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  1. Ideally a party full of companions. Soulless units stopped being a thing for me 15 years ago.
  2. I just watched your first video. It's pretty alright, but a lot of times you come off longwinded and like you have nothing to say. Preparing the text beforehand and just reading it would help. If you did that you would've had time to show male race models as well and not just females. Gonna watch the rest later on.
  3. Romance discussion seems to be like a virus on these forums, infecting even the most tangentially related topics. Then to fight fire with fire.. do you think Angry Joe is going to get angry when he finds out there is no kill xp?I Seeing how he loved Banner Saga I doubt he would. People in this thread make him sound like some xbox dudebro, when he's not.
  4. It's pretty silly not to include some form of romance or love story in adventure game. Whole deal kinda screms "No girls allowed". It's not the end of the world that they chose to skip it, sure, but it feels like they left out some part of the adventure fantasy with it. This constant arguing about romance smells like BG vs IWD, as well.
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