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  1. Ah, yeah, that makes sense. Thanks, I've never used a monk before (nor completed a playthrough with WM1&2). Figured there was a mechanical advantage in there for dual wield. I'm sure I'll find a spot for both giant flaming swords and a monk, though they may not be together!
  2. Given the new Firebrand belt from the Deadfire DLC - thoughts on focusing on that and leaving Bittercut(s) for other characters? I've never played monk, so wondering if using a two-hander and having the belt slot claimed would seriously undermine this build.
  3. Now that I've read up on monks a bit, I think including one in a party would really help me change things up. I like the "Monksterlash" - I've never used a fire godlike due to Battleforged being pretty broken when I was playing (*cough*Carnage*cough*). I also like the concept of a stun/interrupt/debuff dual wielding barb; however, both in one party might make the party a bit too trash-mob focused... For my Eothasian priest party, I was planning on Eder and Pallegina up front. Could go Dozens instead of Knights, add a Vile Loner's Lance/Cladhaliath (respec to warhammers once Godansthunyr sh
  4. I've yet to play a monk at all, so including one might be a good idea. I do like a lot of their class abilities, I just haven't taken one for a test ride yet. I've played a couple parties through to level 4 or 5 to get back a feel for the game, including my first time using a barbarian. I used the barb as an offtank, which was alright, but also made me think that having a more damage/carnage focused barb would be much more fun - which would mean having more melee in the party. I think my "party rut" is strongly due to my previous complete playthroughs being in v1 - the classes I use refl
  5. Like many here, the excitement of the Fig campaign has made me ponder what sort of Watcher I want to import from PoE1 to PoE2. My answer has been: lots! I've got a list of characters I want to run through the game over the course of the next year. However, I have become mired in building parties with the same general template, and I would like some suggestions on different PotD-ready parties I could use for my multiple playthroughs. Some background: I've yet to play through WM 1 & 2. I bought them a couple months ago, but work & school has afforded me no time. Happily, I will have
  6. Thus far, it seems like multiclassing is the way to go; characters don't appear to lose a lot from dipping a level into another class. Sure, you delay power gain in your main class - so do more side quests! Mechanically, piling up passive bonuses/buffs/debuffs seems prudent, particularly for PotD (the only way to play!) TANK - Paladin/fighter. Impervious pally tankiness, plus buff aura, plus pseudo-priest support utility, plus Sacred Immolation ... then tack on some auto-healing, engagements, and a couple knockdowns. This build might work better with a few fighter levels. SUPPORT - Pri
  7. I have definitely had Azzuro show up when I did not have the merchant stall built. I had all upgrades except the stall and the dungeons built at the time.
  8. I'd like to clear up a few things for people, as I just did some testing thanks to the misleading "always the 17th!" info: There is no universally guaranteed spawn date when these gloves will show up in a particular container. Not everyone will find them on the 17th, or the 19th, or whenever. I haven't tested enough to say that the gloves will definitely be on a loot list for any particular container, however, it does seem like they are. For the game I tested on, they showed up on the 15th of every month in the container on Raedric's desk, and only on the 15th. The loot spawned is base
  9. Purgatory is in the possession of Archdruid Rehtsin (sp?), leader of the Ethik Nol. Or someone in that room, at least - AoE looting, and all.
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