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  1. The main plot is not just ending the epidemic but also finding out who you are (and more specifically, making what you can of an answer that doesn't fix everything for you). The companions and their quests are all thematically tied to that. KOTOR 2's best companion, in my opinion, was G0T0, who was not exactly critical to the plot, and I kind of feel like that game was Obsidian doing excellent work within Bioware's Jade Empire/KOTOR/DA:O formula for how to do companions. .....just curious, why did you like G0t0?
  2. Note: Thanks for reading my other post Christliar! (and anyone else who did!) I know it was pretty long, and I wasn't necessarily saying you meant to imply any of that. I was just using examples from other RPGs I've played and meant to say it sounds like PoE companions are pretty much on par (or similar to) other RPGs I've played. (that's been my interpretation, at least.) Of course, I will agree that I think you make some good points, and I hope the devs use them to help make companions even better for future games. (Side note - do you like JRPGs? Some characters in those games can be really
  3. Like I said (for like the 4th time now) all my examples for good companions are from games where you CAN kill or ignore companions entirely. Especially in MotB you can *eat* all your companions and they still are important. In KotOR2 you can play solo, but Kreia still interjects whenever something important happens through telepathy or in cutscenes (the dialogue with Mandalore for example) A counter to my own arguments: Planescape Torment is very well written, but the companions aren't involved in the main quest (with the possible exception being Morte) - that's because there really isn't
  4. Actually, I kind of like that. Make an image that is identifiable to each class, separately? That's kinda cool.... Don't know how much effort that would take for the art guys though - I think people would rather see them put out some new portraits, but class-specific (whether it be a weapon or whatever - just not a specific person) would be pretty neat. Also- Obsidian artists - good job! I think your portraits are great! So take some time to yourselves and don't overwork yourselves too much. We all love the work you do, so while we'd like to see more stuff don't feel like you need to pu
  5. While I disagree that swearing needs to be removed, I think people should maybe actually read the OP's comments. Strange idea, no? Sure, the thread title is a bit misleading, but that's not what he actually meant. He just doesn't like swearing in his game, and he personally modded it out (for himself, not his kids). Better yet, you don't see him lobbying and forcing Obsidian to remove it; he did it himself. Now whether he removed it for personal preference or whatever is irrelevant - its his copy of the games and he's allowed to do whatever the h*** he wants. And don't start calling into quest
  6. Maybe try Lichdom:Battlemage? I dont know if thats what your looking for, but it seemed like a game thats literally all about the spells last time I looked into it... Also, I thought it would be great to have party-based Skyrim, although it wouldve ended up more like KotoR, ME, or DA:O rather than BG or IWD, so Im pretty happy they went with the IE style. Plus theres DA:I and the Witcher for that open world stuff.
  7. I'd like to see some more godlikes as well, especially ones like this: More Aumaua and Orlan would be nice as well.
  8. I don't think you are required to be unarmed as a monk...you just get bonuses for fist fighting if thats what you choose to use, but I think your abilities and stuff still work with weapons. Could be wrong though, I haven't checked. Although that just makes them into retaliators whos focus on taking damage to fuel damage (which is a cool concept I guess.) Although I also didnt like them in BG2 and don't really see a need for them in D&D as a whoie, I don't think I mind them in PoE. I can go either way though really.
  9. Maybe because they are actually human beings and not mindless, game-making robots here for your own enjoyment....?
  10. Gotta say, I liked the original better, but I think this new one fits pretty well too. And I find it very funny how he refers to his own poem being misinterpreted. Gotta give him props, personally. Lol. O well. They'll still get my money - I just think its a shame to force everyone to remove it. I also agree they should've at least mentioned something, I could see their reasoning and understand it. Instead, its just left up to idle speculation and that's never good. O well, it their business + game - they've got every right to pull it if they so choose.
  11. I don't absolutely HATE her.... I just find her extremely annoying. After one playthrough, it became...painful to have her around. And don't even get me started about Aerie in ToB...But yeah, it did suck that combat-wise she was so useful, but character-wise just....annoying. Still, I can't say they didnt explore her background or story at all (compared to BG1, at least). But yeah, Viconia and Aerie cannot be compared. Viconia was easily one of my favorite characters (and my favorite to romance ) although I liked Jaheira too. But Aerie? ...yeah not so much. O and anybody who says "this
  12. I wonder if the ideal isn't more like choosing in conversation what a companion's two primary stats and some of the skills are. Something like this: Eder: Eder grins. "And that's when we sprung our little surprise." 1: "You had hidden the mines in the ditches before you retreated." (Eder: INT as primary stat) 2: "Your people were just faking being broken and ambushed them as they pursued you" (Eder: RES as primary stat) 3: "You noticed that their heavy armor would just bog them down in the heavy terrain" (Eder: DEX or perhaps PER as primary stat) Etc... The game would ac
  13. There's a big caveat here: you're comparing two different builds. In other words, you're assuming the Aumaua build has a Might score that's two points (3 points?!) higher than the Hearth Orlan. That's an apples and oranges comparison. Your calculations are no different than comparing a 18 Might Human to a 16 Might human. Or a 6 Might human to a 4 Might human. Yes, a 2 point difference in Might is a 6% damage difference--this information is not a revelation. If your build has them both at 17 Might (after all racials and culture have been applied), then the only benefit of Aumaua is "anti st
  14. When did I ever say I wasn't enjoying the game? And you seem to have a misconception of why people complain. Most of them aren't trying to achieve anything outside of themselves, it's a natural response to frustration when they feel alone with a problem. Why do you expect people not to complain? Because that's the only jump I can take for how reactive you are to the mere concept. On the topic of what would help, first off, don't tell them to stop doing what they're doing and that they're not accomplishing anything. Be civil and maybe swallow your self image and imagine why they're unhappy
  15. So what's your reasoning as to why they would release the game with bugs? Do you really think they are that stupid that they'd risk their reputation like that? Do you think that they just said "aw to h*** with it, we'll just release it with bugs and be done."? Like, what logical, rational, reason could they have to not releasing it a month from now, completely (or mostly) bug free. Tell me why if you're such an expert? Because they can "get away with it?" How? Rather, it just forces them to be in a mad rush to get the bugs fixed ASAP so they can appease their fanbase. I can't think of one good
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