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  1. It's intentionnal for multiclasses not be stuck in 50/50%, I think they talked about it in an update. You loose too much power. At 50% there is lot of chance you don't stay competitive. Two classes at 50% don't necessary = one full class. Even though that's definitely true, giving them 80% of the powerlevel of two classes doesn't even come close to balancing vs single class. I mean you get the benefits of two classes without actually losing much of anything. I don't see the logic here. the concept is that normaly abilities are more powerful as you go down the tree, and the last PL 8-9 abilities worth more than early ones. So the 20% you miss, hold more power/weight than you think. Now not all classes are equal. Some have horrible pl 6-7 (no attractive choice for a MC at lvl 19-20), some have 2+ really good single class abilities, some have only one (ranger & rogue). Power levels have a big impact on spells so single caster get an extra buff. Without telemetric datas, I think it's only a feeling that single classes are unbalanced (and depend of the class). The fact that MC tend to be more fun, open more choice of builds and have a better start give the feeling they are superior. The biggest problem of single class is the lack of choice while leveling (originaly you got only half ability points) which mean you can take a good part of all the good think from a class while MC and when single class only you don't have much choice in what you take at each level.
  2. Llengrath spell : +10 Deflection, +20 Reflex, 30% of incoming Hits converted to Grazes (Deflection or Reflex) for 45.0 sec I think only the deflection get replaced by mirror image (30), but as soon mirror image get under 10, llengrath +10 deflection will be the active one. I always understood it like that but haven't tested these 2 spells.
  3. you loose SA spamming but win wound attack spamming (depanding if you take shatered pillar or not). You should take the special shield that act as an offhand weapon : You have both bonus of shield and dual weilding (you can take both weapon style), the shield give you extra chance for wound and riposte. displacement and mirror image deflection don't stack but other effect yes, no? (for panic situation).
  4. It's intentionnal for multiclasses not be stuck in 50/50%, I think they talked about it in an update. You loose too much power. At 50% there is lot of chance you don't stay competitive. Two classes at 50% don't necessary = one full class. About PL scaling, it's easy to unbalance too. Spells depend of PL, but they scale only with PL, gear that give you PL, and rare passives that affect them are flat bonus (generaly not on dmg). Now look at rogue, sneak attack scale with PL. But imagine you make deathbow and abilities scale with PL... each time you increase in PL you have 3 power boost. If you don't want out of control power boost, you must made the increase so small you will not really notice it. Just better to limit it at one variable. And for martial classes compared to casters, their abilities scale with the weapons. It's the most important variable for their abilities. The balance they choosed it's the PL 8-9 powers that make the big difference, and some classes have good powers. If you increase the resource pool only for single classes, you allow them to spam even more of these powers. Single class characters advance faster too. I think the single class vs MC isn't that unbalanced. It's really depend of the class. Rogue have a good start but then outside of passives you don't unlock very interesting abilities, until pl8 were you have gambit that outshine all other. It's a problem of balance of classes between them, but generaly you have some good stuff at PL 8-9. I find monk and caster (not cipher) more balanced because they have a more even distribution of abilities. What make single classes feel weak is that multiclassing tend to the more FUN. That open lot of interesting power combinaison and build. That what outshine single classe. The issue is that at a moment of the beta they doubled abilities point of single class. That was a good move to bring single class at same level of MC, but the drawback is that a single class don't hold enough abilities to offer choices of build for a single class now. Like it was said, often you have to pick stuff that don't interest you. With futur expansion, they need to add more abilities to the skill trees (not add more levels) to bring back choices to single classes and multiclasses too. It's how a single class character will have the feeling of a more specialised/focused character over a multiclass one.
  5. That why I always though they should have made the character multiclasses only. When you try to balance multiclass it can be easy to nerf to much an ability that is powerfull because of the synergy but become useless when you don't use a specific combinaison. Or better : Only mono classes, but you create specific hybrid classes that use existing abilities but that you can tweak only for this specific hybrid class. And you can create a few unique powers for special flavor. Multiclassing was never balanced in pen&paper games over the years, so don't expect a video game will be able to do the impossible. Subclasses, starfinder archetypes or d&d 4 paragon paths and class feats are perhaps what is closer to a balanced 'multiclassing' I think. EDIT : power level is a tricky thing. Like the OP said, it mean not much for martial classes but everything for casters, that why a single caster can be really good because of the extra PL, spells and on top of that empower. But what can you scale with PL? DMG? that depend mostly of weapon (but perhaps a dmg bonus from ability). Accuracy & penetration? can be tricky and make a multiclass useless if they can't penetrate or have enought accuracy compared to single class. PL 8-9 abilities are normaly the selling point of single classing, but here to it can have nefast result if all the good stuff is pushed out of range of multiclassing. Some classes have horrible PL 7 with no decent options.
  6. Streetfighter give you +50% to recovery time, It is x3.3 time more than +15% from monk Yes and as a spellblade you can get the two. When comparing rogue/wizard and Monk/wizard with previous builds, you can now get the +15% action speed of a flurry blow with a wizard spell.
  7. I mean wizard can have the same speed bonus that a monk with the deleterious spell, so with a streetfighter spellblade you can have the +5dex +15% action speed. But you don't have the lighting lash of the monk ability.
  8. Thes buffed deleterious of motion, it now give you +15% action speed, so you have same speed as a monk, minor lightning lash and with a dot.
  9. Overall the patch look like nice, with lot of interesting balance. the new trickster look interesting, but I think the rogue need another balance pass on it's core abilities, ring the bell, whittering strike, positioning & sap. - crippling strike : the +25% dmg feel a lot for a 1 guile cost attack compared to other 2guiles attack. - Ring the bell is great for ranged but feel bad with one handed weapon (the dot is really low & don't stack, don't worth the 2 guiles). Each ring the bell upgrade boost a different weapon type (they don't stack) so why we can't take the 3 upgrades? Perhaps just keep ranged bonus for all weapons and make it your piercing & high dmg ability? - Whithering strike : the 3 cost feel too much. Boost the dmg bonus compared to others attacks? Or make it you main DOT ability as a base. - smoke cloud + dot : the dot is like inexistant. 3dmg / tick at lvl 20 - Positioning & sap : Positionning feel to situational, but the main problem these abilities doesn't feel like PL 6 & 7 abilities. Sap could perhaps worth it if it was merged with the upgrade. If you multiclass you have far better options for confusion or even better charm/domination with cipher. BUG : I loaded a save game with a trickster lvl 20, he didn't get the extra trickster spells. Cipher & Brilliant : a way to boost cipher attraction and pl7 choices, but... Cipher always suffer from spells on allied target only. For a pure cipher that not a problem, but for a multiclass one that don't really fix the problem at all. How cipher generate focus make martial classes a really attractive choice of multiclassing. And with allied target only buff, a cipher is stuck to a support role (for these spells) and can't buff he's second half. PL 7 for an offensive cipher is still 'trash' and not attractive at all. It's a way to nerf brilliant? but you can still take 2 ciphers that buff each other (not necessary fun).
  10. There is an issue with the focus mechanic. It's the range and cost difference between a level 1 and 9 spell. The cipher can't have impactfull spells because he can basically spam them, specialy low level spells. A cipher can get 200 focus I think at max level, and a level 1 spell can cost 5-10 focus. If you want more impactfull spell, each focus point you spend need to matter. Look at a shaterred monk, he generates wounds based on attack dmg, but the wound are capped at 5, not 200. Same with Chanter, spell cost don't go over 10. Cipher could be designed around a 10-20 focus max, where each point spent mater. Compare cipher to other classes that generate unlimited resources : - Chanter have more powerfull spells, but they generate phrases slower than a cipher. - Monk can generate lot of wounds for a variety of buffs & attacks, but spending wounds lower their passive buffs like Duality of mortal P. .Wounds attacks have less impact (primary impact). Most powerfull abilities are based on mortification that is a limited resource. - Cipher can generate lot of focus, spam all their low level abilities... but overall lack the impact. As a hybrid martial/caster, cipher have issues in Deadfire: - All martial classes have access to some buffs/debuffs that are instant cast. So a martial class is ready to fight first second of engagement. A wizard can buff himself in the same time. Only support classes like priest, chanter & druid have a cast time for their buffs because it's AOE. So cipher is stuck in the support part and worse it can't full buff himself like other support classes. You have to attack with weapons to generate focus, but you take more time than other to be ready. - You lack weapon attack abilities. If you don't take into account multiclassing and items, a cipher must use auto attack to generate focus. - Compared to other casters you can't use all your powerfull abilities right at the begining. Your selection of power is less diversified. One thing I love it's soul annihilitaion, because you have a hybrid spell/weapon attack spell. Something the dev could dig in to make cipher more unique. Core of the problem it's this hybrid nature that only multiclassing fixe. Some of the class feature call for weapon attack (soul whip, extra penetration for weapons, soul annihilation etc...) but all power are caster like abilities. If cipher have more spells, that will make it compete with other casters. I think they should focus on giving Cipher this unique mix of martial/caster. Power/design wise, I find the rogue closer to a true soulblade, because he's delivering afflictions through weapons attacks and don't have to loose time with casting. That could be an interesting twist, that some of the cipher spells have to be delivered through weapon attacks like soul annihilition.
  11. The main problem of the cipher is that they just translated the class from poe1 without big changes like the dual resources system for monk. What was a strengh in poe1 is a weakness now. Upgrade powers could be an option. Or ability to cast a spell at highter power level with increased effect. When you have 100 focus, casting lvl 1 spells become less appealing if you consider the cast time. Why not show spell at highter spell slot (upgraded version with new effect or just power level boost). It could be automatic or you need to spend an ability point. Or an empowered like option that allow you to put more focus in a spell to boost the power. It could be a fixed amount or use all your focus. But yeah, like you said tweaking the class will never fix a core issue. They need to rethink the class with the new systems of deadfire and per encounter fights.
  12. I agree with grasida, nerfing draining whip would reduce even more cipher performance compared to other casters. It's biting drain that need a buff to make it more interesting. Random thoughs on cipher : - the new affliction/inspiration hurt the ciphers because lot of afflictions don't stack or replace each other. That mean ciphers debuff/debuff don't stack with other classes spells. And own ciphers spells don't work together (whisper of treason & grasp spells, charm is a better version of confuse) - Cipher can't use some of his buff on himself, like valorous echoes. Lot of classes have access to selfbuff, and the inspirations of same type don't stack together. Really annoying when you play a solo cipher or MC with one of the rares classes without selfbuff (and most of selfbuff abilities are instant/low recovery and better in other classes). - Lot of spells have lost their flavor/some power from poe1. Mindwave don't prone anymore (and prone have been nerfed), silent screen and amplified wave feel less powerfull etc... - Lack in spell selection, specialy as you progress in level. The PL7 feel a big let down when you're multiclassed. PL8-9 is packaged with lot of good stuff. You don't have any free spells compared to other casters. So you're 'spaming' the same spells. - Design wise, I always hated that focus generation is dependant of attacking... but the class lack any active abilities that work as a resource generator. Monk are fueled by Mortification, Chanter are using chants that do something unique. As a solo cipher... you auto attack. Multiclassing with a martial class remove the problem, but that don't 'fix' a solo cipher. And cipher don't work well with other class spells. In a dual resource system, you could put buff like valorous echoes (a better version) on another resource like mortification and have cipher generate focus when he's buffing teammate. Have an active version of drainingwhipe/bitting whip that cost resource. - Spells lack of keywords. I don't know if abilities have hidden keywords, but martials abilities and cipher spells lack keywords. Soul siphon do fire dmg but don't have the fire keyword, so can't buff it with a +x PL to fire abilities items? Powerlevel is the way to boost spells, but cipher spells can't be buffed like that? (I haven't tested) And you don't have items that buff MIND, Shred, deseption keywords. - The cipher selfbuff are buff&debuff in one spell, but since the nerf both effects are lower of what other classes can do. Body attunement? A wizard can apply the same debuff as an AOE. For armor buff, the wizard get a +3 AR at PL1 and it's near instant cast/no recovery spell. Of course wizard have a limited resource, but cipher focus is a bonus only in a very long fight where a wizard could run out of spells. The focus generation turned from a bonus to a disavantage in most fight, only ascendant twist it because it allow you to 'spam' all your best spells, like if a wizard could cast 3-4 time it's best AOE spell. - I like the soul annihilation 'spell'. Because it give you an ability to dish all your unused focus. In POE1 most fight ended before I could use my focus as a cipher (time to generate focus + casting time of 1 spell... barbarian & co finish last stand enemies).
  13. Why not give to 2handed weapons extra effects? A greatsword do a small AOE attack/dmg (like whister of EP), An estoc have extra pen, a hammer have a chance to stun/daze on hit etc... Or just allow all 2handed weapon to do AOE dmg. I always though primary attack was the base effect and full attack a buff to mitigate smaller dmg from 1 handed weapons. 1 thing the game miss, it's off hand items that aren't weapons or shields and that allow you to use one handed weapon style and style have some magical effects (abilities, buff...) in your offhand slot. Same for unharmed, why no unharmed weapons, that use your unharmed dmg but allow you to have magical items in your weapon slots?
  14. Ascendant really is a bit of an exception to this though since you just get full focus at the start of the fight from Kitchen Stove or some other weapon ability and spam free high cost spells. yeah but ascendant twist the use of focus, transforming a resource as a power gauge that allow you to unleash your full power when full.
  15. This is the big issue with deadfire system. Every ability compete for the resources, so if one ability is more cost effective (crippling strike vs most other rogue attacks) or just more powerfull (ganbit), you just spam 1 ability and you loose any tactical feeling and got a boring gameplay. Another problem, the resource and cost are really low. An ability that cost 2pt it's already x2 the cost of a starting ability. 3pt? x3! Compared to phrases and focus you have less freedom for balancing the cost. It's the advantage of classes that can renew resource/need to built it up. I think you need more specialised abilities that do one think really good. A 1pt charge that just stun the target is your mobility ability, work similar to rogue escape but only offensive. You can upgrade it and unlock a new charge for 2pt that AOE stun. Same for rogue, crippling stike should loose the +25%dmg, it's your jack of all trade attack(1pt), DOT, affliction. Make the blind strike (2pt) the big enemy debuf (change the dot for something else like daze). Ring the bell? make it the piercing/dmg ability (just keep the ranged buff for every weapon, +45dmg & 5penetration). Whitering strike? change it to toxic strike as a base, it's your DOT ability for 2pt too. At least the 2pt attacks have each a different flavor/utility (Debuf, piercing/dmg, DOT/weaken) and have the same weight for resource cost. Fighter/barbarian are more balanced than the rogue because each ability do something really different.
  16. But that's the point of cooldowns. They improve the pace of the fight, because you have something to do all the time. I feel like having more abilities to use in combat adds depth too, because you build your character to be very universal, while in Deadfire you pretty much have to be a caster to achieve that effect. To each his own I guess. I've spent years playing MMORPG games so for me "cooldowns" feel natural. Cooldown don't really improve pace of fighting. And MMO (oldschool ones like Wow & rift) have a different economy because skills have cooldown (to prevent spaming) but they cost resources too (mana, endurance...). So there is resource management and cooldowns are here to prevent skill spamming. In Deadfire that could be used to prevent you from using same skill over & over and push you to take more abilities. But in MMo you have resource regeneration too. Another difference of MMO, you have 15-20+ abilities often, so since you're limited by a resource pool it's less about spamming sames skills over & over than find the best selection of skills to use for each encounter. I played vanilla guild wars 2, the cooldown system wasn't bad, but the game is more action oriented and you control only one character (third person). You have a selection of 10-15 skills. The first 5 weapons skills have short cooldown and are spammable. It's about findind the right rotation, doing combos or use the right counter at the right timing (shield block, interrupt...). Your utility skills have longer cooldown and are situationnal. There are variations depending of weapons, classes etc... some classes need to build resources, combos... But the main difference with Tyranny is that you have more skills (you can weapon switch and some classes have extra skills) so getting one or more skill don't make a huge difference like in Tyranny, and there is a distinction between skills with the length of cooldown. In conclusion? - The system need a resource pool that you can regenerate (through time, use of resource generator abilities...) - skills need cooldown to prevent spamming the same skill over & over. Need a distinction between short CD and skills with longer cooldown. - More variations on how classes manage their resources (like in MMO, Diablo 3). Chanter, Cipher & monk are the most interesting/differents in deadfire (I miss so much the combo rogue from old MMO). - You need to have enough abilities at your disposition to force you to make choice (more specialised abilities?). In deadfire you can have build with 2-3 skills, even without cooldown you just spam same skills over & over.
  17. Yeah, too late for po2, perhaps for po3 or another rpg. Poe2 don't have skill cooldowns, but you have a global cooldown : recovery. It's a way to promote player choice and prevent spamming. The recovery can influence player choice more than a skill only cooldown. Another tool for designer : return of per encounter abilities that don't take any of your resources. Since they don't take resources they don't compete with your other abilities but since you have a limited number of use you must choose when to use them in a fight. Right now pretty much only items (and a few class passives) work like that, and lot of items abilities are as per rest. Druid shapeshift work like that and Priest holy radiance. Monk is close too with it's dual resource pools. My main problem with poe2 system right now it's how for most classes there is a huge resource competition between abilities, that make unlocking new abilities not always desirable. Dual resources (generation, per encounter, dual fixed pool) allow designer to give different weight to abilities and more choices to player. It's my main grip with wizard how arcane assault, grimoire slam or arcane veil are spells now and compete with other spells instead of per encounter abilities (or using another resource similar to discipline).
  18. I find that systems based on cooldown just push you to spam abilities without thinking too much compared to a system based on resources. But I would prefer a mix, a system based on resource generation like monk & cipher. Solo cipher miss some bases abilities that help them to build focus (like a shattered pillar monk that can use his mortification abilities to generate wounds). Perhaps one of the cool Diablo 3 feature : You have your resources generators, a few abilities that you can use at will, but limited by a cooldown. They generate resources like the focus/wounds to fuel your more power abilities, more powerful mean need to gather more resources. So you never have to rely on auto attack, you have always something to do and choices. For each classes you could get different way to generate resources/build. A healer could get resource while healing/removing affliction, a rogue could generate guile while invisible or inflicting affliction etc... All resource generator don't have to be dmg based.
  19. So what you want it's OP wizard/caster, because a Mage that can cast all his spells per encounter in poe1 wasn't really balanced compared to the few per encounter abilities uses other classes got. In poe2 you don't have to old your big spells and only use low level spells since you regain all your spell use between fights. For the progression, you don't get more spell use of lower levels but at each power level you get new cast for more power full spells. There is a progression. But I would like to see some perks that give you +1 cast for low spell, and/or more items that give you +cast. Idem for martial classes (like the fighter that can get +1 discipline), more uniques items like priest/rogue dagger that can regenrate some resources with special abilities. Perhaps reintroduce brilliant buff with more options to get it, but tweaked. Like caster gain only 1 spell slot at a time starting from the lowest missing. You need 1 tick for each spell level, so you can regenerate a level 1 spell use each tick (6 sec?) but if you only miss a level 9 spell that would take 54 sec not casting any spells.
  20. POE game mechanics are over-complicated in general. Does your proposal sounds like relief? I actually liked the original PoE mechanics for Wizards: - all spells availiable, spell selection with grimoires - up to 4 casts per spell level, one bonus spell per level from passives - reaching higher levels slowly switched casts to per encounter It gave a meaningful progression to casters. Deadfire does not have a progression at all: - a level 1 Deadfire Wizard has 2x casts for level one spells, same as a level 20 Wizard - a level 9 PoE Wizard has the same casts as a level 20 Deadfire Wizard - a level 16 PoE Wizard has 31 casts, a level 16 Deadfire Wizard has 15 casts That sucks. But you need to consider that deadfire caster spells are per encounter now instead of per rest. So you have less cast but can use them in each battle.
  21. POE game mechanics are over-complicated in general. Does your proposal sounds like relief? POE system overcomplicated? I don't think so. We are far from a system like path of exile. It's pretty streamlined. The only problem of poe since the first game : is obscured game systems/rules, like stacking, dmg calculation etc... that sometimes don't act like you think, that dev can just completly change in a patch or the horrible tooltip that is most of the time inaccurate/outdated. The player lack thrustworthy informations on how the system work. But the system itself is not that complicated.
  22. I was thinking like you, but in the end it's just a resource system. Having abilities & spells at same level isn't a big deal. They could even have reduced the number of spells and make them all usefull/interesting, because right now it's nice on skill tree to have plenty of spells but some can be percieved as traps/less efficient. But there is few things that bother me too. I talk mostly of wizard because i'm more familiar with it : - Actually the grimoire system encourage you too much to retrain because of overlaping spells. Since power level have a big influence on spell, they should make spell you selection in the skill tree have a +1PL bonus. That represent the fact your proeficient with them, more than a wizard that cast it through a grimoire. So grimoire offer verstility but a single class wizard could have more powerfull spells. If you really like a spell, just having the bonus can be interesting even if that overlap with your favorite spellbook. - the passive selection of caster is really poor. Ok they have plenty active spell to choose, but each spell of same level compete each other for the 2 spellslots. could be great to play a more specialised spellcaster if you want. And for wizard you have grimoires. They could throw in some passive that affect caster gameplay instead of just buff and generic passives. - Me too I hate how grimoire slam, arcane assault, arcane veil have been changed into spells. The complex way could be to introduce dual resources like the monk/chanter. You have another pool that build up as time pass, or when you cast spell, or that just work like martial classes (but lower pool) that you can use to cast non spell abilities. As you level up (PL change), you could choose some of your low level spells that could be cast with this secondary resource pool instead of taking some precious spell slots. You mastered those spells, they work like cantrips. Since low level spell have the most spells, that would give perhaps some new light/use to some of them. Or old wizard abilities could be changed to per encounter use like in poe1. Arcane assault, grim slam, arcane veil... you can use them 1-2 time.
  23. bad idea (OP) I think with how deadfire system work. I would prefer to see all 'useless'/less valuable spells be revalorised. Wizard (and other casters in general) could get more interesting passives, so you have the choice between be generalist caster or very specialised one. That would give more options/buff to a solo caster. I would like to see more +x spell uses for lower levels, from passives & gears. Because with the 2 spells / levels, some low level spells just loose all their appealing. Each spell from the same level compete each other. Martial classes could get more +resources items/passives for balance. But a trinket for all classes is the missing feature. Other casters should be able to get some bonus spells from trinket too and special feature, like new shapeshifting form for druid, new companions (form) for the ranger etc... plus some uniques abilities (active/passives) for martial classes. Trinkets should work like a modifier that twist the classe, like the rare grimoires that give you a passive effect/new unique spells. Why not, but could be really op for highter spells. I prefer a passive that allow +1cast for lower level. But, selecting a spell could give you a +1 power level to this spell to represent the fact you're specialised.
  24. Curious to play the pathfinder game. I hope it will be a success and good to play. However Bioware DID reset you to level on after your "death" in ME2 which is pretty much the same thing here. The bioware of ME trilogy isn't the same. Already brought by EA. I have hard time to call ME a RPG. Even if I've enjoyed the 2, there is no 'ruleset'. The lasts games to feature a continuous progression are the neverwinter nights, but it was limited to the expansions (so close to what we get with the poe). At the end of the main game you don't reach the max level allowed by the d&d3 system. But Bioware's choice to hit the reset button on Shepard had nothing to do with EA owning the company. And ME3 DID offer continuous progression from ME2. I know people like to stomp on EA (which I find hilarious because I remember them for the creation of some of the greatest CRPGs of the '80s in the Bard's Tale series), but in this case it really does look like a story decision which makes sense. Even Agents of Shield makes a reference to something similar with Coulson in season 1. EA today isn't the same from 80's. If obsidian was owned by EA it would have never released a game like POE or Tyranny. EA destroyed Origins, Maxis, Dice (soon) and even Bioware that is only a brand on some studios. All studios under EA grasp have some grim futur. I don't say EA never produced good games. But they don't care about players (outside of their $) and games. They don't care about studio legacy and what make them great before they acquired them. They just care about brand name. Today no one in Bioware have worked on a BG games (or even a Kotor, or even first dragon age?). Based on what? I think Josh tweeted he will step down from designing (something like that) after po2 balance, working on some other project. So the question is if obsidian will continue to make some poe even without Josh as a lead designer.
  25. Curious to play the pathfinder game. I hope it will be a success and good to play. However Bioware DID reset you to level on after your "death" in ME2 which is pretty much the same thing here. The bioware of ME trilogy isn't the same. Already brought by EA. I have hard time to call ME a RPG. Even if I've enjoyed the 2, there is no 'ruleset'. The lasts games to feature a continuous progression are the neverwinter nights, but it was limited to the expansions (so close to what we get with the poe). At the end of the main game you don't reach the max level allowed by the d&d3 system.
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