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  1. i was stuck at Nar Shaddaa,i suppose the story will go on and Mira will find me,and let me in the Jekk'Jekk Tar secret room( because i was finished the light side story once,and this time i choose dark side) but it doesn't happen, and i was tried to go every planet to talk with allNPC,and was killed all of the enemy,but it still STUCK......... i was tired. IS it bug or somethings else?? HELP PLS .. My ACTIVE QUEST:1)New fuel source 2)Will work for fuel 3)Vogga the hutt 4)Trade war:bonus mission(but can't finish 5)Ebon Hawk ID signature 6)Scout Hunt(finished but Kelborn no talk with this quest anymore =< ). 7)Battle circle(no more circle, lol). 8)Redemption 9)Akkere's Hydrospanner: bonus mission (but Aklkere was pass away , lol ). 10)Lost Jedi .11)galactic history:bonus mission. ps. in my group: Disciple become Jedi but Atton not want to be a Jedi and only say Pazaak and didn't want to talk with - what happened after the Mandalorian wars anymore <i was found the NPC in refugees camp>
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