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  1. THE SWORD OF TRUTH series by Terry Goodking is one of the best fantasy series, if not the best, that I have ever read. I would highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys fantasy. the first novel in the series is called Wizard's First Rule
  2. wow you two are really going at it. this is great!
  3. Also, I think that Mace has had more combat experience and training, i dont think that palp was trained as a boy in the dark side, so mace may have had an edge on palp, and like you said, it is pretty difficult to plan an entire duel with a jedi master, especially mace, he was probably the best with a lightsaber, other that obi-wan, and yoda is nasty, but he isn't as good with a lightsaber as mace is because hes more of a force kinda guy.
  4. Kreia Also didn't have that whole Force Echo thing going on, and maybe she felt that to confront the true sith this would be necessary. I dunno, this stuff is gettin pretty deep.
  5. wait, how long after kotor 1 Does the First{as in the new ones} Star Wars Movie ocurr?
  6. haha you caught him there.
  7. I think it would be nice to start out with a truly customized ligthsader for a change, that would be kinda nice. I like the whole hooded idea you got there too. Although I dont know how much you CAN customizze the robes. Still good idea.
  8. Once Again, I agree and support waepons master. Go team Go!
  9. I dont think that the echo was a wound, as all the masters thought, but it was just a change, a new kind of power through the force. His wound would kill the force the same way that the crazy Sith lord who devoured worlds would If he had thrived off of it. but I think that the years of exile may have allowed him to center himself and control the hunger for force users. I dunno The JEdi masters touch on it alittle bit on dantooine, and Kreia talks about it too.
  10. I dont think that it would lack as much if you hadn't played the first one and experienced alot of the same stuff already.
  11. That could be a special feat gained by guardians or something, like absorbing the first X amount of damage from force powers.
  12. Where is this infamous concept art you speak of?
  13. Yea, there still is free choice, I mean the force can't control everything. It may guide things to get a resoulution one way or the other, but it isn't partial so you can't really use it to see the outcome of major choices.
  14. At one point when I was playing and a LIght Jedi I went to kreia and I was talking to her and after a series of talks about great JEdi of the past or whatever she askes you what your strongest skill is, and there is one option(your strongest skill) and then she asks you what your weakest one is and the same happens, then she tells you to come back to her after you have improved your weakest skill. I tried this but I didnt get to her quick enough because she had left the party before I could actually go back to her with my skills balanced better or whatever. I was just wondering what happens when you do this. And if it is even worth the effort of doing.
  15. If i am a girl - Disciple and Visas Boy- Handmaiden and Visas * Note that both disciple and Handmaiden are Jedi at this point though Something in my basic principals stopps me from using kreia. I just really dont like the old chick.
  16. It may be that Kreia couldn't see past the turbulence that happens during the time when the republic crumbles and THE EMPIRE is created. Not evne yoda could see what would come of Luke, It seems the luke or "THe chosen one" finally brought balance back to the force, but there was so much turbulence(like the destruction of a PLANET) going on during the time when luke crushed the Galactic Empire that it made it hard for Jedi or Sith to read the future as they always had.
  17. No problem. Thats what friends are for. And since you are a weapons =master, not a DIRTY SITH SCOURGE OF THE UNIVERSE, you are my friend. haha, no offense to all you dark side subscribers out there. "
  18. Well, I don't think anyone can deny that he was "on" the Dark Side of the Force while he was "Darth Revan". Whether it was a sacrifice and he allowed himself to fall or it was plain ol' corruption, he still became "aligned" with the Dark Side of the Force. (Even along the former branch -- the idea that Revan allowed himself to fall knowingly -- if the Dark Side of the Force had not changed him at all, how would it have even been a "sacrifice"? What would he have lost if he was completely in control and had not changed?) So, I suppose the question here should be, "How far do you think he was into the Dark Side of the Force and what do you believe were the true circumstances of his fall?" <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Agreed, but I think he may have started out with good intentions, BUt he definetly fell. Doesnt really matter HOW he got there, Its that he was definetly at that point. Malak was definetly more evil than him though, if not as smart or as powerful.
  19. I have to Agree with you. I agree with the thing about maturity, I think that It takes a person with alot of wisdom to take a step away from the war and actually turn away from it. Whereas Revan went to the War based on an eagerness and impatience, it seemed that the Exile went to War because of a real, educated decision that was based on serious thought, not just youthful eagerness. The way that both Atris and Disciple look up or Respect The Exile shows that the wisdom was there before the Exile actually WENT into Exile.
  20. Anyone who wants to destroy all living things is evil in my book. She deeals in absolutes too much, She Hates the force so she wants to destroy all life? Definetly not a nice person.
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