, since I didn't want to think too much about how to build them, I set my self to level 12 before recruiting some of them and then through that got to see what Obsidian built them to be like at the max level, I was planning to build the companions the same way Obsidian did to see how well they'll work over the course of the game (After taking note of their stats I'd reload my save). A couple of things, if you recruit Eder at level 12, he won't have the free 7th talent, like he would at level 3, this is because they have a set build for each level, they aren't really progressing, so the game looks at your level and is like "Okay the player is level x" and applies the skillset made for that companion at that same level, they aren't spending points, they have a set build at every level, which is why you get mistakes like an extra talent here or a duplicate skill there. Here we go, this is what a few of Obsidian's companions look like Maxed out. (Obviously their attributes stay the same) Aloth Level 12 Skills Stealth: 2 Athletics: 2 Lore: 13 Mechanics: 1 Survival: 2 Abilities Arcane Assault Arkemyr's Dazzling Lights Arkemyr's Wondrous Torment Blast of Frost Chain Lightning Combusting Wounds Confusion Distant Advantage Fan of Flames Fireball Kalakoth's Sunless Grasp Llengrath's Displaced Image Llengrath's Safeguard Miasma of Dull-Mindedness Minoletta's Minor Missiles Minoletta's Bounding Missiles Minoletta's Precisely Piercing Burst Minoletta's Concussive Missiles Ninagauh's Freezing Pillar Rolling Flame Wall of Flame Wizard's Double Talents Blast Grimoire Slam Dangerous Implement Penetrating Blast Mental Fortress Bloody Slaughter Eder Level 12 Skills Stealth: 3 Athletics: 11 Lore: 1 Mechanics: 0 Survival: 4 Abilities Confident Aim Confident Aim (This is not a typo) Constant Recovery Defender Fighting Spirit Knock Down Unbroken Weapon Specialization: Ruffian Talents Rapid Recovery Weapon Focus: Ruffian Hold the Line Superior Deflection Bloody Slaughter Body Control Durance Level 12 Skills Stealth: 2 Athletics: 1 Lore: 7 Mechanics: 9 Survival: 0 Abilities Armor of Faith Barbs of Condemnation Barring Death's Door Blessing Champion's Boon Circle of Protection Cleansing Flame Consecrated Ground Crowns for the Faithful Despondent Blows Devotions for the Faithful Dire Blessing Divine Mark Divine Terror Fighting Spirit Halt Holy Meditation Holy Power Holy Rediance Iconic Projection Instill Doubt Minor Intercession Pillar of Faith Pillar of Holy Fire Prayer Against Bewilderment Prayer Against Fear Prayer Against Imprisonment Prayer Against Restraint Prayer Against Treachery Repulsing Seal Restore Critical Endurance Restore Light Endurance Restore Major Endurance Restore Minor Endurance Restore Moderate Endurance Revive the Fallen Salvation of Time Searing Seal Shields for the Faithful Shining Beacon Spark the Souls of the Righteous Suppress Affliction Triumph of the Crusaders Warding Seal Watchful Presence Withdraw Talents Bear's Fortitude Inspiring Radiance Two-Handed Style Scion of Flame Body Control Bonus 4th Level Spell Kana Level 10 (He caps out at 10, he apparently has no level 11 or 12 build) Skills Stealth: 3 Athletics: 0 Lore: 12 Mechanics: 0 Survival: 0 Abilities At the Sound of His Voice, the Killers Froze Stiff Gernisc Slew the Beast, but Soon Faced Its Kin And Hel-Hyraf Crashed Upon The Shield If their Bones Still Slept Under the Hill, None Can Say Marsh of the Kamoa My Son, Do You See your Sisters Across the Moor? Armed to the Teeth The Thunder Like Waves on Black Seas Talents Ancient Memory Field Triage Mental Fortress Beast Slayer Quick Switch That's all for now.
  2. The game binary file is just 20MB though, so that's no excuse for a 600MB patch. The reason why patches are so ridiculously big on Steam, is that Steam does not support true incremental patches. I have no idea why they don't implement it - it's not rocket science, in fact the technology has existed for a long time and is used all over the Internet. Steam could probably save a sizeable amount of their server costs if they used it, not to mention increase customer satisfaction through shorter download times. According to another post around here by the devs, Steam downloads things in 1meg blocks and thus the patches blow up to be way bigger than they need to be when they upload them to steam. That's all it is.
  3. All they adjusted were the base attributes to make them a little more specialized for their roles without going for Min-Maxing. Most companions don't really go beyond 16 or so in an attribute since they're suppose to be story companions, they don't care for absolute optimization, it wouldn't make sense from a role-playing perspective, if you want that then make your own party. However, since base attributes are static numbers stored in your save after they've been generated, the update to them wasn't retroactive. There are plenty of Nefarious ways to change whatever you want about companions anyway.
  4. The Attributes part was a re-balancing, not to fix anything broken. It won't retroactively change without starting a new game because the game can't modify "Base stats" as they're a static number that is stored your the save file. Hence why bonus effects glitch on companions was retroactive, because the way they're calculated is done via the game's rules it's self and not the save file.
  5. The dramatic overreaction in this thread is ridiculous. I understand why some people might be sensitive to a joke like that but it was ultimately harmless and the reaction in the first place was an exaggeration anyway. I never like to see content in games changed or censored because someone got upset, but sometimes it's better to be safe. However, Obsidian handled this in the best way they could have short of not paying any mind to it at all, the backer wrote a new limerick making fun of the first one being removed, nothing was even lost at that point. Half of you are reacting as bad or worse than the complaints about the limerick in the first place, just on the opposite end of the spectrum. As long as the Backer got a limerick in the game (Which they obviously did) and honestly I think it was improved because of what it means now. They aren't going to respond to every complaint and change the game into another game based on that, that's just ridiculous. Don't act like Fox News guys.
  6. It's that character's fault for being stupid enough to kill himself over that. It's not like it's an insight into Obsidian's view on the world or anything, that would be ridiculous to look at it like that. I say stand by your lore or don't include it to begin with, but I mainly feel that way because I always hate seeing any sort of game being compromised in any lore/world capacity because of things like that.
  7. Attribute changes won't be retroactive and it's a different fix to the bugged companion stats issue, they just wanted to make them a little more useful. But attribute changes are base stats,since base stats are in your save file the game can't affect them unless you start a new game. The game can only fix how bonuses are calculated and applied, which is why the bugged companion stats (Eder HP and DR etc.) was said to be retroactively fixed.
  8. It's a little unfortunate but a couple of days isn't the end of the world, though I would like to know what the exact changes to Companions were so I can manually fix them myself now since they won't be retroactive anyway when we get the patch.
  9. Considering that "Hard" has the intended setup for the game, I think it's more that Hard is "Normal" and Normal is "Easy" and Easy is "Very Easy" etc. So try Path of the damned.
  10. I don't really understand why people are so dramatic about the Backer NPCs, aren't they just spirits showing past lives? I guess maybe it would have been better to make it more obvious that they're suppose to be ghosts. Their stories are part of game lore and is actually pretty damn interesting to read even if some of the names are weird, I hadn't seen any too blatantly out of place. Before I knew that they were backers, I actually just assumed they were from another era and naming conventions may have been a little different back then.
  11. Okay so I thought I was on to something about the passive but I can't edit a moderated post, I had somehow not noticed it only applies the effects in combat.
  12. Guys, I just figured it out. It's very simple. A Paladin Level 1, No gear, attributes I picked. A Fighter Level 1, no gear equipped, same attributes as the Paladin yada yada. Paladin Again Deep Faith equipped and both reputations at their highest rank. I did some experimenting and this is what I noticed. The Passive isn't even working, in any capacity. That explains so much.
  13. Okay so I've been having a great time with the game, my only real issue with it is Paladins seem really underwhelming. As I play, I find myself thinking that I probably should have gone with a Fighter and that feeling only grows the more I keep seeing other players suggest that they're the best tanks. So why should I even bother with the class that exists for that purpose when regular fighters can fulfil that purpose better? So while playing, I ran into a weird situation where my Paladin VS a Fighter class enemy ended up stuck in a stalemate together. My Paladin's deflection of course was too high for him to kill me anytime soon. But because Fighters continuously regenerate endurance, my Paladin ended up not having the power or even the accuracy to out pace the Fighter's regeneration. So it works out that eventually the Paladin will die from losing all his endurance over a long period of time as you only limited ways of regenerating it, while the fighter essentially outlives and/or becomes unkillable from continuously regenerating more than what he loses. That... doesn't seem right to me, a fighter is just that, a regular fighting character that's kind of okay at different melee stuff, a middle of the road character. This scenario was early game stuff, but I feel like it's really representitive of a bigger problem I'm already seeing. When I looked at the "warrior" melee classes, I thought "Okay so Barbarians are all about wrecklessness and going crazy and probably capable of more damage than other melee classes, that makes sense" and then I saw Fighter and thought "So they're suppose to be a generic middle ground I guess? That makes sense" Then I saw Paladin and thought "Great, holy powers, flame on my sword, unstoppable wall of righteousness he we come" Generally in most games that have a Paladin class, that's pretty much what you get, they can support and tank, but mostly they tank better than most if not all classes, or else what is their purpose? But in my case, I'm finding that I have a character who does feel pretty defensive and that's okay, but then you see the accuracy and whatnot is pretty low and occasionally you'll hit something, and that's fine too because I am a glorious Paladin, as long as I can take all of your tin foil weapon attacks, I don't need to land a hit on you ever! But wait, what is this? this regular looking guy called "Generic sword guy" coming on through with his awesome forever regeneration and amazing tanking potential who can also hit things more frequently than almost never. Who is this god among men, why... ladies and Gentlemen, it's the Fighter! So yeah, unless I'm crazy, I feel like there is some issues here, whether the Fighter is just overpowered or the Paladin is too underpowered I'm not really sure honestly, personally I feel like it might be the latter.
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