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  1. Not sure it is better or not, haven't played BG2 in literally decades, but I feel slightly disappointed by PoE II . To me it felt a bit less of a grand adventure and more a go check a few emptyish islands with at most 3 encounters but mostly 1 , get some bounties. There were no real complex involved side quests, nothing extremely involved even PoE had the endless paths, Fulvano's voyage felt like it could have been something similar, challenging exploration with interesting back story, it ended up being even less imaginative like endless paths. And in the end of all that could have been irrelevant if the main story was deep and meaningful and bigger in scope but it really was not. So yes it started with a lot of promise and enjoyed the different environments but it felt a bit hollow and unsatisfying. I was hoping the DLCs will add a fair bit of meat to it but it sounds like this hasn't happened, I will wait to get and play them all when they are all released but meh. I think this is why I came to post here, because in the end the mechanics of the battles might have been worse in BG2, but I remember it being more fulfilling as a game with a much grander main story .
  2. So not sugar coating your... "surprise" equals making schoolyard comments, cute. And your last comment only suggests that you have absolutely no insight into macOS porting or Mac gaming as a whole for that matter. You can't simply 1:1 compare Windows system requirements - as I already mentioned, there's a reason why the vast, vast majority don't even bother with Mac ports because they're not worth the effort and probably never will be because Apple couldn't care less about gaming. So yeah, I stick by what I originally said: Kudos to Obsidian that they even bothered with the port/s and I absolutely wouldn't expect any macOS optimization going forward. Sure whatever makes you happy
  3. Because other people don't tend to enforce misplaced complaining? Porting games to OS X isn't exactly easy and more importantly it's not even worth it financially - which is why so few games get a port in the first place. So yes, one should absolutely be grateful that a relatively small team like Obsidian is doing this. No, just because of attitude and schoolyard comments like yours There is not even a point to try and explain to you how misplaced your comment actually is and there is no reason for you to be that defensive about my comment either. End of the day I was not even complaining I was surprised, I have a decent enough PC just don't game enough to have it out and connected so I'd rather play on my MacBook and I thought I could that's all. It is similar if they came out asking for 1080Tis for PC people would have paid for something they would most likely have been unable to play.
  4. The 770 is more powerful than the 960. I don't really know what you were expecting; you have a GPU that didn't even meet the recommended requirements of the first PoE and Deadfire doesn't just look slightly better, it's on a whole other level - especially the animations and particles. As for the Linux version: I'm 99.9% sure that they simply failed to copy the correct requirements since Steam shows the same requirements for Deadfire as it does for PoE1. So no, the game won't look any different. Or you could accept the fact that you're playing on a system that's still very much not optimized for gaming, lower the settings and be grateful that they decided to port it at all. And that's why I don't like commenting on forums...
  5. Check the OS X specs before complaining about the Windows ones .... i7 4770HQ and a 370X and 16gb ram. That is probably 10% of all Macs out there meeting that req the highest end MacBook from a year and a half ago only barely meets it. I hope for some optimisation on the platform cause either the laptop will melt down or I will have to play with headphones on due to the fans working overtime
  6. There were performance issues with earlier beta's there seems to be a lot of improvement on the 4th. Can you play the PoE1 on your laptop? If the answer is yes then chances are that you can play deadfire. I am trying to figure out a similar question but my laptop has a significantly better GPU than yours however not anywhere near the desktop GPU I played the first game on (GTX 960).
  7. Anyone familiar with performance on a MBP Touch Bar from 2016 with the AMD 455 card? My PC is in a hiatus state (waiting for the Ghost case mainly) so the only place I can play the game is on the Mac.
  8. I had two days worth of overtime so took the 9th and the 10th. One to play a bit the other for my birthday, I will be away the next weekend so will not have time to play and this was my only opportunity for a few hours of game time. I will create characters on the evening of the 8th and read a bit of the guide looking forward to it.
  9. So do we know if the DLCs include a few extra abilities and increased level cap?
  10. You can argue about their realism one way or the other ad infinitum. It is easy to think of merchants being too rich for a limit to be meaningless, it is easy to consider that you get someone to help you haul all the gear back to your stash or you have a caravan waiting for you at the nearest camp. You have to make some abstractions when it comes to realism to make a game enjoyable. What needs to be part of the immersion though is some sort of economy balance and all the features / decisions above affect the economy but are not the whole picture. The picture of the economy is complete when you consider things like merchants prices and item scarcity. It does not matter how many crappy axes you have amassed to sell if really good items are mainly found in battle or their prices at the merchants are extremely high. The problem for me would be if the economy becomes irrelevant by the way of common high quality gear that is priced low enough to make decisions of buying it mute. At which point I would agree that the game has taken a big chunk out of what makes these games interesting and fun. What is the point of checking and rechecking what gear to buy or what a merchant sells if you can buy everything with gold to spare? I guess we will soon find out what's the case!
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