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  1. To the original question: go to Nar Shadda, run past everything, go straight to the Lootra(third to last room in the flophouse), kill him, and you'll get a piece for your lightsaber. If you've done everything correct up to this point it should be the final piece for your lightsaber. Don't worry about killing him, even is you're going LS one evil act will just get a little DS points hit and it's helpful in the long-run because it saves a bunch of time. Going into the refugee sector, finding Lootra's wife, then running back isn't worth it when a little DS hit gets you what you need immediately. Now, to the issue of your lightsaber and Atris. I've never actually gotten a lightsaber from Atris, but I'm positive there is a dialogue option to the tone of "I've come for my lightsaber" when you return to the Telos Academy and Atris is all Darkside. I can't recall whether or not I've ever chosen that dialogue option, but I'm on my third time through the game and I'm gonna be sure to try it.
  2. Quests for the Exchange, quests against the Exchange... blah blah blah, you do enough quests and eventually you'll trigger the Red Eclipse cutscene and progress the plot. Simple, eh?
  3. I have a question: Kreia is pretty adamant about the Exile(if male) NOT getting involved with Visas, namely "charging up her loading ramp"(still the best line K2). Seeing as how I pasted on Visas's invitation on my first male go around, does Kreia have anything to say about getting down with Visas?
  4. Of all the Jedi Masters to bring back, why bring back Atris? I honestly couldn't stand the cold icy bitch. Bring back Kavar, bring back Vandar, even Vrook was more tolerable than Atris.
  5. Sources. All of this is merely another thread of speculation and "what we want in K3" without viable sources. Meh. When we get something official I'll comment further.
  6. I concur. Though there should be a way for it to work both LS and DS. Say you start with a LS master and are LS yourself, you can stay the path of the straight and narrow, train a Padawan, and have them turn to the Darkside, as you say. Or, you can go Darkside, betray your master(glory!) and then take on an apprentice who later betrays you in typical Sith fashion.
  7. Damn, playing on my third time through I've been trying to rebuild HK as quickly as possible. I just finished Nar Shadda though and I wasn't aware you could buy a HK piece from Kodin. Damn. To Onderon I go.
  8. Heh, I've yet to play the first game, but considering how easy it was to defeat Kreia, I'm sure Malak is probably more of a challenge.
  9. Is it really a surprise G0-T0 is holding a huge lead? He's about as useful as a third testicle.
  10. I'd most likely go with dual silver lightsabers. Silver is just nice like that.
  11. Yeah, when I first heard about being able to sacrifice her I was pretty excited actually because when you have to hear her ramble on about "her life for yours" and it makes you wonder if she'd actually die for the Exile. I didn't know about it until my second time through the game though, as a DS female. I sacrificed her and said a whole bunch of mean stuff.
  12. Considering I played my DS game not too long after my LS game, no I didn't feel particularly guilty. I was tired of being so good. The whole point of giving the player the choice of being evil is because 'good' in video games is cl
  13. You don't really need proof per se, logic tells that if the sales of the first two games are a gauge, then there will be a third game. And yes, I'm sure some serious diggers will have some sorts of 'proof' I, however, have no such time to research such things.
  14. Yes, as they've said. See here for some further half decent info on making your party members Jedi.
  15. Of course it's obvious Palpatine is evil in Episode I - he's a politician, I mean my God. What's more evil than that?
  16. I'm not entirely sure if this should be placed in the spoilers section, but I figured it better placed here to be safe(don't want to upset people on my first post). I have a question about the Jedi Council in the KotOR era: are 12 Masters ever clearly listed as the Council? Now I'm one of the two people on the planet that hasn't played the first KotOR game, but have played the second, so maybe this is common knowledge. Also, are some of the Masters in Sith Lords(Vrook, Kavar, etc) on the Council in the first game? Are there two separate Councils on Coruscant and Dantooine or is it just one? If I'm not mistaken, the Council is supposed to reside on Coruscant. From what I know of the first game and from playing the second, here's what I've got so far on a KotOR era Council. -Vrook Lamar -Kavar -Lonna Vash -Zez Kai-Ell -Artis -Vandar -Dorak -Zhar Lestin Someone correct me if anyone of those members are wrong. And if anyone knows the remaining four members, please let me know. Any helpful comments would be appreciated.
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