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  1. Mara Jade ( Bastila comes a very close 2nd, so close in fact, it was almost a tie).
  2. Darth Vader (He did save the galaxy...sort of. " )
  3. Elder Scrolls IV-Oblivion Neverwinter Nights 2 NFS-Most Wanted
  4. NFS-Underground 2 (best racing game ever!!!), NFS-Underground, Forza Motorsport, and Collin McRae Rally 2005.
  5. Actually, I wish they would make just one console that plays every game out there, but that will never happen because they wouldn't make as much money then, so I'll stick to PC and XBox (XBox 360 soon).
  6. The story is essentially the same, it's just the romance option that is different, and to be quite honest I preferred playing male Revan in Kotor because the Bastila romance was far more appealing than Carth's (although playing the PC version as female with mods was even better).
  7. Assumption is the mother of all ****-ups. I never understood why guys always assume that anyway. The fact is that there are actually just as many female gamers out there as there are male. Being female, I generally prefer playing a female character, but I always play both genders just to get the most out of a game. Although I find the feature important because I like being able to choose my gender, I would still buy a game even if the gender was fixed. Fable is a good example for that. I missed the option to play female, but it didn't stop me from playing it, even if it wasn't that
  8. I don't believe she drained the force from the masters. As I understood it, she forced them to see through the eyes of the Exile (all the deaths of Malachor, etc.), and it was too much for them to handle. The Exile had survived this because he had managed to cut himself off from the force, but the masters couldn't so they died.
  9. I would actually like to see it for both console and PC. I enjoy gaming on both platforms, although most games are so much more fun when you can mod them to your liking (Sadly, that is an option consoles lack).
  10. Kotor wins this one because as fun as Kotor 2 was to play, it just lacks the "shocking revelation" parts.
  11. Morrowind, Icewind Dale, select pieces from Kotor I & II, FF, Port Royale 2, and Jade Empire has a beautiful soundtrack as well.
  12. If Obsidian does indeed plan to develop Kotor III, I hope it is less rushed and buggy this time. Kotor II is a great game and there have been many improvements and additions since Kotor I, but it does have many shortcomings as well.
  13. Better than Episodes I and II, yes, but I'd say about equal with ROTS and the Original Trilogy. That's just my personal opinion of course.
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