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  1. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THIS! I explored to and was like doing my open world adventuring before I even went to Nekataka. I think I was level 10+ before I even hit the harbor there. And I am sure I just plain out missed so many quests by doing this. Now, I only have a handful of quests left and there are about 5 or 6 high level islands let and I have no quests to go there and I am sure they have to be, or I have screwed up the quest line. All my characters are level 20 and I havent went to Ashen Maw or Orio Koki (sp), or the island down in the SW where the giant Steel Golem is, Fampyr island, I do have a quest to go find Morio Koiki (sp) from the Prince. But yeah, I still have the three DLC to do as well. Seeker, Slayer, Survivor - The Beast of Winter, & Forgotten Sanctum as well. From what I was able to find out online, I am to do the Forgotten Sanctum after I have completed the "He who walks in Fire" quest there in Ashen Maw, but I am sure I am high for, The Beast of Winter. Not a clue on when to start , Seeker, Slayer, Survivor. ANYWAY, I think I will just finish this one and start a new Cipher/Monk character and follow your directions here and head straight to Nekataka after I deal with the douche-bag that tries to murder you at the beginning of the game at Fort Deadlight. Thanks mucho! Luck and Loot to you, Mereinid
  2. The same MeteorBear...and I backed the multiple hundred dollars one. I feel for ya.
  3. I finally received my physical backer rewards today. I donated at the Statue of Od Nua level. It was only 4 months late, but I understand its difficult to get a respectable delivery company on such a short two-year notice. Okay, where to start. In the photos that I was shown of what we were to receive there were a statue and a stuffed Cosmo pig. The stuffed pig didn't show up, instead, I received a shirt pin with Cosmo on it. Next, I received a metal case, of which I thought maybe I had gotten some physical copies of the game on DVD or a Blu-Ray disc, NOPE. What I received instead was a plastic card inside with Pillars of Eternity II Deadfire Backer Portal Key on it. Awesome, great, something nice I can add to my game. I plugged in the code at eternity.obsidian.net and it gave me yet another Pillars of Eternity II Deadfire Fig edition. Hmm, so I selected Steam, which is the platform I play on, and redeemed the code generated by the plastic cards number in my Obsidian account. Open Steam and select Redeem Code, Steam lets me know that I already have this level of the game. So I am not entirely sure why I have this extra code. I am guessing so I can give it away to a friend or family member or so I can play Pillars of Eternity II Deadfire on a different system: (Xbox, PS4, etc, etc). Most likely now though I have used the key code and wasted it because there is no directions or label on this fricken metal box or card or in the case that lets anyone know what hell the code is to be used for. Personally, for me that was a waste of money on their part, they perhaps could have used that to actually give me the stuffed animal that was shown as part of the Backer Physical Rewards pack. Next was the cloth map: Nice but a bit thin, handle with care. Next was a sew on patch. Yes, a sew-on patch, like you get in the Cub -Scouts. (I guess in this case an Explorers League patch for your Golden Pirate Pantaloons. Next was a picture of Nekataka on a piece of resume paper. Next was a mouse pad. (Best thing out of the whole box) Next was a guidebook. (the same book you can buy at Barnes and Nobles from Dark Horse Comics) The statue; It looks like the one in the photos, but when I picked it up, it's so light. A small desk fan could probably blow it over. It's made from a very cheap rubbery plastic. Kind of like the same stuff a baby doll is made from. Its even got a hole in the base for air to escape out of it, in case you want to sit around and squeeze it over and over. It's really cheaply made. Not at all what I expecting. They say hindsight is 20/20. Man, it's more like 20/10 with this. I am really let down by this. I've taken part in other backer beta's and this one by far is Dollar Tree physical rewards version of them all. (If anyone wants to buy this from me, let me know. The first reasonable offer will be accepted. I'll cover shipping, that is if I can find a trustworthy company to ship it to you. It might take me an hour or so to find one.) M.
  4. Hey all, I am trying to attach the crash report listed above that the game just generated. However, I am unable to attach, a Zip or any of the text or DMP files inside the folder. How am I supposed to get this information to you?
  5. Thank you Night Stalker. I thought to mod a game, the makers had to release some sort of my modding toolkit. So a modder could have access to the *guts* of the program to mod it. (Does that make sense?) Anyway, last time I tried to do some modding was way back in Neverwinter Nights 1/2 and they released a kit for that so you could build area's, characters, scripts..etc, etc. Well, that's sad they won't be giving the super -modders of the genre a way to put together an epic 666 level of dungeon crawling hackfest. *evilgrin*. Anyway, thanks for taking the time to reply to me. Luck and loot to you. Mereinid
  6. Accept the free ****e and move along. Move along, move along please. Nothing to see here...nothing to see. (well accept the hair and beards) but other than that. Move along.
  7. Hello all, does the modding capability of the modding kit released, allow for the creation of playing areas? Like for instance creating a playable hack & Slash dungeon crawl? Like what was below Caed Nua. I am kind of disappointed in the lack of dungeons in the game. I keep reading on the forum and other places that the archipelago is not suitable for deep dungeons...water table of the ocean and all. Which, of course, is all hogwash. There is a HUGE..no VAST cavern underneath Nekataka, and it's under the lowest part of the mountain city, so that nullifies that water table level argument. (I guess this is an RPG issue for some people, personally it's a fantasy world and a lot of fantastic things can happen. So I am sure there might be a magic way to shore up a wall to keep it from collapsing in, so the evil engineering lunatics could build their underground temple/city/dungeon.) Anyway, I guess what I would like to know if the modding toolkit allows for area building? Thanks all, luck and loot to you. Mereinid
  8. Storm rune shot; it says it will hit the target and then burst apart into electrified particles. It's a nice upgrade for the little green pirate fella. What I would like to know prior to dropping a ton of cash for this upgrade, is, does the electrical discharge also affect the party. Namely my char and Eder'(sp) up there absorbing the dmg...?
  9. Hello all, I am having a similar issue. My issue is happening in the game. Mostly when I am in battle, for instance, on my Paladin, when I click on her Zeal power and the smaller window rises up and then you click on the spells/abilities there, say Lay on Hands, or any of them. The small window immediately closes. It will do this three or 4 or more times before the small windows that pops up from my mouse hovering over the Helmet Icon (for paladins) will stay long enough for me to click the spell/ability. Sometimes, not very often, I will have to select the power/spell twice before the game will register it. I have to constantly use pause to give me time to constantly make the spell window action bar pop up and 'stay up' long enough for me to actually click on it. This doesn't just happen on my Paladin, this happens on every character in my group. My battles take an inordinately long time as most of my time is spent just trying to get the action secondary bar, that rises up from the main (always showing abilities bar), to stay up. I just clicked download the beta and disabled the overlay of Steam. I am going to start the game and see if this works. I'll edit this if it works. Thank you for your time. Mereinid *EDIT* Okay, I have been playing for about 6 or so hours now, the mouse clicking problem is still there. The pop-up action bars from my characters 'main' action bar is still not letting me click on them. They pop up and immediately sink back down. I have to try to catch the action skill/spell/ability with a click before it goes up and back down. Sometimes with me moving my mouse up and down, the pop-up bar will stay and I click the action easily, but never, ever, on the first two or three and sometimes 4th & 5th tries. I can't tell you how many times I miss clicking on the action button and then click on the map and send my character running off in some random direction. It's so fricking aggravating. If I wasn't a backer and loved the game so much I would have uninstalled it and waited a year or so and came back to see if it had been fixed or not...haha. Anyway, that's all I have, I'm off to bed. Have a good night all. Mereinid
  10. I suppose this much-needed update will, of course, break the 5 or 6 mods I have in there. Also, given some of the things that are/have been changed upgraded and/or added. I should just make a new character...huh?
  11. Your welcome, I know its frustrating, Never actually spent hundreds of dollars and had to wait for more than a year on the return...well I guess except my 401k is like that... but let's not remind me how much I'm paying into that reservoir. One day, I'll have a gods bust on my mantle behind me to watch over me while I track him down and....do something to him. I haven't finished the game yet.
  12. Hey all, I emailed them and asked them the same question, this was their reply. Hope this helps some guys/gals... "" WHAT'S THE LATEST NEWS ON PHYSICAL BACKER REWARDS? Most of the physical items for backers are ready, but we're waiting for a few last pieces to come in from across the world. We're currently estimating shipping everything in the middle of June based on their estimates. Please check back on this page for updates as we learn more from our logistics and fulfillment partners. "" Here is the email they sent me.. Hi Mereinid, This is the most recent status update about shipping: https://support.obsidian.net/article/23-whats-the-latest-news-on-physical-backer-rewards So hopefully not too much longer. Is there anything else with which I can help at this time? with respect, Richard -- Richard M. support@obsidian.net
  13. The main quest, for me, is kind of a moot point, he told me he's heading to Magrans Teeth, or something like that. Which tells me, go ahead and level your character up and do all the exploration and side quests, do all the bounties and when you have reached max level, come up and find me and we can do this thing. There is zero sense of urgency and the constant Gods stopping in an asking for an update is pointless, they are Gods right or something close to it? (I appreciate the nemesis of a game waiting for me to level up enough to spank his arse. At least in PoI 1 the bad guy didn't really know I was an issue until I popped up at his holy Woedica temple and then commenced to opening all my cans of whoop ass on him.) The other thing, that someone mentioned up there, and I'm only about level 8 or so in the game and may not have found them all, but I have done my fair share of exploring so far, but the dungeons I have found so far are just meh, at best. I had more fun going through Dunnage as a kind of public Dungeon. When I played the beta and I did the Pokohara Ruins (sp), I was like, yes, and this is a beta test dungeon, the other dungeons they are not showing us are going to be fricken Endless Paths 2.0!! So far, I have found a 2 two level temple that was a placeholder for a potential crewman. The ship battles are pointless, as many have said, almost a late tack on to the game. You toggle halt, fire, jibe, 'repeat' or full speed ahead and board and fight, that's it. If you do it any other way you are just there to look at the parchment slideshow. The other thing, that I think, is just another tack on was the pulling your POI 1 character into PoI 2. I brought my Paladin over, she was like level 17 or 18. When I put on my armor on the ship I was level 1, with a piece of god-damn cake in my inventory and broken magic sword for my time. I even had to completely pic a new face, and even sex or race if I wanted to. Why even put that in the game if you are just going to hold the players down and piss all over their previous time in PoI 1? I deleted the save and just remade my Paladin from the game but changed her name as this character was a new breed of Pillars of Eternity character from the ground up. Don't get me started on the load screens! New zones are at least a min in load time, I know a minute is not very long, but it's a top-down isometric game, and on my rig, it should be nigh instantaneous. But, despite all of these things, I am having a nice time playing, I am on my 5th or 6th character, just trying to get a feel, all of them are Thief based, as you will miss a ton of lewt otherwise. So if your reading this dump your points into perception and mechanics and Sleight of Hands/Pick-pockets. By the time I left the first island, I had over 12k in monies and many magic items. Okay, I am getting off this soapbox and going back to play me some PoI2. I hope the DLC adds some Marianas Trench depth in level dungeon crawling, perhaps some undersea cities or tombs. I mean every world has a Cthulhu monster asleep in the oceans, right? Got to stop that thing. Luck and loot all. Mereinid
  14. Hello all has Obsidian said that Prima or anyone else will be making a Strategy 'walkthrough' book for PoE II Deadfire? The PoE I hardback book was beautiful and I wanted to get the 2nd for this release as well. I checked Amazon and Prima and couldn't find anything. I am one of the Eothas bust/statue level backers and I saw in the phots of the contents that there was a Hardback book very similar to the Strategy guide from Pillars 1. But that book is a Guidebook that deals with art and lore about the inhabitants of the Deadfire Archipeligo. I was hoping one of you informed individuals would know when the release date on the Strategy guide would be. It needs to be in my collection!!!!! Luck and loot to you all, Mereinid
  15. HA! I did not figure it was OpenGL...as the recommended specs say to have a Direct X rig. I was thinking it was at least DirectX 10+ from the ReShade installer, so that is what I installed. Thank you Garr71.
  16. Greetings all, does anyone know where you install the ReShade/SweetFX too within PoE 2? Or, if you have either one working can you let me know where & how you got it to work. The game starts fine when I use the ReSahde.exe installer and the ReShade loads. I can see it up in the top left of the game while it launches. However, no shader effects take hold in the game when they are selected. So I think I am installing the ReShade into the wrong folder. Use to, I just selected the .exe folder where the game was run from. In-game I can hit Shift-F2 and the ReShade opens up and I can select a preset but the shader effects do nothing, the picture stays the same even though ReShade goes through the motions of loading all of the shaders in the Preset. Anyway, that's all I have, I like to have the game played a little darker and kinda spookier than the vibrant colors I am getting all over the place. I feel like I am playing the game in Georgia State Tulip Park in the middle of Spring....it's just so colorful..haha. Okay, I'll let you all to it. Nice job Obsidian, nice job indeed. I am looking forward to loosing quite of bit my life to this game. Luck & Loot, Mereinid
  17. Hello all, I copied all of my saves from PoE 1 into the Save folder for PoE 2. I go through the startup and sit in the chair and talk to the Goddess. When I click on Import PoE 1 file, I get 'No files Found'. Is the import borken now?
  18. I, also am experiencing this. I have tried different window settings, different video settings, letting the graphics card handle as much of the game as possible and vice versa. I have restarted the game twice and my PC once. The lag spikes are still happening. I am going to try to disable the auto cloud save game feature, see if that helps. I noticed as I have two monitors, that on the bottom of the Steam client, on my left monitor and me playing on the right, I keep getting the little green lines of downloading every few seconds. Like it's constantly updating or downloading something. It's a split second download then nothing, then it does it again every few seconds. Hope this helps.
  19. Backer here as well, and it's almost downloaded via Steam. I had to uninstall Backer Beta and then reinstall Deadfire again. Had to quit Steam and restart it twice before it would start and recognize I had already pre-purchased the game via Kickstarter...however long ago that was..April 2017, I think. Anyway, less than 2Gb to go and it's downloading at 14.8MB/s Woot-Woot. I am about to have a LONG LATE DAY. Baldur's Gate 3.0, FOREVER!!! Luck & Loot all, Mereinid
  20. My wife still thinks I am crazy for ordering the Eothas bust level backer. Haha, I just walk her out the garage door and point at her BMW SUV that she had to have and don't say anything else. HA! Her monthly payment on that joker is almost 4 times what I backed the Eoathas bust for. haha OOO got to go, here she comes, luck and loot all..
  21. Salutations. I am about an hour or so into the game and have finished all of the pre-running around and talking to everyone within the game and solving the stolen fruit quest. I went to sell the gear/stuff I have received by my meanderings. The pudgy male vendor under the awning, when I right click his gear to get more information nothing pops up. My gear in my inventory will right click and show a pop-up. However, everything in his vendor window will not show anything. The very first time you right click your first item, you will get a very quick show of a window and then nothing. If I right click on a new object a new super-fast pop-up will not show. Just that initial time. I have exited the vendor window several times. The right-click bug is still there on vendor merchandise only. Please find the attached required information. Luck & Loot, Mereinid bug upload.zip
  22. I have used it several times, I have never seen it land on a creature. I see the icon winding up to go off, but nothing happens. Couple other things I have noticed is that the tooltip displays are displaying up at the top of the screen and off. I have to keep moving my cursor on an off of whatever I am hovering over so the tooltip to appear low enough on my monitor to read.
  23. I've replayed the posted save, but I could not reproduce the event as my party, this time, killed the giant much slower this time and the Priest got the 2nd level Coloumn spell off.
  24. On the island dew East of the starting village. As I approached the steps of the ruins. The titan rose up and we started fighting him. Halfway through the fight, I think he may have summoned a beetle. Anyway, the merc Priest I had, as the Titan was about to die, I was going to cast my level two Spell, Pillar of Death or Column from the sky spell.(something like that) Anyway, the Titan dies before the spell goes off. So I drag the spell icon over from the dead Titan to the beetle. The Merc priest begin to continue casting it. Well, the beetle dies before he finishes the spell. Now he is just stuck in casting mode and everyone is still standing in one place breathing hard and swaying in place like they are about to fight. Combat music is still going but both enemies are dead. Their health bars above their heads are flashing like they are still in combat also. Just an FYI, its late here I will try to replicate the issue again, on the morrow. I could not camp or anything. When I exited without saving, the game locked up and I had to Task Manager out. *EDIT* Here are the files requested for from the sticky. Thank you for your time, Mereinid Error.zip
  25. HA! I didn't have any idea to have to do that. It's done. I went through the three pages and *checked out*. A huge list is now showing up there. I have the Beta now DL'ing now via Steam. Thank you for letting me know I had to do this. 'Like I mentioned, I had no clue I needed to do this. Since I had already paid my pledge back in Feb. ANYWAY, thank you very much! Regards, Matthew Elliott. P.S.
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