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  1. IMO, the current influence system needs to be scrapped, sorry. Tweaking it would be like taking a car engine out and putting in bicycle pedals. OE should go back to formula and put in a turbo. Influence affected what info you received about some particular moment or character in a npc's POV. I would rather find a data pad instead of pretending to be good/evil with some npc for half the game just to get them to finally tell me that they don't know what happened to Revan, WTF! It certainly didnot make or break alliances. If you gained enough to convert a npc to jedi/dark jedi, it rarely changed how they acted or spoke to the pc after their initial conversion sequence. Influence for droids?! Come on, that should be a fracking computer/repair skill alone, instead of having to worry if blowing up some toaster hurts a machines feelings?! Maybe I am old fashioned, but I think manipulation should be done with tried-and-true jedi mind tricks like affect/dominate mind. You certainly would get more dark side options in dialogues. I LOVE in kotor where you could go into that cantina on Tatooine and force choke that chode or getting that female Sith arrested on Maanan, we need more of that! The best kotor2 moment had to be using that to get them Nar Shada thugs to jump off the platform! Adding more tiers to that force feat would be the better way of exploring "influence" for ALL playable/non-playable or "true" npc's.
  2. I love Kate Beckinsale (Underworld, Van Helsing), but she would not be able to hide her maturity. That would exclude Rachel Weis (Mummy, Constantine)too. Kiera Knightly (Pirates of the Carribean, King Arthur)would be better... ten years makes a huge difference! She reflects the youthful immaturity needed for that role. She is also just as hot, and has the same accent as Kate and Rachel. Edward Norton (Fight Club, Italian Job)would shine as Atton. The quick wit and smart mouth from past roles easily makes him a proven candidate. If Lucas remade 4-6, I would throw him on the short list for Han Solo. Anymore than 2-3 stars would make this film on the borderline of cheese, and would need some undiscovered talent to fill out the rest of the cast. Also, everyone who did voice-over work for the kotor series would be the natural choice for other characters, if they had any acting skills (ie: Visas was the voice of Kelly Hu who portrayed Deathstrike in X2).
  3. Yes, and make it part of the character customization at the beginning of the game. If you can tap a button and it animates a melee/lightsaber in a non-combat mode, than you can have a button raise/lower the hood too. If we can choose the color and wear it above any clothes/armor we use later in the game, OE wouldn't have to design more of them. Just that initial set-up included before game play for the pc would be it...an extra perk seperate from the armor ratings.
  4. Hmm...then explain why people could actually die in KOTOR I during your escape from Taris? If the ship was inpregnable like you (and Davik) say, then theoretically you should be able to leave the room, grab a snack, and return to find your ship still in one piece after those Sith Fighters attacked you. But lo and behold, game over if you sustain some damage. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Didn't those launch codes have to do with being tracked immediately off the surface of Taris? No ship shields can withstand a battery of one corellian ship, let alone a entire fleet locked on you before you leave the atmosphere. The Ebon Hawk's shields are invincible to the smaller ships. Is that a better statement? How bad do you have to play in order to get shot down by those little raider ships? It has never happened to me.
  5. I have never been shot down by those sith-6pack of fighters, and have taken 5 minutes of laser fire just to see if it was even possible. The Ebon Hawk was ripped apart in the beginning of kotor2 by a surprise attack, and probably didn't have time to arm the shields.
  6. Not sure why you think the Ebon Hawk is this big indestructable flying machine. It's about the equivalent of the Millennium Falcon, and that was quite destructable. It was just Han's piloting that kept it in one piece. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Actually, Davik said the shields were inpregnable, but couldn't out run the large fleet cannon field head-on without those launch codes to get off Taris in kotor. " So if you want to have the smaller ship-to-ship battles, you need to change the kotorEU or add a companion ship that isn't invincible in those kind of skirmishes. Have you ever been shot down by the sith 6-pack? Didn't think so...
  7. OK, you do not have to eliminate the Ebon Hawk, but I would still prefer a smaller 2-seater ship for your pc, 1 other npc, and 1 external astromich droid slot(3 party standard). You also still have the same option of switching out party members as usual, but have the Ebon Hawk as a companion vessel. It can transport the rest of your npc's with Atton at the helm, and in some parts of the story you could split up for situational plots or simply be able to dock in opposite sides of any explorable area. I want the smaller transport because the mini-games would be more exciting, if you didn't have the Ebon Hawk's invincible shields. Plus, I really want to buy upgrades and parts for a more jedi-like transport. You really eliminate the need for those extras if your pc is travelling on the Ebon Hawk, because...well, only a glitch will destroy you, lol. 2 transports could also open up the possiblity of the famous Millenium Falcon, er I mean Ebon Hawk, fly-in at the last second and save your arse cutscenes, with Han's, er I mean Atton's, smart-mouthed remarks!
  8. IMO kotor3 should start off with Disciple and Handmaiden flying the Ebon Hawk somewhere, and it exploding into stardust! Seriously, I am ready for a new ship, aren't you? I would like to have a much smaller ship...a 2 seater with an external astromech droid slot. The cutscenes when you leave planets/space stations should be the minigames(instead pazaak or racing) where you have the possibiliy of death. Of course, there should be an auto save before any engagement too. Enough with the overused sith 6 pack. How about dog fighting with some bounty hunter looking to collect on you? Pissing off some spacer in a cantina would be cool too or how about raiding another ship? Without a Millienium Falcon sized transport, it forces you to be very particular with the npc you want in your party. Can't other npc's just meet up with you, instead of catching a ride too? The astromech droid slot can be for different types you find/purchase/trade/etc. along your journey. They should be a destoyable commodity in your party too. If they were a viable weapons platform with a universal built-in med/work bench, it would give us a reason to spend some serious skills/credits tinkering with it. That particular model of droid shouldn't LU like a normal pc/npc. IE: Mandalore says, "I am going to join your party." You say, "My party is full." He turns around and uses his modified heavy weapons repeater to obliterate your astromich droid and says, "I know where you can find a better unit. I had one built for someone when I was thuggin' on Taris...let's go."
  9. Holocron interaction would be a great idea! Maybe your pc gets to choose free force powers, feats, and/or extra skill points. You just go directly to that part of the LU screen and instantly add them.
  10. I would just rather have the jedi academy on Coruscant be the training grounds for a new pc at the start of kotor3. I like the idea of having the choice of starting out at a sith academy, but that really needed to been done in kotor2 (SL). kotor3 should include the rebuilding of a new jedi council, AND we should get to choose from 2 games worth of characters who would be seated on that council at the start of the game (at least 50%). Remember, fallen jedi make the best sith. In fact, sith training should be more secret and intimate this time (take a page from the one-master/one-apprentice format (Bane looks back on sith history and says, "that was a great idea, I wanna do that too"). Master Shaun's past history w/Revan would make her the perfect npc for masking true motives while being on the council. She takes the very promising pc padawan as an apprentice. From there you get to constantly choose whether or not the pc can continually resist the temptations of the darkside. Do you secretly train to be a sith and embrace the darkside as the storyline unfolds or follow the the path of a jedi? After all, the sith as we know it are suppose to take a backseat to the "true sith" for the next installment. The combinations that can be done just from those ideas give multitudes of replay value, and that is not including whether or not they finally assign gender and light/darkside paths for Revan and Exile.
  11. If you didn't already know, FYI ,whoever purchased www.kotor3.com is apparently just looking for a payday. Follow the link, and you will see there is an email contact for bidders. <_< kotor3
  12. Extra content. Bonus missions. Optional side quests. A great example would be having extra planets to visit, but are not required for finishing main story game play. I would love to visit the planet of Ilum just to explore the endless icy mountains and caverns for lightsaber crystals whenever I want. "Since the most ancient days of the Jedi order, initiates have journeyed to Ilum to find the crucial components for their weapons. Visions of possible futures often come to the Jedi that venture into the darkness. Ancient intaglios depicting the history of the Jedi order are carved in the cavern walls." ~EU~
  13. I just cut and pasted info that is scattered through out the EU database. There is actually some very good reading on the Old Republic, when you can find it. Ulic Qel-Droma Exar Kun
  14. If it had to be a choice between Tatooine and Kashyyyk or new worlds unvisited in the kotor series, than I would say scrap them and at least include: Alderaan was a peaceful world, bereft of weaponry in an era of galactic strife. Perhaps one of the most trying ordeals of Jedi Knighthood belongs to Ulic Qel-Droma, hero -- and villain -- of old. Ulic, a native of Alderaan, lived four thousand years ago, when the Jedi Knights were plentiful, and the Old Republic continued to expand. Yavin 4 is a jungle moon orbiting the gas giant of Yavin. Nothing remains of the vanished race of Massassi that once lived on Yavin 4, save for their moliminous edifices. Exar Kun came to the long forgotten Sith temples of Yavin 4. In Sith tradition, he took on an apprentice, the fallen Jedi Ulic Qel-Droma, and the two unleashed a scourge that would forever scar a galaxy. A joint Republic and Jedi taskforce came to Yavin 4 to capture Exar Kun. He knew he could not survive the attack, so he summoned his dark side energies and trapped his consciousness into the temples his Massassi warriors had built for him. Corellia is a world renowned for its impressive shipwrights who build large, speedy and powerful vessels. Corellia has also earned an infamous reputation for the many pirate raids carried out in nearby trade routes.
  15. I agree, because no matter how much you tweak the system...you will always have a chance of that happening. When it does happen, it totally ruins gameplay for that entire playthrough/save. Why continue to randomize it when you should be able earn it by finding secret/hidden areas, taking on additional side quests, find/work/intimidating specific shop owners, etc. I would like to see the bench creation system take the next step in which you could make even more specialized weapons, armors, lightsabers, etc. instead of further development of the random item generator.
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