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  1. I agree with you in most points you made. Concerning the names and fractions -> I find it helpful to occassionally look up the fractions again in the encyclopedia. Well, if you have not changed your ship flag you are sailing under the flag "Watcher from Dyrewoood" so I guess it makes sense that the city will tell rumor about you landing in the docks and spitting out souls around you
  2. maybe try giving her 4 adra crates. when I returned to her I had 4 crates in my inventory and clicked the option (it said "give her 3 crates"). the 4 crates where removed from my inventory and it worked, she agreed blabla, quest finished. maybe the text is just wrong and the quest actually requires the 4 crates? i dont know though, just a thought.
  3. Hi, I think I might experience a bug right now. Though I am not quite sure and try to explain the situation. After finishing with Port Maje (I think) the main story questline sent me to Neketaka to talk to the queen and find out about more luminous adra pillars. At this point of the game I basically set the main quest line aside and did a lot of side questing. Basically I did every quest in Neketaka, a lot of bounties, pirate quests at Dunnage and Deadport, mapping for Sanza, etc. etc. During Eders quest I sailed to the island Hano...(??) I forgot the name, it is the island starting w
  4. Okay, so I am playing at veteran difficulty and started without level scaling enabled. I am now sailing to Poke Kahara (or whats it called?) so I guess I am still at the beginning of the game. Whatever, the difficulty is a joke. Until now I do not need: Potions, any Quickslot items, any interest in the stats of my enemys, any care about buffs/debuffs, etc. etc. etc. Its a total dissappointment for anyone who wants to really use all the mechanics the game has to offer. As I dont want to start all over again I am wondering: WHY am I not allowed to swtich to the highest difficulty OR enable l
  5. yes I can play poe 1 on this laptop. only thing that frightens me are the better visuals in poe 2 look amazing but I hope they won't screw my fps. any other thoughts on poe 2 on the forementioned laptop setup?
  6. Hi fans! I am a bit uncertain whether my laptop will run PoE2. As the first PoE didn't have much options to lower graphic settings I wonder what experiences did you have in the beta concerning the performance and system requirements. I have a Dell XPS 13 9360 laptop with 16gb ram, Intel Core i7 8550U and Intel UHD Graphics 620. Do you think Poe2 will run fine on this setup and if not - are there options to lower the graphics to play at a good FPS rate? Thanks in advance!
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