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  1. having soft shadows on is no big deal for me. I have no major slow downs anywhere else. I don't usually run fraps when I play, but my framerate looks and feels to be above or around 30 on average. plus it looks better to me than hard edged blocky shadows.
  2. using fraps' benchmark feature and I ran around citadel station since my fps usually dips there due to close quarters and lots of things rendered in background. I averaged at around 28fps. intel p4 512mb ram ati radeon 9800 128mb 1280x960 resolution textures high 2xAA 4xAF soft shadows on frame buffer effects on
  3. same thing happens to me when I play the game at a res over 1024x768 (ex. 1280x1024). I've got a geforce4mx440 and using the latest drivers. playing back at 1024x768 fixes it for me.
  4. For me it happens with a specific lightsaber colour, the turquois coloured one.
  5. probably just short cutscenes, still quite a lot though.
  6. Like any other game that I like and perhaps will buy, I'll wait till some reviews come in before making the final decision.
  7. Would it be possible this time to turn off particle effects (dust, smoke, etc.) for those who experienced major slow downs during those moments?
  8. everyone has their own views about something. I never really truly get all into a game review. if I want to know how it really is, I'll play the game myself and not read the things others people have said to heart. I still have hopes that I'll enjoy the game in February.
  9. I play stategy games. And sorry but I seen a lot of good CRPGs that have nothing with saving the world, such as PST. The "save the world" is the easy way to make a "epic game" and its overused on RPGs, many stategy games tend to be historical recreation of battles anyway ... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> sure beats a rpg about real life *cough*sims*cough*
  10. lol well seeing as you're the pinkside goddess or w/e they call you then you and Atris must have alot in common then So what exactly is atris like? is she like bastila or what? I ahev the game but i can't play for another few hours hehe sux for me ehh :"> <{POST_SNAPBACK}> She's more preachy than bastila. I don't like her because I sense anger in her and that means she's not a jedi, which makes you wonder. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> that reminds me of jolee from the first game.
  11. those were renamed and uploaded onto photobucket. go to lucasarts page and they're named with numbers.
  12. lets see, against bandon....is he really one to spare an opponent?
  13. well the jedi might also have tried to leave the planet itself. so malak might have intercepted them while leaving orbit.
  14. for those ati users with problems, apparently 4.2 drivers work best. just to let you know. haven't tried since all I have is a geforce4mx
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